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Sonia Virena

RomajiSōnya Birēna
Character Information
NationalitySouth American
Hair ColorPurple
Eye ColorGreen
RelativesStephan Virena (Younger brother)
AnimeAXZ Episode 1
GameSenki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Voice Actors
JapaneseNatsumi Fujiwara
Sonia Virena (ソーニャ・ビレーナ Sōnya Birēna?) is a woman from Val Verde who worked together with the Yukine family in order to bring peace to the world through music. She is the oldest of nine siblings and currently serves as their mother figure.


  • "Sonia" is a Greek name meaning "wisdom".
  • "Virena" seems to derive from Latin "verus" which means "true".


Sonia has a fairly impatient personality and cannot even wait the few minutes required to make cup noodles.

In the past, Sonia shared the same dream as Masanori and Sonnet M. Yukine and supported them through volunteer work.[1]


Sonia used to be friends with Chris Yukine, with Chris looking up to her as an older sister, until Sonia's carelessness led to terrorists being able to sneak a bomb into the camp that the Yukine family were residing in. Masanori and Sonnet were killed, causing Chris to lash out at Sonia in hatred, blaming Sonia for killing her parents. Sonia and Chris were then separated in the chaos of the bombing by unknown means, and Chris was captured and sold into slavery by the terrorists. What became of Sonia herself until AXZ is unknown, but she appears to have been able to survive major harm; either way, it would be roughly nine years before Sonia and Chris would meet again.



Sonia and her family become hostages of an Alca-Noise-wielding commander attempting to bargain with S.O.N.G. to avoid capture. Stephan gets caught by an Alca-Noise trying to intervene with the situation, leading to Chris shooting his leg off to save him from disintegrating entirely. In the fallout of the attack, Sonia lashes out at Chris for making the choice to shoot off Stephan's leg, even though that choice saved his life, stating that just because Chris' choice was the correct one in the situation doesn't mean that Sonia had to like it.

Sonia later accompanies Stephan to Japan so he can get a prosthetic leg to replace his old one.



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