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The Symphogear (シンフォギア Shinfogia?) or Symphogear System (シンフォギア・システム Shinfogia Shisutemu?),[1][2][3][4] commonly referred to as Gears (ギア Gia?), is a powerful armor used to combat the Noise. They are activated when its user sings a song to harmonize with a relic shard installed in a converter pendant. Symphogear users are called Candidates.


The concept of the Symphogear system

The Symphogear system's formal name is FG-Type Revolutionary Specialized Armor (FG式回天特機装束 FG-Shiki Kaiten Tokki Shōzoku?).[5] Based on the proposed Sakurai Theory from the Special Disaster Response Team Section Two's own technology expert, Ryoko Sakurai (in actuality Finé, who had possessed Ryōko's body at the time), "Symphogear" is the name of a special, counter-measure armor that was created through the phonic gain of unique relics. Having been developed with the use of multiple theories and technologies outside the realm of traditional science, it is currently the only existing weapon known to stop the world-wide disaster known as the Noise. However, to avoid conflict with current constitutional laws, its existence has been completely hidden to the public.

Able to respond to the synthetic vibration resonance created by the fighting spirit of the user, the Symphogear's greatest trait is its internal functionality to play a certain melody. By synchronizing that melody with the user through song, the Symphogear displays an incredibly high rate of battle potential.

The Symphogear itself plays the instrumentals and backing track of the song, and the lyrics naturally come to the wearers mind, and are based off their thoughts and feelings. When multiple users are in Unison, it can be assumed that the gears syncing up allows for the seamless duets and group songs.

Although the armor is able to absorb damage during battle, any sort of disruption of the song will result in a temporary dampening of its battle potential. At the moment, this is the only weakness that has been observed in the Symphogear system.

Model Number

Gungnir's Model Number

A Model Number (形式番号 Keishiki Bangō?) is an identification name inscribed on each Symphogear relic by developer, Ryoko Sakurai.[6]

SG is an abbreviation of Symphogear. With "r" means "regular" (レギュラー Regyurā?), "i" means "irregular" (イレギュラー Iregyurā?). These are assigned depending on the development process and environment of a Symphogear. "x" means "unidentified relic" (正体不明の聖遺物 Shōtai Fumei no Sēibutsu?), indicating that the Symphogear has been built using an unidentifiable Sacrist.

In addition, apostrophes can be added to the back of a Model Number to distinguish between separate Symphogears created from the same fragment of a Relic. Hibiki's Gungnir SG-r03' is the only Symphogear to carry this distinction, serving to distinguish it from Kanade's Gungnir SG-r03. The apostrophe bearing Symphogear will generally be the more recently developed one. The Rebuild system also seems to influence the Model Number of a Symphogear, as Hibiki later acquired Maria's undamaged Gungnir, which however also created an SG-r03' Gungnir Symphogear.[7][8]

When calling a Symphogear by its name, the Model Number will usually be omitted.

Regular Symphogears

These Symphogears has SG-r01, SG-r02 and SG-r03 as their model number.

Model Number Symphogear
SG-r01 Ame no Habakiri
SG-r02 Ichaival
SG-r03[Notes 1] Gungnir

Irregular Symphogears

These Symphogears have SG-i01, SG-i02, and SG-i03 as their model numbers.

Model Number Symphogear
SG-i01 Shul Shagana
SG-i02 Igalima
SG-i03 Shénshòujìng

Unidentified Symphogear

This Symphogear can not be identified and analyzed, therefore having SG-x00 as its model number.

Model Number Symphogear
SG-x00 Airgetlám


Kanade, Hibiki and Maria in their most recent Symphogear.

Over the course of the series, each user's Symphogear has gradually changed and evolved with time and usage. When a Symphogear has multiple users, its form and color scheme also changes which is unique to each user, an example of this case is being Gungnir.

In fact, the Symphogear system has 301,655,722 different varieties of locks applied to it. Depending on the user's level of ability and their personal battle style, there is a systematic progression of phases that the user will go through to release the locks.

The purpose of this setup is to adjust the Symphogear to the user's individual preferences, however it is also in place to reduce the strain put on the user's body as much as feasibly possible. In order to achieve this, and give the user a greater mastery of the system itself, it is essential that the user be trained with the device at an increasing difficulty and learn to operate it proficiently.[9]

Lapis Philosophorum

Dáinsleif being used to handle the strain of absorbing alchemical energy

During the final battle against Adam Weishaupt, the users attempted to absorb the power of Saint-Germain's Spellcaster. With the help of Elfnein diverting the strain to Dáinsleif, Hibiki used S2CA to absorb the energy and force a rebuild on their Symphogears.

Command of Last Ignition was used to rebuild their Symphogears

As a side effect of absorbing and being rebuilt in the light of the Philosopher's Stone, the gears were granted a temporary boost in power equal to that of the X-Drive. The intense aura that encompassed the gears during this was the energy of Dáinsleif itself as it slowly faded away in real time. When that aura disappeared it signaled the loss of one signature function of the system, the "Ignite Module."

The current iteration of the Symphogears, rebuilt by the red gleam of the Lapis Philosophorum, were contaminated by a foreign element outside of their original design specifications. This is assumed to be the inclusion of the Faust Robe's special characteristics. It was later discovered that the gears are now able to access the Amalgam form, a fusion between the Symphogear and a Faust Robe.

Design Evolutions

S1 G GX and AXZ XV
Ame no Habakiri Tsubasa Symphogear S1.png Tsubasa Symphogear G.png Tsubasa Kazanari Symphogear GX.png Tsubasa Symphogear XV.png
This Symphogear has gone through the most changes. In the time between the series prologue and the beginning of the main story, it gained additional armor plates on the shoulders and back, together with longer blades on either ankle, along with a majority of it becoming white. In G, her neck-fabric became smaller and more settled, and a whiter color scheme. During GX, Tsubasa gets a more turquoise color scheme on her outfit and some fabric on her hips are removed, exposing some skin and providing more movement. In XV,
Hibiki Symphogear S1.png Hibiki Gear G.png Hibiki Tachibana Symphogear GX.png Hibiki Symphogear XV.png
Between the first and second seasons, Hibiki's Gungnir had the pistons used for her punches replaced with much bigger rockets, thus eliminating the need for her to manually pull the pistons back for each attack and giving her a wider array of attacks. She also gains two long ribbons with gems on them, and a small yellow skirt. In GX, the entire gear becomes yellower in color and she loses the fabric on her torso, exposing more of her skin and resembles Kanade more. Her ribbons also become shorter and the skirt becomes more of a skort. In XV,
Ichaival Chris Symphogear S1.png Chris Season 2 Symphogear.png Chris Yukine Symphogear GX.png Chris Symphogear XV.png
Chris' gear used to have mostly brown-black and red color scheme, but in G she gets more white and ribbons on her shoes. The headgear grows bigger and covers more of her head as well. She also gains plates on her arms, allowing for crossbows to appear there and allowing more hand-movement. When Chris transforms in GX, the noticeable changes are the red has grown much brighter, and her shoes are now red too and have changed into thigh-high boots. In XV,
N/A Maria Symphogear G.png BlackGungnirGX.png N/A
Between the second and third season, Maria's deep violet cape was replaced with yellow waist scarf. The medium carmine color on her gear became bright orange.
Shul Shagana N/A Shirabe Symphogear G.png Shirabe Tsukuyomi Symphogear GX.png Shirabe Symphogear XV.png
Between the second and third season, Shirabe's hair-blades grew longer and pointed outwards, providing more defense. She also had the black sections of her gear replaced with white, and her arsenal was enhanced with a pair of razor-bladed yo-yo weapons. The color scheme becomes a brighter, and much lighter pink than before. In XV,
Igalima N/A Kirika Symphogear G.png Kirika Akatsuki Symphogear GX.png Kirika Symphogear XV.png
Kirika's gear had its black sections became white and the green parts became much lighter. Her helmet and shoulder-blades became green and much glossier, and gained high-heeled boots intend of just heels. Also, she gains a small four-pointed green star on each thigh. In XV,
Airgetlám N/A N/A Maria Cadenzavna Eve Smphogear GX.png Maria Symphogear XV.png
Between the GX and XV season, Maria gets a medium violet red color scheme on her outfit and her arm gear. The turquoise green knee pad became dark blue.


Other than giving the user a powerful armor used for combat, the Symphogear are capable of using different abilities.



Each user of the Symphogear are able to use specific attacks which is unique to their own fighting style. The users has also a unique name of their attacks, or for some users uses a symbol in their attack's names.

Superb Song

Main article: Superb Song

Kanade using her Superb Song

The Superb Song is the Symphogear's strongest, most explosive attack, it is normally used while the user is in a critical situation. The Symphogear is not enough to reduce the backfire or load on the body, even if the body has been enhanced.

Other Forms

Other than its default form, the Symphogear is known to change into various forms.


Main article: X-Drive

Hibiki's X-Drive form

Most Symphogears have a ultimate form called X-Drive form, where all of its limiters are released, giving the user immense power, capable of destroying a great amount of Noise at once. Depending on the number of limiters released, the armor may manifest in different forms under X-Drive mode. When active, the Symphogear gains white color scheme and enhanced design.

Ignite Module

Main article: Ignite Module

Hibiki's Ignite Module

With the use of the Dáinsleif relic and enhanced by Elfnein's alchemy, the Ignite Module grants the user a high increase in energy output and durability for a short period of time. It also utilizes the "Berserk" mechanism that had been analyzed after previously being observed in cases of sacrist/human fusions. When active, the Symphogear gains black and dark tones into the user's color scheme.


Main article: Amalgam

Hibiki's Amalgam

A form unlocked by accessing the hidden power of the Symphogears rebuilt by the Philosopher's Stone during the battle with Adam Weishaupt. It is a fusion of the Symphogear and a Faust Robe.

Burning X-Drive

The Symphogear users (excluding Maria) in their Burning X-Drive form

An alternate form of X-Drive (also the final form) where the user in Amalgam form and explosively detonated the user's Superb Song phonic gain. When active, the end of the user's hair glows.

Mental Imagery

Main article: Mental Imagery

Hibiki's Furisode Gear

In Senki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited, the Symphogears gains additional forms which is exclusive to the game only. It can be unlocked by accessing the hidden power of the Symphogears when in contact with enemies in respective events. The newly form gear is usually used to combat new enemies that surpass Symphogears' power.

Hibiki's Mjolnir Duorelic Gear

The Duorelic is an advance form of Mental Imagery, unlocked by fusing two types of relic into a gear.

Holy Chant

The Transformation Circle

In order to activate a Symphogear, the user must sing a specific melody which is referred as an holy chant (聖詠 Seiei?). The holy chants varies between the users, but some users can have the same chant. The chants can either end with "tron" or "zizzl".

Known Holy Chants and Users

Character Relic Holy Chant
Hibiki Tachibana
Gungnir Balwisyall nescell Gungnir tron
 File:Audio Info Icon.png
Tsubasa Kazanari
Ame no Habakiri Imyuteus Ame no Habakiri tron
 File:Audio Info Icon.png
Chris Yukine
Ichaival Killter Ichaival tron
 File:Audio Info Icon.png
Maria Cadenzavna Eve

Granzizel bilfen Gungnir zizzl
 File:Audio Info Icon.png

Seilien coffin Airgetlám tron
 File:Audio Info Icon.png
Shirabe Tsukuyomi
Shul Shagana Various Shul Shagana tron
 File:Audio Info Icon.png
Kirika Akatsuki
Igalima Zeios Igalima raizen tron
 File:Audio Info Icon.png
Kanade Amou
Gungnir Croitzal ronzell Gungnir zizzl
 File:Audio Info Icon.png
Miku Kohinata
Shénshòujìng Rei Shénshòujìng rei zizzl
 File:Audio Info Icon.png
Serena Cadenzavna Eve
Airgetlám Seilien coffin Airgetlám tron
 File:Audio Info Icon.png



  • The number of locks applied to the Symphogear, 301,655,722, is the "calculated" number of angels in Heaven according to medieval scholars.[10]
  • The Symphogear's holy chants are all composed and arranged by Noriyasu Agematsu, who also wrote their lyrics.
  • All holy chants used in the anime are available in the various soundtrack albums. Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris have two versions of their chants: one recorded for S1, and another re-recorded for use in G onwards.
    • Kanade's chant is titled Hito to Shishite mo, Senshi to Ikiru (人と死しても、戦士と生きる? "Even if People Die, Soldiers Live On").
    • Hibiki's chant is titled Sōshitsu Made no Countdown (喪失までのカウントダウン Sōshitsu Made no Kauntodaun?, "Countdown to Loss").
    • Tsubasa's chant is titled Habataki wa Surudoku, Kaze Kiru Gotoku (羽撃きは鋭く、風切る如く? "Flapping Wings Cut as Sharp as the Wind").
    • Chris' chant is titled Hikigane ni Kaketa Yubi de Yume wo Nazoru (銃爪にかけた指で夢をなぞる? "Following My Dream With a Finger on the Trigger").
    • Maria's chant for Gungnir is titled Afure Hajimeru Himeta Netsujō (溢れはじめる秘めた熱情? "My Hidden Passion Begins to Overflow").
    • Serena's chant is titled Nozomanu Chikara to Samishī Egao (望まぬ力と寂しい笑顔? "Unwanted Power and a Lonely Smile").
    • Miku's chant is titled Kagami ni Utsuru, Hikari mo Yami mo Nani mo Kamo (鏡に映る、光も闇も何もかも? "Light, Darkness, Anything and Everything is Reflected in the Mirror").
    • Shirabe's chant is titled Junshin wa Tsukitatsu Kiba to Nari (純心は突き立つ牙となり? "My Pure Heart Becomes Piercing Fangs").
    • Kirika's chant is titled Yoru wo Hikisaku Shokō no Gotoku (夜を引き裂く曙光のごとく? "Like the Dawn That Tears Through the Night").
    • Maria's chant for Airgetlám is titled Nozomi Tsukanda Chikara to Hokori Saku Egao (望み掴んだ力と誇り咲く笑顔? "Desired Power in My Grasp and a Smile Blooming Proudly").

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  1. Hibiki's Gungnir is designated SG-r03' to differentiate hers from Kanade's.