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Current XDU Events
VS Event (Hibiki and Tsubasa Ver.) Nessei no Full Metal Arm
VS Event (Hibiki and Tsubasa Ver.) Event.jpg
Symphogear XDU Card 3091.jpgSymphogear XDU Card 3096.jpgSymphogear XDU Card 3097.jpg
Nessei no Full Metal Arm Event.jpg
Symphogear XDU Card 3074.jpgSymphogear XDU Card 3079.jpgSymphogear XDU Card 3084.jpg
Until November 30, 2021 Until November 30, 2021
Rerun Logo.png Golden Quartet Rerun Logo.png Gamera Dai Kaijū Zesshō
Golden Quartet Event.png
Symphogear XDU Card 3102.jpgSymphogear XDU Card 2796.jpgSymphogear XDU Card 2801.jpgSymphogear XDU Card 2806.jpg
Gamera Dai Kaijū Zesshō Poster.jpg
Symphogear XDU Card 2649.jpgSymphogear XDU Card 2654.jpgSymphogear XDU Card 2659.jpgSymphogear XDU Card 2664.jpg
Until November 30, 2021 Until November 30, 2021
Current Hexa Quests
All normal Hexa Quest are unlocked
All Hexa Quest except HARD Hexa Quest Unlocked.jpg
Symphogear XDU Card 1372.jpgSymphogear XDU Card 1362.jpgSymphogear XDU Card 1367.jpgSymphogear XDU Card 1428.jpgSymphogear XDU Card 1520.jpgSymphogear XDU Card 1612.jpg
Symphogear XDU Card 1417.jpgSymphogear XDU Card 1416.jpgSymphogear XDU Card 1614.jpgSymphogear XDU Card 2304.jpg
with no expiration.
Latest Releases


September 28, 2019 January 26, 2021
All 7 Symphogears.png
Symphogear G Blu-Ray Box English.jpg
XV Episode 13

Let's Make History with a Light That Even the Gods Don't Know
(神様も知らないヒカリで歴史を創ろう Kami-sama mo Shiranai Hikari de Rekishi wo Tsukurou?)

Senki Zesshō Symphogear G
Blu-ray Box


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