Symphogear Plus and Minus Game!
Hello everyone and welcome to the Symphogear Plus and Minus Game!

Everyone is allowed to join in and to have fun. Just make sure to follow the rules and respect other members!

Rules and Instructions
This game works by leaving a comment, where you must pick two of the characters to give +1 and -1.
You must do both votes if your vote must count.

Example Vote: Hibiki +1, Tsubasa -1

  1. When a character reaches +5 or -5, they will move onto the next round or be eliminated from the game and cannot be voted on.
  2. The game moves onto the next round when everything has +5 or -5 next to it.
  3. You can only vote once per day, so 24 hours must have passed before you can cast your next vote.
  4. Please vote based on your preferences. Don't vote a character down just because the picture I chose is ugly or to get revenge since someone downvoted your favorite character.
  5. Please do not get upset or mean. It's okay to be a little frustrated, as long it doesn't drag out too long or cause any trouble. If you are being rude and mean towards others, then I'm afraid that you aren't able to participate. >:
  6. I'm only a human, so if you notice any mistakes or something else. Let me know so I can try to fix that.
  7. If there's only 1 character left, please refrain from voting. I'll figure out if she's has gone to the next round or not.
That's all, so let's the game begin! And I hope you all are gonna have fun playing. <:

My first vote goes to Maria Cadenzavna Eve +1, Miku Kohinata -1

Round 1

Image Character Votes
Symphogear AXZ Episode 10 23 Hibiki Tachibana +5
Vitalization 18 Tsubasa Kazanari -2
Symphogear GX Episode 6 03 Chris Yukine +5
Maria Airgetlam GX 2 Maria Cadenzavna Eve +5
Symphogear GX Episode 12 09 Shirabe Tsukuyomi +5
Kirika&#039;s Gear Kirika Akatsuki -3
Symphogear Ep 1 14 Kanade Amou -5
Symphogear G Ep 10 18 Miku Kohinata -5
Serena in her Symphogear 02 Serena Cadenzavna Eve -5
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