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The Treasury of Babylonia (バビロニアの宝物庫 Babironia no hōmotsugura?) exist in another world, a place where all Noise are situated. The key item to unlock this place named as Solomon's Cane. The cane can also summoned and released Noise into the world.[1]


In G Episode 13, both Chris and Maria used Solomon's Cane to unlock Treasury of Babylonia so that they can seal Nephilim's final form in it. However, Nephilim has caught Maria and pull her in with it. She intends to close the gate from the inside, sealing herself and the Nephilim away. She knows her sacrifice won't even come close to atoning for her sins, but she will protect the lives of everyone in the world. However, Hibiki says that if that's the case, it's only fair that they protect Maria's life, and they go through the gate with her. Once inside the Treasury of Babylon, the Symphogear users deal with the Noise and the Nephilim. As the amount of Noise are too much, Hibiki request Maria to focus on reopen the gate, so they can escape. However, the gate was blocked by Nephilim. The Symphogear users join their hands together, formed a giant golden right hand, and a giant silver left hand. With the hand protecting the Symphogear users, they unleash the attack Vitalization, smashing through the Nephilim right into its body. After the Symphogear users escape the dimension, Miku rushes and grabs the Solomon's Cane, which then she threw right into the closing gate, leading to Nephilim's destruction along with all of the Noise and the Solomon's Cane. It was unknown if Nephilim's destruction can also affect the whole Noise-inhabited world.