• What is the changes made to their effects and does it make them better?

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    • Sorry for the late reply

      So aside from the rise of their stats;

      Serena have now buff of DEF for her second skill and an ATK buff with her main skill

      And Chris got some damage additional added with opponent stunned or poisoned.

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    • So would say they could be worth running especially Chris gaining some bonus damage with a character like Kirika/Hibiki Unison or anyone else in stun meta.

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    • Unfortunatly ... not really, Chris deal far more damages to stun opponent than poisoned, And Kirika's Unison poison and paralyze.

      But since Chris can poisoned and stun with man skill, she is worth running, I also this feeling that they could be the next candidate for the super awakening.

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    • Ah her effect is more stunned based, I wish her kit could've been better.  Guess I am waiting for the next character to get update to kit either with that new gold aura thing or actually in game buff.  That or character that finally gets rid of this annoying paralyze meta that Kirika Unison and Afterglow Chris made together.  That or Carol, though I am unsure of what they could do make Carol important to the meta of PVP, what do you think?

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    • We should get a new event with the next update, and not a storyless event, so we should get a powerful card.

      I so agree with you the paralyze and the defuff of this card were the worst for me, now I currently have teams who are not easily parazyled so I don't mind her much.

      I think we will can get Carol event the soonest, mild September perhaps ...And let's not underestimate the strongest Alchemist, she will have some wicked ability and perhaps even a passive abilty who boost her damages against Symphogear Users or can just come back if killed.

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