Nouvelle Calédonie 2

Tsubasa's Live (翼のライブ Tsubasa no Raibu?) is the concert held at a newly-constructed multipurpose facility in the Yokohama Bay Area named "Nouvelle Calédonie".[1]

The formal name of the event was
Tsubasa Kazanari Solo live at "roof of heaven" .

A special feature of the venue was the "hanging garden" style seating capable of accommodating 100,000 people, making it the highest-capacity venue in Japan.

Within the spectacle of the first and final "Flight Night", Kazanari Tsubasa made her return to Japan from her international debut with a special comeback concert dedicated to her domestic fans. With the theme of "gratitude", it aimed to convey a deeply emotional message.

According to materials distributed to relevant parties, the details of the event were as follows:

Ticket Price: 10,000 JPY (Tax Included)
Presented By: Office Ishidou
Endorsements: Metro Music, Tourism Office
Sponsored By: Haneyama Automobiles, Emperor Records, YFN Defense, Backstreet Riceboys
Planning: Cascade Industries[2]



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