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Character Banner Tsubasa.png
Tsubasa Kazanari SG-r01 Amenohabakiri
Tsubasa Kazanari
Kanji 風鳴 翼

Romaji Kazanari Tsubasa
Character Information
Age 17 (S1)
19 (GX-XV)[1][2][3]
Birthday May 25, 2025[1]
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Female
Height 167cm[1]
Three Sizes B81/W57/H83
Blood Type B[1]
Nationality Japanese
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Indigo
Relic Ame no Habakiri
Theme Color Blue
Affiliation S.O.N.G.
Relatives Fudo Kazanari (Grandfather; biological father)
Yatsuhiro Kazanari (Father; biological older half-brother, †)
Genjuro Kazanari (Uncle; biological older half-brother)
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Game Super Heroine Chronicle
Voice Actors
Japanese Nana Mizuki

Tsubasa Kazanari (風鳴 翼 Kazanari Tsubasa?) is one of the six main protagonists of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear series.

She is a Symphogear user and wields the Ame no Habakiri relic.


Tsubasa (?) means "Wing".

Kazanari (風鳴?) means "Crying Wind".


Tsubasa is a tall girl with blue hair and dark blue eyes. She has a side ponytail on the left side of her head that is longer than the rest of her hair, which falls to just above her waist and is cut straight.

Her Zwei Wing concert clothes consist of a high collared crop top with white shorts and a low belted pleated skirt cut diagonally from her left hip. A large light blue bow and left wing are seen on her bustle. She also wears white and blue stocking up to her thigh, and light blue boots with the left one reaching to her knee and the right reaching to her ankle.

She is also seen wearing the Lydian Music Academy uniform.


Tsubasa first appears as a pop star and student with a cold personality. This is due to the fact that her previous partner, Kanade, lost her life two years prior to the series after a Noise attack at their concert. Before Tsubasa was a shy girl who was coming out of her shell with Kanade's helpful and shining personality. Tsubasa refuses to accept Hibiki as Kanade's replacement, and prefers to fight alone. Even more so since Hibiki's Gungnir has the same wavelength as Kanade's.

Tsubasa even refuses to sign an overseas singing contract, as she views herself as a weapon who only sings in the battlefield. However, during the time when she was hospitalized due to the life-threatening side-effects of singing her Superb Song, Tsubasa seemingly "converses" with Kanade. Afterwards, she starts opening up to Hibiki and everyone else, and is shown to have a more caring side and becomes more outgoing and protective of her teammates.


Zwei Wing concert and the Death of Kanade Amou

Kanade's death

She was formally apart of a duo known as Zwei Wing, but her partner, Kanade, sacrificed herself fighting the Noise and she has since been fighting the Noise alone. After the death of Kanade, Tsubasa became cold and aloof. She is very reluctant to work with Hibiki, refusing to accept her as Kanade's replacement. Her Symphogear is the First Relic - Ame-no-Habakiri and her Arms Gear is a long katana.

Battle Against Noise

During a skirmish against the Noise, Tsubasa encounters a particularly powerful girl wearing a strong Relic referred as 'Nehushtan Armor'. This is the girl that will soon be known as Chris Yukine. Eventually cornered, Tsubasa unleashes her superb song, forcing Chris to retreat, but Tsubasa herself received fatal wounds that hospitalized her for days. During her days in hospital, Tsubasa received encouraging words from Kanade to move on and spread her wings. Afterwards, she started opening up to Hibiki and almost everyone else.


Season 1

Tsubasa singing

Tsubasa is first seen in Episode 1 two years ago hiding behind the shadows of a large container as Kanade comes to speak to her. Tsubasa is displaying signs of nervousness and Kanade points it out causing her to blush and say that it was only natural. As she speaks, Kanade flicks her on the forehead and comments about her seriousness. Genjuro approaches them soon after. Tsubasa continues to look very nervous as Kanade embraces her from behind. Kanade comforts her and the two stand up, taking each other's hand to get ready for their appearance on stage.

The concert starts and the two of them fly from the roof onto the stage waving to the audience. They begin to dance and perform Gyakkō no Flügel. However, as they prepare to continue on with their second song, a large mass of Noise appear and begin attacking the audience. After Kanade activates her Symphogear and begins fighting, Tsubasa does the same and joins her. As Kanade is singing her Superb Song, Tsubasa yells at her to not sing the song. As Kanade finishes, she runs to her side and hold her body as she dies and turns to dust.

Back in the present, Tsubasa is next seen transforming whilst jumping from a helicopter and fighting a large horde of Noise in the night as the military could do nothing to damage them. Though given orders to back up the military, she refuses and fights on her own. Since the concert two years before, she has grown in strength as her Symphogear has

Tsubasa in the present day

changed and she now fights much differently and more efficiently. The next day it is revealed that she now attends Lydian Music Academy as she passes by Hibiki. Tsubasa quietly points to the rice stuck onto the side of Hibiki's mouth and continues to pass on by. Later that day, she is next seen running into the headquarters of the Mobile Disaster Response Crop as the Noise attacks. When Hibiki's Aufwachen Waveform is identified as Gungnir, she nearly collapses, leaning on a nearby bench for support.

In Episode 2, Tsubasa is seen riding a motorcycle through a crowd of Noise towards Hibiki and the little girl. She rides past them and jumps off the motorcycle allowing it to crash into a much larger Noise, singing her activation song as she tells Hibiki to stand and watch or she'll die, and to protect the girl. She then transforms and goes to fight the Noise. As a larger one tries to attack Hibiki, she destroys the Noise with the use of her Heaven's Wrath to protect the two.

After a battle, Tsubasa catches a de-transforming Hibiki as she is about to fall. Tsubasa later expresses confusion as Hibiki tells her it is the second time she has saved her. It is quite possible that Tsubasa does not remember seeing her at the concert two years ago. She then stands in Hibiki's way to stop her from leaving. As they board the elevator and the doors close, Tsubasa hangs onto one the railings as they descend. She then tells Hibiki that smiles mean nothing where they're going, only to have an exasperated expression when Genjuro throws a party for Hibiki. As she watches, she asks Shinji to do the honours as he undoes the cuffs. It is later seen that she might be doing an overseas debut as she has been approached by a major English label.

In a shower, she remembers her fights with Kanade and how she told her there was nothing to be afraid of as long as they were together and she smiles happily. In the shower, she expresses anger as the Gungnir suit is Kanade's. The next day she goes to get Hibiki as the Response Crops need her as a person of interest and handcuffs her again. As Hibiki asks for an explanation of her powers, Tsubasa shows her Ame no Habakiri. Tsubasa responds

Tsubasa as she challenges Hibiki to a fight

bitterly to the explanation of relics to Hibiki and causes a small silence. As the fragments in Hibiki's chest are revealed, Tsubasa stumbles out of the room.

Hibiki then comes to her, telling her that she'll fight too. The Noise alarm then goes off and they rush to see what has happened; she then leaves to go fight the Noise leaving Hibiki behind. Out on the streets, the Noise have all fused together to form a very large Noise. Tsubasa activates Ame no Habakiri and proceeds to fight the Noise as Hibiki jumps in. After the Noise is destroyed she raises her armed gear towards Hibiki and tells her that they should fight.

Tsubasa attempts to fight Hibiki in Episode 3 as she refuses to accept Hibiki as a partner and tells her that Hell would freeze over before she fights alongside her. She tells Hibiki to prepare her armed gear but Hibiki cannot as she does not know what it is. As she walks away, she asks how Hibiki dares to take Kanade's place and attacks her. As she attacks, Genjuro comes in and matches her attack, forcing her backwards. Genjuro walks up to her and asks if

Tsubasa slapping Hibiki

she is crying. She denies it as she does not shed tears. Genjuro helps her up as Hibiki says she'll try to replace Kanade. This only angers her more, in which she runs forward and slaps Hibiki, crying once more.

Tsubasa is then seen in a dojo of sorts meditating and thinking of Kanade's sacrifice. As Kanade lay dying, she calls Tsubasa a little cry baby as she was crying for her. Tsubasa then expresses that she wanted to sing with Kanade forever. Back in the present, Tsubasa picks up the sword in front of her and draws it, as she blames Kanade's death on their own weakness. At the meeting, Tsubasa tells them that Lydian has been the center of all the outbreaks as they have all been very close to the school, which hides the relic Durandal. Afterwards, they leave with Shinji as they have a meeting to attend concerning her album.

As they walk down the hall, Shinji talks about her schedule and brings up the English record company. She tells him to refuse their offer as she only sings to fight. Shinji asks if she is angry and she denies it, as weapons have no emotions. She continues walking, leaving him behind.

Later on, as Hibiki fights the Noise, she sees a shooting star, it turns out to be Tsubasa who destroys the last Noise. As Hibiki tries to speak with her, Chris appears from the shadows, clad in the Nehushtan Armor.

Episode 4 shows that Tsubasa was present when Kanade was first brought into the Mobile Disaster Response Crops 5 years ago. Tsubasa hides behind Genjuro as Kanade continued to struggle and yell. She watches the exchange between Genjuro and Kanade in surprise; she is also seen watching the experimentation on Kanade in order to make her compatible with Gungnir. Later on, after they battle the Noise, she helps Kanade lift rubble off some soldiers, which is where Kanade gets her inspiration to sing for others, not just herself. Next, she is seen training with Kanade, where Kanade expresses her desire to sing with Tsubasa forever. Tsubasa agrees, forming the famous duo Zwei-Wing.

Back in the present Tsubasa is about to face off with the

Tsubasa fights Chris

Nehushtan Armor but Hibiki stops her. Both she and Chris yell at her and she makes a comment at how well they get along. Tsubasa pushes Hibiki aside as Chris attacks them; she retaliates but is blocked by the chain on the Armor. As Tsubasa is sent flying back due to Chris' kick, she wonders of the potential of an unbroken relic. As Chris summons the Noise, Tsubasa attacks and tries to throw her off balance, however Chris is still much stronger and throws her back.

Tsubasa uses One Thousand Tears to break free of Chris' hold and the two continue to fight, destroying the surrounding area. As Chris summons the Noise, Tsubasa successfully destroys them all and attacks Chris. As they fight, Tsubasa throws knives that Chris blocks and tries to block Chris' attack and an explosion is caused - Tsubasa is once more thrown back. As she gets back up, she raises her armed gear and sings her superb song.

As she reaches Chris and grabs her, she starts to bleed from her mouth meaning the song is taking effect. The build-up of energy causes all of the Noise in the area to be destroyed and blows Hibiki away, freeing her from the Noise which throws Chris back and damages the

Tsubasa using her superb song

Nehushtan Armor. Afterwards, Tsubasa is left in the middle of a large crater, her Symphogear heavily damaged and bleeding from her eyes and mouth. She begins to tell them that she failed to do what it takes to protect mankind. She then collapses as Genjuro runs to her.

Later, she is seen in a hospital, her eyes having been bandaged and hooked up to many machines. Shinji reveals that after Kanade's death, Zwei Wing broke up and Tsubasa was left alone. She began to fight with fury and became a weapon. And thus she sang her superb song fully expecting to die. In her dream, she is falling from the sky and sees Kanade's ghost, telling her that she can fly with only one wing. Tsubasa reaches out to her and begins to drown.

Tsubasa is once again seen drowning in Episode 5, except this time she is clad in her Symphogear Armour. As she questions her almost death and Kanade's motivation, Kanade's spirit embraces her from behind. At first shocked, Tsubasa smiles and tells Kanade about her training and fights, having come to realize that her life had no meaning or value. They are then seen sitting on the ground of the destroyed stadium from 2 years ago. As Kanade speaks and tells Tsubasa that there is something that she had to find out on her own, Tsubasa pouts slightly and comments that Kanade is always teasing her.

She then expresses her wish to have Kanade at her side again. Having realised that she gets to decide if Kanade is near or far, Tsubasa sinks and begins to wake. She is currently still in the hospital and is surrounded by nurses and a doctor. She makes observations about the world around her and thinks about how she won't have perfect attendance. Thinking about Kanade again, Tsubasa sheds a tear.

She is first seen in Episode 6 walking through the halls of the hospital with the aid of a cane and an IV hooked up to her. She watches as Hibiki trains on

Tsubasa's messy hospital room

the track with Miku. When Hibiki comes to visit and assumes that she had been kidnapped, Tsubasa shows embarrassment at the state of her room. She admits that she couldn't care for things like a neat and clean room. After the room is all cleaned, Tsubasa thanks Hibiki and tells her that normally Shinji does these things for her.

She realizes that having Shinji, a male, do these things for her seems rather odd and comments that Hibiki is doing a good job taking her place. As they speak, Tsubasa wants to know the reason for which Hibiki fights, who responds with that she doesn't know why. On the rooftop Tsubasa questions Hibiki on if she was ready to become a warrior, and tells Hibiki of her armed gear.

Tsubasa appears in Episode 7 to protect Hibiki from Chris' barrage of attacks, using Heaven's Wrath gigantic sword, and states that she needs Hibiki's help. Tsubasa begins to fight Chris and gains the upper hand and thinks of the chance to fight Chris as a way of making up for losing the second Relic ten years ago. As Finé appears and Tsubasa and Chris are forced to stop fighting, Tsubasa is left to fight off Noise as Chris chases after Finé. Later on, she is riding the elevator to the headquarters as she thinks about Kanade, believing that she finally understood her reason. She apologizes to Genjuro for her earlier actions.

Tsubasa tries to cheer Hibiki up in Episode 8 before admitting that Kanade was better at things like that than her. She also admits to Hibiki that when she thinks about it, she got off lightly after using her superb song as it is a song of destruction. When the Noise attack, Tsubasa is unable to go and fight as Genjuro forbids her to until the doctors give her the all-clear.

Tsubasa is fixing up a motorcycle and humming in Episode 9 and Kanade surprises her. Tsubasa is then exiting a scanning machine for her check-up and is informed that her injuries are all healed. She meets Miku as Hibiki is showing her around the base and tells Miku to take care of Hibiki even if she is a pain. She also informs them that Genjuro had pulled some strings to get Miku into the second branch. Tsubasa admits to being surprised that Ryoko had time to search for love as she was too busy.

Afterwards, Tsubasa tells them that she isn't completely on duty yet as she is taking it little by little and Hibiki proposes that they go on a date. The next day Tsubasa waits for Hibiki and Miku who arrive late. After Miku brings them all to the Karaoke place, Tsubasa picks the first song and sings Koi no Okehazama. At the end of the date, Hibiki and Miku take her to a playground to

Tsubasa performs Flight Feathers

overlook the city. The next day, she gives Miku and Hibiki tickets to a concert during a festival, which was being held at the same stadium from two years ago. After the rehearsal, Tsubasa asks Tony Glazer for more time to think about singing internationally.

That night, Tsubasa performs FLIGHT FEATHERS while Hibiki fights Noise alongside Chris. After the song, Tsubasa announces that she wanted to sing overseas to help people with her songs.

Battle Against Finé

However, later on, Tsubasa received news that their ally, scientist Ryoko Sakurai, is an incarnation of their enemy and the one who unleashes Noise, Finé. Joining up with Hibiki and a redeemed Chris, Tsubasa confronted Finé at Kadingir. Tsubasa managed to calm a berserk Hibiki down and attempted to destroy the Kadingir with a kamikaze attack, Soaring Phoenix. While the Kadingir was destroyed, Tsubasa seemingly perished, until Hibiki activated her hidden Symphogear power, restoring Tsubasa's strength so they can unite to bring down Finé and her plans. She would, however, along with Hibiki and Chris, fly to the moon to stop the falling moon, Finé's last resort plan, saving the Earth, and thought to have perished again.

Later that day, the trio emerged again, having just faked their deaths to avoid complications.

Symphogear G

After the battle with Finé, Tsubasa was able to resume her singing career, becoming Japan's Top Idol Singer. However, a concert with America's Top Idol Singer, Maria Candenza Eve, was suddenly interrupted not just with a Noise attack, but also Maria revealing herself as the member of the group Finé, a Symphogear user and uses the Gungnir like Kanade did. After a skirmish, joined by Hibiki and Chris, Tsubasa managed to drive away the Finé group and the Noise they brought.

Tsubasa later becomes involved with the investigation of the theft of the relic Solomon's Cane, only to find out that it is in the hands of the Finé group's mad scientist ally, Dr. Ver. Ver later unleashes the monster Nephilim, and Tsubasa witnesses how it tore off Hibiki's arm, and Hibiki suddenly regenerating her arm and slaughtering the monster. After further investigation, Tsubasa was shocked that the Gungnir inside Hibiki is expanding, about to replace her and turning her into something inhuman. Out of worry, Tsubasa once again starts acting cold and dismissive to Hibiki, forbidding her to fight and becomes angry when Hibiki is taking it 'too lightly'.

Trying to stop the Finé group from unleashing the Frontier, Tsubasa later finds out that Hibiki's friend, Miku Kohinata has turned into a Symphogear user by Ver and attacks her. As Tsubasa fights off Maria's allies, while Hibiki fights Miku, she eventually witnesses the rise of the Frontier. However, she's shot in the back from Chris, who betrays her and joins the Finé. However, Tsubasa survives the ordeal, having "missed the vitals".

She takes on Chris at the gates of the Frontier, and eventually finds out that Chris is just sneaking into the group to snatch Solomon's Cane from Ver, but was put on an explosive leash as a result. Using their synchronisation, Tsubasa manages to destroy the leash and helps Chris get close to Ver and drive him away to take back the Solomon's Cane.

Symphogear GX

Tsubasa reappears alongside Hibiki and Chris in outer space in order to prevent the rocket ship carrying Professor Nastassja's body from crash landing onto Earth.

Symphogear AXZ

Symphogear XV

Attacks & Abilities

Holy Chant

Imyuteus Ame no Habakiri tron



Tsubasa is the owner of the first Relic, Ame no Habakiri. She has the ability to fight Noise with the use of the anti-Noise armour, the Symphogear, which clads her in battle. As a candidate for the Symphogear, she can activate her relics with her song and use an Armed Gear in battle.

Tsubasa's Armed Gear is, while in its normal form, a katana; however it is shown that the form her Armed Geared may change depending on the attack used. Tsubasa's gear is also unique due to the fact that Ame no Habakiri is the only gear shown to have blades attached to her ankles.

Tsubasa, having trained since she was a child, is both agile and strong, with a wide array of Kazanari Style's sword techniques that emphasise rapid, flowing attacks. She is the longest active Symphogear user, making her the most experienced, as shown since her Relic has gone through the most development and change.

In the G season, Tsubasa shows that she is able to enter in her previous Symphogear's form, requiring a lesser level of phonic gain.


Image Description
Blue Flash.png Blue Flash
(蒼ノ一閃 Aoi no Issen?)
Tsubasa transforms her sword into a larger sword capable of delivering swings laced with blue lightning.
Destroyer Blue Flash.png Blue Flash Destroyer
(蒼ノ一閃 滅破 Aoi no Issen Metsuyabu?)
A variation of Blue Flash that Tsubasa used while in X-Drive.
Soutou Bakkouzan.png Blue Sword Lightning Punishment
(蒼刃罰光斬 Sōtō Bakkōzan?)
A variation of Blue Flash where her Armed Gear remains in its katana form.
Celestial Blade's Judgment.jpg Celestial Blade's Judgement
(断空ノ煌刃 Dan Sora no Kōzan?)[4]
After drawing her Armed Gear in her X-Drive form, Tsubasa transform the scabbard in another katana, extends and transforms the Gear of her ankles into giant blade before attacking the swarm of Alca-Noise.
Chaos Flame Wrath Slash.png Chaos Flame Wrath Slash
(炎乱逆鱗斬 Honō Ran Gekirin Ki?)
Chaos Shadow Weave.png Chaos Shadow Weave
(乱れ影縫い Midare Kagenui?)
Fearless Three Blades.png Fearless Three Blades
(無恐三刃 Mukyō Sanzan?)
Flash of the Riders Blade.png Flash of the Rider's Blade
(騎刃ノ一閃 Kizan no Issen?)
An attack that also utilizes her motorcycle, Tsubasa unfolds the blades on her ankles and attaches them to the front of the motorcycle creating a large piercing blade. This attack can also be used while Tsubasa has her armed gear in hand.
Sweeps of the Rider's Blade.png Flash of the Rider's Blade: Sweep
(騎刃ノ一閃・旋 Kizan no Issen: Sen?)
Heaven's Wrath.png Heaven’s Wrath
(天ノ逆鱗 Ten no Gekirin?)
Tsubasa conjures a sword comparable in size to a large truck, which can either be dropped on the enemy or thrusted down with assistance from a kick by Tsubasa. The sword is sufficiently large and thick that it can be used as a shield. By the time Symphogear G comes around, Tsubasa is able to perform this attack many times in rapid succession.
Highest Good Rose Cross.png Highest Good: Rose Cross
(至高善・薔薇X字 Shikōzen Bara X ji?)
Lion Flame Rotation.png Lion Flame Rotation
(炎獅子廻破 Honō Shishi Mawari Yabu?)[4]
Tsubasa, while in her Burning X-Drive, swings her hair counter-clockwise before turning it into a bladed weapon imbued with blue flames and slashes into front of her distant foes, creating a burning wave to destroys everything on her path.
Moonlit Fiery Windblades.png Moonlit Wind Ring's Fiery Blades
(風輪火斬 月煌 Fūrin Hiki Gekkō?)
A stronger version of Fiery Windblades. It's powered up even more when the moon is out.
One Thousand Tears.JPG One Thousand Tears
(千ノ落涙 Sen no Rakurui?)
Tsubasa conjures a large number of energy swords in the air which rain down on her enemy. It is useful for targeting large numbers of opponents and can be used even if Tsubasa is immobilized.
Rasetsu Stance Zero.png Rakshasa Stance Zero
(羅刹 零ノ型 Rasetsu Rei no Kata?)
Similar to Soaring Phoenix, only she also ignites the blades on her legs as well and uses all four blades to deliver a barrage of flaming slashes to her target.
Wight Slayer.png Reverse Rakshasa
(逆羅刹 Gyaku Rasetsu?)
Tsubasa does a spinning handstand, unfolding the long blades on her ankles to cut through everything around her.
Reverse Rakshasa Soba Cutter.png Reverse Rakshasa Soba Cutter
(逆羅刹 蕎麦切 Gyaku Rasetsu Soba Setsu?)
Tsubasa does a spinning handstand, secured and wielded the kitchen knife by her toes to cut the soba.
Shadow Weaving.png Shadow Weaving
(影縫い Kagenui?)
Tsubasa throws a dagger into her opponent's shadow, disabling their movement. This attack is actually a ninja technique learned from Ogawa Shinji, who can use it as well.
Soaring Phoenix.png Soaring Phoenix's Slash
(炎鳥極翔斬 Enchō Kyokushōtō?)
Wielding Ame no Habakiri as a pair of long-swords, Tsubasa projects a vast stream of flames from both blades as well as her feet, resulting in wings which allow her to fly. At the peak of the attack, the flames turn from red to blue and engulf Tsubasa in the image of a phoenix which rams through the target.
Spirit Blue Sword.jpg Spirit Blue Sword
(気炎ノ蒼剣 Kien no Aoi Ken?)[4]
While releasing her Amalgam, Tsubasa's weapon turns into its drill form before imbued with a massive blue flame and striking towards her opponent.
Symphogear Ep 4 09.png Superb Song
Tsubasa's Superb Song is similar to Kanade's in that it acts as a simple wide-area destructive attack, but is much more focused in its area of effect. Because Tsubasa is well synchronized with her Symphogear, she does not risk death or destruction of her relic the way Kanade does, but use of the Superb Song will still leave her bedridden for quite some time.
Hibiki Tsubasa S2CA.png S2CA Tri Burst
To win against a Noise with a very high growth ability, Tsubasa, Chris and Hibiki sing their Superb Song. The energy created, which destroys most of the Noise, is then taken upon by Hibiki with a great effort of her part, in which she combines the Gears of her arms together to form a new one on her right arm. Once the energy is fully concentrated in it, she jumps towards the main body of the Noise using the Gear of her waist as rocket, and punches it while her Gear spins furiously to make the final thrust, creating a rainbow light tornado destroying the Noise completely and rising high in the sky.
Swift Union of Wind and Moon.png Swift Union of Wind and Moon
(風月ノ疾双 Fūgetsu no Shissō?)
Synchrogazer.png Synchrogazer
This is a technique that was used by Tsubasa, Chris and Hibiki using the complete relic, Durandal. Most of the power in this attack was from Hibiki, but Tsubasa, Chris and Hibiki's friends helped keep Hibiki grounded to her real self as they contributed to the attack.
Trinity Resonance.png TRINITY RESONANCE
Double Star Hammer -DIASTER BLAST- (Hibiki and Tsubasa).png Twin Star Hammer -DIASTER BLAST-
From the Season 1 manga. A combined attack used together with Hibiki.[5]
Double Star Hammer -DIASTER BLAST- (Tsubasa and Kanade).png Twin Star Hammer -DIASTER BLAST-
From the Season 1 manga. A combined attack used together with Kanade.[6]
Vitalization.png Vitalization
A six-member combination attack accessible only in X-Drive, which forms a pair of large arms out of Gungnir and Airgetlám's armor components that deliver a combined punch fuelled by the energy of all six Symphogears.
Fiery Windblades.png Wind Ring's Fiery Blades
(風輪火斬 Fūrin Hiki?)
A more controlled variant of Soaring Phoenix. Wielding Ame no Habakiri as a pair of long-swords, Tsubasa joins the swords at the hilts and spins them rapidly, producing fire around the blades as part of a rushing attack.

Image Description
Void Stance.png Absolute Sky Stance
(絶空ノ型 Zekkū no kata?)
Tsubasa jumps high in the sky by using the gears of her legs as propellers. She then performs a strike in the air, creating a gust of wind, slashing several of her targets.
Blue Flash Kshetra.png Blue Flash Kshetra
(蒼ノ刹閃斬 Aoi no Setsu Senzan?)
Tsubasa transforms her Armed Gear into a larger version before rushing toward her target, performing a series of three strikes then stepping back, charging up her armed gear before jumping and inflicting her target with a final slash, making him explode in blue light.
Brilliant Luminescent Lash.gif Brilliant Luminescent Lash
(燦爛ノ斬光 Sanran no Zankō?)
Burning Rex Roar × Grid Knight Storm.gif Burning Rex Roar × Gridknight Storm
(バーニングレックスロアー×グリッドナイトストーム Bāningu Rekkusu Roā × Guriddonaito Sutōmu?)
Christmas Eve's Lone Blade.png Christmas Eve's Lone Blade
(聖夜ノ一刃 Seiya no Ichizan?)
Tsubasa uses her Armed Gear to summon a giant Christmas cake on top of her targets before jumping and slicing her targets in half.
Dazzling Flash.png Dazzling Flash
(絢爛ノ一閃 Kenran no Issen?)
Tsubasa draws her Armed Gear from her umbrella scabbard, before throwing it in the air. She then performs a single slash toward her targets before storing her Armed Gear while retrieving her scabbard. She then protects herself from a rain of ink with
Destruction Blades Twins.png Destruction Blades: Twins
Devil Eyes Flash.png Devil Eyes Flash
(魔眼ノ一閃 Mame no Issen?)
Embers Flash.jpg Embers Flash
(残火ノ一閃 Zanka no Issen?)
Esteemed Emperor's Judgment Blade.png Esteemed Emperor's Judgment Blade
(重皇ノ鋭断 Jūkō no Eidan?)
Flash of the Rider's Blade - Final Lightning.png Flash of the Rider's Blade - Final Lightning
(騎刃ノ一閃-終雷 Kizan no Issen - Tsui Kaminari?)
Tsubasa rides her bike while connecting the Armed Gear of her legs to the front, creating a large blade, cutting through her targets. She then leaps of the bike letting it crash into them, exploding with the targets.
This move can be seen as a other version of "Flash of the Rider's Blade"
Tsubasa Ninja Attack.png Flash of Murakumo
(叢雲ノ一閃 Murakumo no Issen?)
Flash of String Music.png Flash of String Music
(弦歌ノ光閃 Genka no Kōsen?)
Glittering Blade・Jetta Sword.png Glittering Blade: Jetta Sword
(煌刃・ジェッタソード Kōjin: Jetta Sōdo?)
Grid Night Circular.png Grid Night Circular
(グリッドナイトサーキュラー Guriddo Naito Sākyurā?)
Based on the technique used by Gridknight, Tsubasa throws her Armed Gear at an enemy, quickly pulls it out of the enemy's body, forms a disk of purple energy, and throws the disk at the enemy.
Heavenly Wings Blue Slash.gif Heavenly Wings Blue Slash
(天翼蒼破斬 Ten Tsubasa Aoi Yabuki?)
Holy Thunder's Sparkle.png Holy Thunder's Sparkle
(聖雷ノ閃耀 Seirai no Sen'yō?)
Kaiser Knight Circular.png Kaiser Knight Circular
(カイゼルナイトサーキュラー Kaizeru Naito Sākyura?)
Knight's Ignited Flash.png Knight's Ignited Flash
(疾駆ノ炎閃 Shikku no Honō Sen?)
Tsubasa stabs the ground with her Armed Gear before rushing toward her target. Cutting through the ground, she then performs a slash upward, creating a blue fireball rushing towards her target.
Light Knife Kshetra.png Light Knife Kshetra
(光刃連刹 Kōzanren Setsu?)
Lion Whistle Blade.jpg Lion Whistle's Blade
(獅子噴刃 Shishi Fuzan?)
Maelstrom Aquatic Blades.png Maelstrom Aquatic Blades
(旋水乱刃 Sensui Ranzan?)
Tsubasa creates a maelstrom, swallowing her targets, before several swords come rushing towards them, piercing them while trapped inside the depth of the sea.
Microwave Shell.png Microwave Shell
(マイクロ波シェル Maikuroha Shieru?)
Phantom Mist Sword・Perfect Blade.png Phantom Resonance Sword: Real Attack
(幻朧ノ鳴剣・真打 Genrō no Meitō: Shinuchi?)
Tsubasa sings her Superb Song before slashing her targets with a gigantic sword made of a pink light.
Rain Dance Slash.png Rain Dance Slash
(天水乱舞斬 Tensui Renbuki?)
Tsubasa throws her armed gear into the air before it splits apart into multiple fragments of ice picks, raining on her targets. She then slides towards them with her Armed Gear cutting through the ground, impaling the targets with spikes of ice coming out of the ground once she passed them.
Single Mowing Conflagration.png Single Mowing Conflagration
(劫火ノ一薙 Gōka no Hitona?)
Skanda Stance.png Skanda Stance
(韋駄天ノ型 Idaten no Kata?)
Tsubasa jumps on her bike. Before driving, her bike transforms into a horse of sky blue feathers, charging furiously toward her targets.
Spoons' Rain.png Spoons' Rain
(驟雨ノ匙 Shūu no Saji?)
Tsubasa leans against a giant cup of tea, levitates her Armed Gear and conjures several replicas, before throwing them toward her targets.
Sudden Flash.png Sudden Flash
(颯ノ一閃 Sono Issen?)
Tsubasa takes a fighting stance before rushing toward her target, inflicting a single slash once she passes them while re-appearing behind her target.
Tears of Murakumo.png Tears of Murakumo
(叢雲ノ落涙 Murakumo no Rakurui?)
Thunder Blade Blitz Saber.jpg Thunder Blade: Blitz Saber
(轟刄・ブリッツセイバー Kounin: Burittsu Seibā?)
Thunder's Steep Judgement.jpg Thunder's Steep Judgement
(轟天ノ峻断 Gōten no Shundan?)
Unknown Blade Remnants' Opposition.png Unknown Blade Remnants' Opposition
(残影無刃衝 Zan'ei Muzanshō?)
TBA War God Conflagration Slash
(武神劫火斬 Bushin Gōkazan?)
Zenith's Soaring Phoenix's Flash.png Zenith's Soaring Phoenix's Flash
(鳳凰極翔閃 Hōō Goku Shōsen?)



Genjuro Kazanari - Although he is her uncle, their relationship seems rather formal. He is also her biological half brother.

Fudō Kazanari - Tsubasa's biological father and also her grandfather. She has a very formal relationship with him and doesn't seem to share his way of thinking.

Yatsuhiro Kazanari - Tsubasa's father. They don't appear to have a good relationship during his first appearance but this changes when she learns why he pushed her away as a child: While Tsubasa originally thought that he pushed her away because he hated her, he actually did so because he hoped that she could follow her dreams if she left the Kazanari household and her duties as the next head of the house.


Kanade Amou - Tsubasa's previous singing partner and the other half of Zwei Wing. She was the one to bring Tsubasa out of her shell when they were younger. Kanade's death devastated Tsubasa, as afterwards she began viewing herself as a weapon and lost her love for singing outside of the battlefield. During her hospitalization and coma, Kanade's spirit came and spoke to Tsubasa, which led her to accept Hibiki as a Symphogear user and appreciate Kanade's sacrifice. Tsubasa continues to "see" Kanade even after the events of season one and Kanade becomes her guiding star.

Hibiki Tachibana - Originally Tsubasa was very cold to Hibiki refusing to see her as Kanade's replacement and treated her as such. Hibiki tried endlessly to befriend Tsubasa with no success until the latter is hospitalized which after she begins to open up and accept Hibiki. As of Season 2, Tsubasa is shown to have a great deal of care for Hibiki as she reverted back to her cold personality in order to keep Hibiki from fighting and allowing Gungnir to further fuse with her.


  • Tsubasa's battle song genre is Japanese rock.
  • Tsubasa's hair has the shape of an eighth note.
  • Tsubasa was five when she first activated Ame no Habakiri,[7] twelve when she met Kanade[8], and fifteen when Kanade died.[9]
  • She is the only character to use a previous gear design after an upgrade, equipping her S1 gear during Senki Zesshō Symphogear G Episode 12.
  • Tsubasa has performed in the most insert songs compared to the other six main characters.
  • Tsubasa sometimes calls herself a sakimori, which roughly translates to "defender" or "sentinel". She uses this as a stance to hide her feelings when she considers herself emotionally weak. It comes from Fudo Kazanari, who believes the Kazanaris are a bloodline who must defend Japan.
  • Tsubasa uses Kanade's name (奏), which is part of the term "to play music" (で), in many of her songs.
  • Several of Tsubasa's characteristics are based on her voice actress, Nana Mizuki.
    • Her strained relationship with her father is based on Nana's background, whom received intensive training in her childhood under her parent's wish to become an enka musician. Both Tsubasa and Nana likewise does multiple efforts to gain their father's respect and admiration. Sadly, Nana's father died in 2008, one year before she even gained the biggest success in her career.
      • Amusingly, Tsubasa actually performs an enka song during a karaoke session, while saying she has always wanted to sing one.[10]
    • Tsubasa's childhood self is portrayed as a shy girl. The majority of Nana's roles in anime series are mostly these, such as Fate T. Harlaown from Mahō Shōjo Lyrical Nanoha.
    • In one episode of Symphogear GX, Tsubasa sketches a poorly-drawn version of Alca-Noise. Said sketching is in fact an actual drawing made by Nana in 2013, to which Hideo Ishikawa (Genjuro's voice actor) said was a "masterpiece".[citation needed]
  • As Tsubasa uses a large amount of Buddhist terms in her solo character songs, it is likely she herself is Buddhist. She shares this trait with Chris, who is also suggested to be Buddhist through certain song lyrics and background details.


  • 涙なんて流していません。風鳴翼はその身を剣と鍛えた戦士です。I never shed tears. I am a warrior, thus I am nothing but a sword. - Episode 3
  • 「防人の生き様、覚悟を見せてあげるッ!」/ "Behold! This is the live and the will of the Sentinel!!" - Episode 4
  • 「戦場(いくさば)で何を莫迦なことを!」/ "What are you thinking?! This is a BATTLE FIELD!!" - Episode 4
  • 「こんなところで。折れる剣じゃあります」/ "I am a sword. I will not break here." - Episode 4
  • "Did you laugh? Did you just see someone sacrifice their life to protect what they loved? And did you laugh and call it useless?" - Episode 12
  • 「今日に、折れて死んでも、明日に人として歌うために...風鳴翼が歌うのは戦場(いくさば)ばかりでないと知れッ!!」 / "Even if I got broken this day, I shall still rise again, singing for the people... And know that Kazanari Tsubasa's songs are not just for the battle field alone!! " - Episode 12
  • "素晴らしいアーティストに巡り合えたことを光栄に思う/ I'm honored to have met a wonderful artist" - G Episode 1
  • 「聞くがいい、防人の歌を!!」/ "Listen! Here comes the song of the Sentinel!!" G Episode 2
  • "首根っこ引きずってでも、連れ帰ってやる-お前の居場所、帰る場所に/Even if I don't grab you by the collar, I'll take you back - back to where you should be and where you belong" - G Episode 12
  • 「剣に非ず!貴様はこれを剣と呼ぶのか?否!これは夢に向かって羽ばたく翼。貴様の哲学で翼を折れないよ!」/ "I am not a sword! Do you call this a sword? No! These are wings, taking flight toward their dreams! Know that your philosophy cannot break my wings!" GX Episode 9
  • "Noble Red destroyed my pride. But pride always returns. It rises up from within the flames!" - XV Episode 11

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