• The fact Big Carol is up means I have drive to get to that 12k mark, but I need help with my team comp, can you help me?

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    • I will say just use your best cards and you should be mostly fine. This of event is somehow fair you not be the only one to not have an incredible team ... But show me your best cards ordered by ATK and DEF.

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    • DCC13033-B736-491F-A1F7-6737098031B9
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    • Yeah ... like I thought you will suggest you to take Unison Chris as Leader then Ignite Tsubasa, X-Drive Miku, X-Drive Serena and Solar Maria.

      And your second team; Carol as Leader, then Phara, Leiur (you should have it ... or do everything to get it), Serena and free to choose for the last one.
      This team is mostly a test for you to see if the bonus is worth it in battle at their current stats ... otherwise, keep using the other team.

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    • Since you have provided some advice to Blazewind strike, then I hope you can help me a little.
      The downfall of my card collection is that I don't have strong X-Drive Serena. Hers only Lvl50 and that's it. ~sad life~
      AttStrong1 AttStrong2

      DefStrong1 DefStrong2
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    • I am trying that and it is helpful, though is this CC the same amount of time 3 days?

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    • @Airastorm; Well you did begin recently, so I was expecting something like that.I also begin my first Challeng Cup like that too ... well exept there were no group of 5, EX Move and 6 star Card.
      I would even called miracle I was able to get enough point each time to get the NIRVANA MAGOG - Chris.

      This aside your team... Surely Ignite Tsubasa as leader, Ignite Chris, Ignite Maria, Solar Maria and Gungnir Maria.

      Also like I said to Blazewind, you can try an team with Carol and Autoscorer to see how far they can go.

      @Blazewind; It end just before the daily connection for Wednesday in Japan, so Thuesday for us.

      @Both; The first Carol at 8000 points is already a pretty big challenge for the both of you, so try with a daily 2000 points to reach (which is less intensive) instead of the 3000 points if you were aiming for the 12000 rewards (I'm already going extra lenght with a good team for this one), This reward should be here for next 5 CC at least

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    • Ah so 4 days, that is less stressful then I imagined(because apparently Carol can just nuke my teams).  But 3000 points isn't too impossible for me I am less then 400 points away from 3000 points(I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BY CAROL TO GET CAROL).

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    • Ah ... Yeah ... Carol is fated to be able to defeat your team without mercy with her main skill to the point that putting her alone make the battle faster for you and of course for her.
      There mostly nothing you can do about it ... perhaps if you have that 4 stars Serena; DWARF ADVENTURE, you could hope to make her blind, avoiding her attacks ...

      Since you give me your current score, I feel like I have to di it as well ... 6000 points.... also those first 3000 points of yours are the easiest part because the gave you 40 points bonus for the 10 first if you win and that the game didn't register your team yet, you should soon have stronger opponent more often.

      And unfortunatly, YES, Carol will beat you so much that you would want to give up, but you already can't ... On the good side, while aiming for her, you will get enough to trade for the Chris.

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    • DWARF ADVENTURE is a good tactic, but that does not guarantee every time works, as most of the time before she even strike, your opponent will defeated her first. And certain chances, she starts the attacks first, then she can blind Carol.

      Regarding Carol, if you have one, I did a little experiment on her, where I only put her as alone in the team, where I used her fully with no one starts the attack first. But of course does not guarantee win every time, as I do lose and win and lose and win, so that I gets some of the weak one.

      So you see, if you were to team Carol with other people, chances of her turn is lesser than getting her starts the battle. Since usually other people gets more turn than her.

      But still, it's just an experiment.
      Anyway, Yukibana, thanks for the tips. I put team one as you recommend and team two only Carol. And it works quite well, by switching between the two teams.

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    • In those time, you just has to pray the god Shem-Ha that it would work, also adding a bait is not a bad idea ... Well I never planed to use this tactic anyway, if she's here I will perhaps put X-Drive Serena to heal the team and it would be over.

      Well, I was encouraging you to make experiences because mine was already lv 70 (so an one shot guaranted when she used her skill), I couldn't test when her power is limited, aside I came up with the same things regardless, the very " Murderer of Miracles" she claim to be when alone and less when surrounded ... Honestly I think half of my current battle is dealing with her when she's alone (at lv 70)... have a victory rate of 60%.when alone against 90% when surrounded.

      You're welcome, I did try to do the same ... until I notice that each time I used Carol alone I was somehow increasing chance to fight a solo Carol as my next opponent. so I stick with my special team with a surrounded Carol and betting on the EX move when in dire situation.

      On this Hope you will be able to at least get a Carol.

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    • Well, On my side I'm glad to say that despite having my team beaten to worse than death 93 times by Carol ... I manage to reach the 12000 points mark.
      I'm certainly not looking forward for next month Challenge Cup.

      How is it on both your side ?

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    • 9,077 Points my side with 61% win rate....not pretty, but just need less then 3k to get that last copy.

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    • Just received 1 copy of Carol yesterday. 8749 points now. 49% win rate with 662 times (337 failed).

      Was experimenting along the way too. For now, am using a sneaking way, where I put Carol as EX, while Swimsuit Caglistro as 1 of the team member, when she nearly done, I had to be fast for this case, to press EX, then sent Carol to finish my opponent off, if they are weak enough.

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    • .....50 points.....

      50 points........

      I was 50 points away from the second copy......

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    • Challenge Cup 39 Team
      That was my main team during the event, a good percentage of victory from the fact that I often choose to skip fight when I was not on a victory streak.
      And no Airastorm, it not a sneaky way, they introduced the EX move knowing that the EX card can got damage bonus from 250% to 275% when supported by 5 lvl 70 (original 5 star) ... It's honestly how I beat Carol when she was alone; my EX Chris was one shoting her (and anyone with her) with damages over than 9000 (I'm serious).

      @Blazewind; I so feel you, it often happened to me on several occasion and different level in the game ... missing the chance of free gems, items and even free gacha, I really wanted to stop you when seeing your previous message but knew you surely still keep up at that time ...50 points ... it's like 3 victory ... 10 minutes.

      Hopefully a better chance next month ... at least there will be no more overpowered Carol.

      I just notice that our free Carol got the initial number 2015 to 2019 fully awakened ... her date of apparition in GX and reapparition in XV ... Coincidence ? Don't think so.

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    • 50 Points, how do I get so close........yet was just 50 points.....50 points.

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    • Yukibana wrote: my EX Chris was one shoting her (and anyone with her) with damages over than 9000 (I'm serious).

      Wow... I'm amazed. Anyway, which Chris you using?
      Edit: Oops... Just realized the photo. My bad. But that Chris is super duper powerful. And I don't have that copy. Sadly. Currently Jade Echo, GRATEFUL DEMISERAY and Sacred Punishment are the powerful trio... But I don't have them... Too bad.

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