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Vanessa Diodati
Vanessa Concept Art.png
Kanji ヴァネッサ・ディオダティ

Romaji Vanessa Diodati
Character Information
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Nationality Indian-British[1]
Hair Color Purplish Black
Eye Color Jade-Green
Theme Color Grey[2]
Affiliation Noble Red
Anime XV Episode 1
Game Senki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Voice Actors
Japanese M.A.O

Vanessa Diodati (ヴァネッサ・ディオダティ Vanessa Diodati?) is the leader of the remnant group Noble Red, split off from the Bavarian Illuminati.


  • 'Vanessa' is a name that was adopted to refer to a genus of butterfly.
  • Vanessa's last name references the Villa Diodati. It served as inspiration for the 1818 gothic horror Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley, who visited the villa with friends to tell stories.


Although it may be considered unfortunate, her soft demeanor conceals a a harsh, shrewd personality that allows her to accomplish her goals by any means necessary.

Vanessa is overall a calm, mild-mannered woman with expert knowledge in engineering. Like her companions, she's not above harming innocents or killing in cold blood in order to achieve their end goals. However, she does show to genuinely care for the wellbeing and safety of Millaarc and Elsa, much like a big sister.


Vanessa during her time as a researcher for the Bavarian Illuminati

Vanessa hails from Stanley, Hong Kong. Her father was of Indian-British descent, and worked as the director of a movie production company. Both Vanessa's parents were members of the Bavarian Illuminati, and since childhood, Vanessa was involved in the Illuminati's activities and social gatherings.

Vanessa had a promising future as an engineer developing the Faust Robes, only to be caught in an accident that severely damaged and almost killed her. She was given a mechanical body — referred to as a 'silhouette body' — developed using Faust Robe technology, making Vanessa into a form of alchemical cyborg. As Vanessa's body was no longer the perfect form alchemists strove for, she had her status and achievements in the organization stripped from her. Vanessa's self-worth was further eroded when she later learned her parents had given the orders to dismiss her. She considers herself to be mere 'scrap metal'.[3] After Vanessa's dismissal, she became used in experiments herself. She was only able to push through the trials because she had her fellow experimental subjects, Millaarc Cranstoun and Elsa Bête, at her side.

After the collapse of the Bavarian Illuminati following Adam Weishaupt's death, Vanessa, Millaarc, and Elsa escaped their confinement. They met Fudo Kazanari, who gave them protection in exchange for cooperating with his plans. Vanessa then became the leader of the remnant group 'Noble Red', consisting of her companions Millaarc and Elsa. Vanessa's position as the leader is not because of any superior combat or leadership skills on her part, but simply because she felt responsible for the role as the most senior member among them.

Attacks & Abilities

As Vanessa is a mechanical cyborg, she can wield her very body to attack opponents in various ways, such as shooting her fists off at an opponent and then retracting them back into her arms. She also has the ability to hover with built-in devices in her legs.

Her body is held together via a high-density energy field not unlike that of the Symphogear or Faust Robes, but unlike those, Vanessa is able to maintain hers indefinitely. On the other hand, its output is not as high as the Faust Robes, and so the technology was not made standard within alchemists.[4]

However, to keep in top form, Vanessa requires a steady supply of blood — specifically, blood of the rare type RH-Xxoyle, which is only found in one out of roughly a million people. See Panacea Formula for more details.
Vanessa vs Chris & Maria 7.png Ogawa and Vanessa Highlight 5.png Ogawa and Vanessa Highlight 4.png Ogawa and Vanessa Highlight 2.png Ogawa and Vanessa Highlight 7.png Vanessa vs Chris & Maria 9.png
     Ogawa and Vanessa Highlight 3.png Vanessa vs Chris & Maria 1.png Vanessa vs Chris & Maria 4.png     
Image Description

Ogawa and Vanessa Highlight 11.png Vanessa vs Chris & Maria 3.png

*Note: Hover for 2nd image.
Vanessa activates Collider by commands "Switch on! Collider!" and her legs turns into sharp tripod stand, with electricity sparks between them. This function also allows her to create an energy barrier, protecting her from any incoming attacks.
Harmonic Scalpel.jpg Harmonic Scalpel
One of the hidden weapons Vanessa was equipped with. Due to high-frequency emitters in both of her arms, her hands are able to vibrate at intense speeds, capable of severing even the intermolecular bonds of her target. Swinging her arm down in such a manner certainly is simply using it as a sword.[5]
Buster Emission.jpg Buster Emission[6]

After being killed and revived by Shem-Ha, Vanessa has become a complete cyborg and no longer rely on Panacea Formula. She can now wield her numerous tools at once without getting exhausted quickly. This also allows her to use multiple built-in devices in her body at once.
Multiple Weapons.jpg Vanessa Tools.png Missile Hand.jpg Meter Ruler.jpg External Arms Laser.jpg Laser Energy Barrier.jpg
     Limbs Laser.jpg     
Image Description

Before Ultimate Cyborg.jpg After Ultimate Cyborg.jpg

*Note: Hover for 2nd image.
Ultimate Cyborg
The ability to absorbs surrounding remnant Divine Power in the Lunar Ruins, allows her to transform into huge cyborg, which is similar to Tiki's case, where she obtained Divine Power and transformed into Divine Weapon.

Chest Laser.jpg High-End Radiate.png

*Note: Hover for 2nd image.
High-End Radiate
(ハイエンドラジエート Haiendo Rajiēto?)[6]

Image Description
Abdominal Cannon.gif Abdominal Cannon
(アブドミナルキャノン Abudominaru Kyanon?)


Symphogear XV

During the Symphogear's battle with the coffin, while Elsa and Millaarc were witnessing the event, Vanessa is seen driving to the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where she would later steal the Vambrace of Shem-Ha from the same facility. After returning to their hideout with the relic, she would report to Fudo.

Under Fudo's orders, Vanessa used fragments of the Shénshòujìng also taken from the laboratory to create a faust robe. This was used to restrain and control Shem-Ha via its direct feedback system, upon Shem-Ha's rebirth into Miku Kohinata's body.[7]


  • Vanessa's character concept, along with her last name, loosely references Frankenstein's monster.
  • She appears to be intended as the daughter of the president of Hammer Film Productions, given her father is specified to be of Indian-British descent.
    • Interestingly, Hammer Films is famous for gothic horror films featuring characters such as Dracula and Victor Frankenstein.


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