Symphogear Live 2012
Live 2012.png
Kanji シンフォギアライブ2012

Romaji Shinfogia Raibu 2012
Venue Zepp DiverCity
Schedule October 6, 2012
17:00 (Opening) / 18:00 (Live)
Ticket Price ¥4,900
Ticket Sale Schedule September 22, 2012
12:00 onwards
Appearance Aoi Yūki, Nana Mizuki, Ayahi Takagaki, Yuka Iguchi and Hideo Ishikawa
Blu-ray & DVD N/A
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Symphogear Live 2013

The Symphogear Live 2012 was an event that was held in the Zepp DiverCity.

Songs featured



  • The 2012 live was unfortunately not recorded officially, as there were no plans to release it on home video afterwards.
    • Since filming of the event was prohibited, no such footage exists from fans either.
  • However, the information of the live is mentioned an official report from the official site and the translation of the report can be found from this link.

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