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Stephan Virena

RomajiSutefan Birēna
Character Information
NationalitySouth American
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
RelativesSonia Virena (Older sister)
AnimeAXZ Episode 1
GameSenki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Voice Actors
JapaneseAsuna Tomari

Stephan Virena (ステファン・ビレーナ Sutefan Birēna?) is a young boy from Val Verde, and Sonia Virena's younger brother. He is the oldest boy out of nine siblings; however, he is also the youngest of all his siblings.


  • "Stephan" is a Greek name meaning "garland", a type of crown.
  • "Virena" seems to derive from Latin "verus" which means "true".


As a result of being raised around nothing but older sisters, Stephan has a strong sense of justice and is always quick to act. He likes soccer and loves Japanese anime.[1]


Though Stephan's oldest sister, Sonia, used to be good friends with Chris Yukine and her family, Stephan does not appear to have been acquainted with the Yukine family in any way up until AXZ, so it can be assumed that he did not meet nor accompany the Yukine family during their travels around South America.



Stephan is dragged from his village to be forced to work physical labor at a chemical weapon plant by enemy forces. He is saved by the intervention of Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris, with Hibiki saving him directly from being crushed by falling debris. Stephan then informs the gear users of the commander's escape to the village, and drives them up there.

Stephan and the gear users arrive at the scene, to find the villagers, including Sonia, have become hostages of an Alca-Noise-wielding commander attempting to bargain with S.O.N.G. to avoid capture. Stephan gets caught by an Alca-Noise trying to intervene with the situation, leading to Chris shooting his leg off to save him from disintegrating entirely. Despite Sonia lashing out at Chris for this decision, Stephan himself seems to hold no ill will towards Chris for this.

Stephan later travels to Japan along with Sonia to get a prosthetic leg to replace his old one.



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