This is Symphogear Wiki's manual of Style, it will act as a guide for editing and creating articles.

Page content

  • When something is not known about the character, do not add "unknown" to their infoboxes.
    • Likewise on the songs, if the song doesn't have a release date do not add it on the article. There is a reason why there aren't any release dates in the infoboxes.

WikiText style

  • Things like [[relic|relic]] and [[Relic|relic]] are pointless. Only [[relic]] should be used.
    • This also applies to links written to denote a plural: don't write the link as [[Relic|Relics]]; instead use [[Relic]]s.
    • Don't bypass redirects using things like [[Tsubasa Kazanari|Tsubasa]] make use of the redirect properly with [[Tsubasa]].

Style changes

We use the spelling that the official websites give us.

  • Do not change "Kanade Amou" to "Kanade Amō", "Kanade Amou" is the correct spelling.
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