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The Day the Sky Falls
Millaarc and Alca-Noise

RomajiSora ga Ochiru Hi
General Information
Episode2 (54)

SeasonSenki Zesshō Symphogear XV

Air DateJuly 13, 2019
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"The Day the Sky Falls" (天空(ソラ)が堕ちる日 Sora ga Ochiru Hi?) is the second episode of Senki Zesshō Symphogear XV and the fifty-fourth episode of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear anime.





As seasons change from summer to winter, schemes once again begin to unfold.
Seeking a sacred husk, the swarm crawls forth from an ominous twilight.
There is no room for doubt, they are monsters with a lust for power.

You implore yourself to "do what must be done," and you answer in kind: "it shall be so."
Voices turn to screams as the curtain falls on the garden closest to you and heaven.



The episode starts with Chris worshipping and said goodbye to her parents before leaving her house. Thanks to Hibiki and Miku's birthday present, Chris felt warm on her hands when she on her way to school. Then both Hibiki and Miku greet Chris behind her. The scene then shift to Nouvelle Calédonie, the location where Tsubasa's Live will be held. During her rehearsal, she worried about Kirika and Shirabe's last battle with Elsa Bête and lost focus. Both Maria and Shinji who watching over her advised her not to worry as the S.O.N.G. HQ have everything cover and Tsubasa only need to focus on her Live. In return, Tsubasa wished for Maria once again to join her for Live. The scene then shift to the remaining Symphogear users getting ready and on the way to Nouvelle Calédonie to attend Tsubasa's Live. During the opening of the Live, the audience surprised of Maria's name appeared on the display. The Live started and proceed smoothly. At the end of the Live, a huge number of Alca-Noise were summoned from the sky creating a trauma for Tsubasa as it reminded her of past incident Live with Kanade. Millaarc Cranstoun showed up in her vampire form for the first time and had a fight with Tsubasa. During the fight, Millaarc found a girl and use her to threaten Tsubasa. While Tsubasa in fragile, Millaarc cast Stained Glance on her and killed the girl on the spot, causing Tsubasa to deepen her trauma. The episode ended with the remaining Symphogear users arriving the scene to find out the battle had stopped and saw Tsubasa dismal and in worst state.

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Concert boards displaying the current year as 2045.

  • In one frame of the episode, on a board displaying the time and date of Tsubasa's concert, it is revealed that the present year is 2045.
    • This is inconsistent with previous seasons, such as in G episode 7, where the present year was given as 2012 on a computer screen. In S1E1, however, the year shown a newspaper was 20XX instead.

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