Solomon's Cane
Solomon's Cane

RomajiSoromon no Tsuē
AnimeEpisode 5
Relic Information
Chris Yukine
John Wayne Vercingetorix
Maria Cadenzavna Eve
Solomon's Cane (ソロモンの杖 Soromon no Tsuē?) is a complete relic that was sent from America for the purpose of research. Because it is under the possession of the mysterious blonde woman "Finé", it has never received a classification number from the Japanese government.

Solomon's Cane has already been activated by the energy created through the singing of Chris Yukine. However, America is not yet aware of this fact.


The key function of this relic is that it grants the ability to open a portal to the Treasury of Babylonia, where the Noise reside, and draw things in and out through the resulting gates. Thus the cane's wielder can summon Noise at will, and through the cane's additional features control them.

Even without the cane, Finé has the ability to summon the Noise to any specific location she desires. However, she cannot control the Noise by her power alone and thus far has simply allowed them to go on a rampage while making use of the disaster and panic they caused.

With Solomon's Cane the user can pick and choose from 72 various commands that make it possible to control the Noise, allowing them to execute complex and delicate maneuvers. The cane can also program the Noise with specific goals while they move about autonomously. All of these features allow for the Noise to be controlled in a systematic matter, making them an important part of tactics. There is an upper limit to how many Noise can be controlled at once, but this limit is extremely high and is only likely to be encountered if one is actually inside the Treasury of Babylonia itself.

By combining Solomon's Cane with the Nehushtan Armor it's possible for a user to merge together with large numbers of Noise into a beast resembling the Red Dragon of Revelations, but it's unknown if this is a feature of the relics or an ability unique to Finé.

Considering the fact that Solomon's Cane can directly control the Noise, there is then evidence that a relationship exists between the Noise disasters and the relics themselves (or perhaps the prehistoric civilizations that created the relics).

During Senki Zesshō Symphogear G, Solomon's Cane was used extensively by Dr. Ver until being stolen by Chris Yukine, who used it to open an enormous portal to the Treasury of Babylonia in order to dispose of the Nephilim. The cane itself was thrown back into the Treasury by Miku Kohinata, where it may have subsequently been destroyed by the explosion of the Nephilim within, but its destruction was not confirmed on-screen.



  • "Solomon's Cane" is the official name for the relic, being said in English in Senki Zesshō Symphogear Episode 5.
    • Despite this, Crunchyroll translates the name as "[The] Staff of Solomon".
  • In the Riron Taikei fan book, a Symphogear variant of the relic is featured with Chris as its user.
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