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All six Symphogear users in their X-Drive forms.

The X-Drive (エクスドライブ Ekusu-Doraibu?) is the evolved true form of the Symphogear. It is commonly used at the end of each season.


This form is concealed within the Symphogear relics under 301,655,722 locks, and can only be unlocked under a high-level phonic gain. The X-Drive appears to only last for one use before the user's Symphogear reverts to their normal form at whatever level they had last naturally unlocked it at.

When the X-Drive is active, the Symphogear gains a predominantly-white color scheme and enhanced design, universally including the addition of angelic wings formed of colored light. In this state, all Symphogears, regardless of their normal abilities, are capable of unassisted flight both in the Earth's atmosphere and in space. They can also communicate telepathically with each other, and others such as Finé. All of the user's normal attacks can still be utilized, but at such a drastically greater level of both power and scope that destroying an entire army of Noise is an easy task, and even standing up to a fully-energized complete relic becomes possible. On top of this, the X-Drive can be used to bolster the strength of another wielded relic, such as Solomon's Cane or Durandal.

The X-Drive's particular form and strength is based off the current level of power the Symphogear has achieved before unlocking it, as Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris all possessed radically different X-Drive forms when they unlocked them again in G compared to their forms in season 1.




Tsubasa, Hibiki and Chris in their X-Drive form in season 1.

In season 1, the Lydian School anthem composed with the singer's hopes and futures are capable of unleashing this miracle for Hibiki Tachibana, Tsubasa Kazanari, and Chris Yukine.

Symphogear G

The Symphogear users in their X-Drive form in G.

In G, the X-Drive was activated for Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris, alongside the new users Maria Cadenzavna Eve, Shirabe Tsukuyomi, and Kirika Akatsuki, by gathering phonic gain from the entire human population singing Serena's song, Apple, together.

Symphogear GX

The Symphogear users in their X-Drive form in GX.

In GX, using Gungnir to absorb the energy and Airgetlám to redistribute it, Carols's phonic gain — equivalent in power to seven billion Superb Songs — is absorbed and used to activate X-Drive.

Symphogear XV

The Symphogear users (excluding Hibiki) in their X-Drive form in XV.

In XV episode 7, the recently revived Carol unleashes her song to escape the Daedalus Labyrinth and attempt to reactivate the Château de Tiffauges. Although she fails to reactivate the Chateau, the adapters are struck by her phonic gain and unlock the X-Drive for all the Symphogear users except the absent Hibiki.

In XV episode 12, the adapters receive help from Noble Red, who sacrifice their lives to build a tunnel form of Daedalus Labyrinth in an attempt to guide the adapters back to Earth, but before they reach the atmosphere of Earth, the Daedalus Labyrinth breaks up as Noble Red completely used up their energy and disappeared. The adapters lost the guidance and only relies on their Amalgam's Cocoon Stage to protect them in space.

The Symphogear users (excluding Maria) in their Burning X-Drive form.

As they reached the Earth's atmosphere, their Cocoon barrier broke and burned. The adapters decided to rely on the song in their heart to unlock the X-Drive. Now freed from the curse and without relying on anyone's phonic gain but their own, the adaptors explosively detonated their phonic gain with their Superb Song. A new final form, Burning X-Drive (バーニング・エクスドライブ Bāningu Ekusu-Doraibu?), was born.[1]

Design Evolutions

HibikiS1.png HibikiXDriveG.png Hibiki X-Drive.png N/A HibikiBurning.png
Between the first and second seasons, there's a huge changes in Hibiki's wings, where instead of 3 pairs of spear like attachment on the wings, it changed into feather type of wings. Most of the white part of her outfit are color with yellow. In GX, her bright yellow wings decolorized a bit into light yellow. The bottom part of the wings was replaced with yellow scarf. In XV, with the missing of Hibiki in battle against Shem-Ha's defense system, therefore she only obtained Burning X-Drive. Her wings now became white and her bottom scarf became blue purple.
Ame no Habakiri
TsubasS1.png TsubasaXDriveG.png Tsubasa X-Drive.png TsubasaXDriveXV.png TsubasaBurning.png
Between the first and second seasons, there's a huge changes in Tsubasa's wings, where instead of ankle blade wings, it changed into Chang'e scarf type of wings. Most of the light blue part of her outfit are color with dark blue. Between the GX and XV seasons, some of the light blue part of her outfit are color with black, while turquoise blue became darker. In Burning X-Drive, her Chang'e scarf type of wings now disappear and her ankle blade became visible once again.
ChrisS1.png ChrisXDriveG.png Chris X-Drive.png ChrisXDriveXV.png ChrisBurning.png
Between the first and second seasons, there's a huge changes in Chris's wings, where instead of long diamond shape wings on her back, it changed into feather type of wings on her waist. In GX, her pink part of the headgear became white. The red part of the missile barrage gear part on her waist filled with yellow long diamond shape. Most of the light red part of her outfit became darker. In XV, her crossbow disappeared. In Burning X-Drive, her top wings disappeared, while the missile barrage gear part on her waist have 2 red on top and 2 yellow on bottom. Her headgear also became smaller.
N/A MariaXDriveG.png Maria X-Drive.png MariaXDriveXV.png MariaBurning.png
In G, Maria's wings are small and extended down her knees.In GX, Maria's wings became bigger and extended wing disappeared. Maria gets a darker blue color scheme on her arm gear. In XV, Maria gets a medium violet red color scheme on her arm gear. Her wide breast plate curve up a bit and less sharp. In Burning X-Drive, her breast plate disappeared and her fabric became greener. Her wings became white, while her gown dress like fabric disappeared.
Shul Shagana
N/A ShirabeXDriveG.png ShirabeXDGX.png ShirabeXDriveXV.png ShirabeBurning.png
In G, there's a changes in Shirabe's hair blade wings, where her hair blade and other part of her gear were used into Final Omega Style: Dystopia. Between the GX and XV seasons, some of the light pink part of her outfit are becoming darker. The light pink fabric at her thigh became white, while her hair ribbon instead of strips, it became colored. In Burning X-Drive, her hair blades are shorten while the wings part extended.
N/A KirikaXDriveG.png Kirika X-Drive.png KirikaXDriveXV.png KirikaBurning.png
Between the GX and XV seasons, the green tip of her helmet became fully colored. Some of the light green part of her outfit are becoming darker. Her helmet also became sharper. In Burning X-Drive, her hair wings extended and became bigger, while her shoulder-blades wing became sharper and pointed towards up.



  • In XDU events, Kanade, Miku and Serena achieve X-Drive forms for their Symphogears:
  • AXZ is the only season that doesn't feature the X-Drive.
  • XV is the only season that features the X-Drive twice, with the first instance being in the middle of the season.
  • Crunchyroll erroneously translates X-Drive as 'Ex-Drive'.

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