Vambrace of Shem-Ha
Shem Ha

RomajiShemu Ha no Udewa
AnimeXV Episode 1
Relic Information

Vambrace of Shem-Ha (シェム・ハの腕輪 Shemu Ha no Udewa?) is a Relic used by Shem-Ha in Senki Zesshō Symphogear XV.


Symphogear XV

Originally found on the right hand of the mummified corpse of Shem-Ha, it was taken by the Americans to the Los Alamos National Laboratory for examination, however, the corpse was accidentally destroyed and the vambrace was all that remained.[1]

Under orders from Fudo Kazanari, it was stolen by Vanessa Diodati, and taken to the Château de Tiffauges for Fudo's plan manifesting Divine Power. Using Miku Kohinata as vessel it was planned for her to absorb to Divine Power generated by the vambrace, but instead the power absorbed Miku and revived the ancient Shem-Ha in her body.


The vambrace has been shown to be able to generate Divine Power at immense rates. While trying to use Miku as a Divine Vessel, the vambrace generated so much power that the energy had to be vented outside the Château, which created a monster with enough strength to require X-Drive and Amalgam to be beaten.[2] Shem-Ha has shown to be able to possess individuals who absorb the power generated by the vambrace.

As a weapon used by Shem-Ha, the vambrace is able to fire beams of light capable of piercing through and slicing targets, such as easily bisecting Millaarc and Elsa, and decapitating Vanessa.



  • The activation melody played by the vambrace is a heavily distorted version of Apple.


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