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Kanji 月読 調

Romaji Tsukuyomi Shirabe
Character Information
Age 15 (GX-XV)[1][2][3]
Birthday February 16, 2029[4]
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Gender Female
Height 152cm[1]
Three Sizes B72/W53/H76
Blood Type A[1]
Nationality Japanese
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Pink
Relic Shul Shagana
Theme Color Pink
Affiliation F.I.S. (Formerly)
Relatives Finé (Ancestor, †)
Anime G Episode 1
Game Senki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Voice Actors
Japanese Yoshino Nanjō

Shirabe Tsukuyomi (月読 調 Tsukuyomi Shirabe?) is one of the six main characters of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear series. Introduced as an antagonist, Shirabe later becomes one of the six protagonists of the series.

She is a Symphogear user who wields the Shul Shagana relic. She was also the latest reincarnation of Finé prior to Finé's death.[5]

Additionally, Shirabe is the star of the slice-of-life spin-off manga, Senki Kanshoku Symphogear ~Shirabe Meshi~, where she cooks meals for the Symphogear cast.


Shirabe (調?) - Means "Tune".

Tsukuyomi (月読?) - Means "Moon Reading". It is also short for the name of the Shinto moon god, Tsukuyomi no Mikoto.


Shirabe has light pink eyes with long, straight black hair in a hime cut. Her hair is worn in pig-tails tied with pink & purple ribbons.

In G, She is most often seen wearing a pink and black long sleeved dress with dark pink stockings and black boots. When briefly possessed by Finé, she gains her distinctive golden serpentine eyes.[6]

In GX, Shirabe wears a pastel pink and black, lolita-style dress with short puffy sleeves and a pink ribbon around her waist tied into a bow on the back. She also wears black & pink stockings with white mary janes decorated with bows.

In AXZ, Shirabe wears a white, pink & purple sailor-style dress with a pink bow on her right hip and a pair of bubblegum pink thigh-highs with white & pink ankle boots.


Shirabe is a quiet and reserved, yet passionate and stubborn young girl. She is fiercely protective of who and what she holds dear, particularly Kirika. She claims to not be good at talking to other people, so she intentionally avoids getting too close to people who aren't Kirika.


At a very young age, Shirabe was caught in a traffic accident that took both her parents' lives, and she was the only survivor. Due to that accident, she lost most of her memories and any documents that explained who she was.[7] Shirabe was then kidnapped by the F.I.S. and placed in the White Orphanage, as one of the Receptor Children who could potentially host Finé's soul. Her current name of 'Shirabe Tsukuyomi' was given to her by the FIS, as Shirabe could not remember how the kanji of her name was originally read; AXZ Episode 9 implies her first name was originally read as 'Tsuki'.

After the death of Ryōko Sakurai during season 1, the FIS attempted to determine if Finé had revived in any of the Receptor Children, but were unable to do so. They then planned to dispose of the project, but due to an armed uprising led by Nastassja — with the help of funding provided by the Bavarian Illuminati — the existence of the confined Receptor Children was brought to light. In fear of criticism from the international community, the US government quickly changed their tune and arranged for the children to be released of their own will or provided shelter. At this point, Maria, Shirabe, and Kirika joined with Nastassja and Dr. Ver in order to stop the fall of the Moon.


Symphogear G

Symphogear GX

Symphogear AXZ

Symphogear XV

Attacks and Abilities

Holy Chant

Various Shul Shagana tron



Shirabe owns the Relic Shul Shagana. As a candidate for the Symphogear, she has the ability to fight Noise with the use of the anti-Noise armour that clads her in battle. However, she requires LiNKER to do so.

Her Armed Gear is unusual in that it is not hand-carried, but rather consists of buzz saw discs of varying sizes hidden in the rabbit ear-like compartments on her head. In addition to this, Shirabe's boots each contain a buzz saw-like wheel which she can use as roller blades. As of the third season, her arsenal has been augmented with a pair of razor blade yo-yos, and even the skirt on her armor has been shown to be capable of being used as a buzzsaw.

As one of Finé's descendants Shirabe is able to form barriers called "Asgard" as a means of protection. However, this ability was most likely lost when Finé sacrificed her soul to prevent Shirabe from dying of a fatal wound.


  • Alpha Style: 100 Saṃsāra (α式・百輪廻 Arufa-Shiki: Hyaku Rinne?) - Hundreds of small saw blades are fired from Shirabe's compartments.
  • Beta Style: Giant Saw Judgement (β式・巨円断 β-Shiki: Kyoen Dan?) - She combines armed gear into a massive buzzsaw that she can use to attack her opponent from a distance.
  • Beta Style: Prison Thread Dance (β式・獄糸乱舞 β-Shiki: Gokuito Ranbu?)
  • Beta Style: Massive Tri-Circle (β式・大三巨輪 β-Shiki: Daisan Kyorin?)
  • Delta Style: Charming Axel Killer (Δ式・艶殺アクセル Deruta-Shiki: Ensatsu Akuseru?) - She spins at high speed, and the skirt on her armor becomes a buzzsaw.
  • Emergency Phi Style: Twin Moon Karma (緊急Φ式・双月カルマ Kinkyū Fai-Shiki: Sōgetsu Karuma?) - Each of Shul Shugana's large buzz saws transforms into a helicopter rotor which arrange themselves to place one above and one below Shirabe, providing protection as well as allowing her to fly and use herself as a ramming weapon.
  • Extreme Sigma Style: Forbidden Full Moon (非常Σ式・禁月輪 Hijō Sigma-Shiki: Kin Getsurin?) - Both of Shul Shugana's large buzz saws combine into a large mono wheel vehicle which Shirabe can use for transportation or to ride into an opponent.
  • Final Omega Style: Dystopia (終Ω式・ディストピア Tsui Omega-Shiki: Disutopia?) - Only usable in X-Drive, this attack transforms most of Shul Shugana's armor into a giant robot armed with buzz saw arms and bladed ears, which she pilots from a motorcycle-style cockpit on its head.
  • Final Omega Style: Linked Light Slash (終Ω式・連環墜光斬 Tsui Omega-Shiki: Renkantsui Kōzan?)[8] -
  • Forbidden Wheel Blade: Zababa Moonbow (禁掃輪刃・Zぁ破刃M迂兎雲忘 Kinsou Rinba Zababa Mūnbou?)[8] -
  • Forbidden End Final Omega Style: Shining Machine†TRINITY (禁結終Ω式・爍機†TRINITY Kin Yui Tsui Omega-Shiki: Hika-ruki†TRINITY?)[8] -
  • Forbidden Wheel of Evil: ZABABA Eclipse (禁殺邪輪・Zあ破刃エクLィプssSS Kin Setsu Ja Rin: Zababa Ekuripusu?) - A combination attack with Kirika. While Shirabe uses Extreme Σ Style: Forbidden Full Moon, Kirika uses The Slasher: Jabberwock from the other side of the enemy, allowing them both to slice through the enemy simultaneously while the enemy is bound, with Kirika using her pauldrons to grab Shirabe and pull on her in order to speed both of them up.
  • Gamma Style: Friction Blades (γ式・裂擦刃 Ganma-Shiki: Retsukosuzan?)[8] - Shirabe unfold the Armed Gears of her twin-tail to reveal two buzzsaws to fight against her opponent.
  • Gamma Style: Swastika Kasha (γ式・卍火車 Ganma-Shiki: Manji Kasha?) - Shirabe's compartments unfold into a pair of waldo arms each ending in one massive buzz saw capable of being used as a shield. These buzz saws can be launched as much larger versions of Alpha Style 100 Rebirths' projectile. Almost all of Shirabe's other attacks extend from this one.
  • Lambda Style: Twin Blade Cross (Λ式・雙刃クロス Ramuda-Shiki: Sōzan Kurosu?)[8] - Shirabe's Superb Song, by transforming each of her arms and legs into giant buzzsaws, Shirabe is able to fend herself against Kirika's fierce attacks.
    She describes it as an immense strike along a fixed trajectory, effective against immobile or barely moving opponents.
  • Polyfilm Scissor Love Dreams (ポリフィリム鋏恋夢 Porifirimu Hasami Koi Yume?) -
  • Prohibited Fitting Beta Style: ZABABA Sun and Moon (禁合β式・Zあ破刃惨無uうNN Kin Gou Bēta-Shiki: Zababa San Mūn?)
  • Reverse Gamma Style: Reckless Swastika Finish (裏γ式・滅多卍切 Ura Ganma-Shiki: Metta Manji Giri?) - A doubled version of Gamma Style Infinite Firewheels, with each compartment splitting into two so that Shirabe can wield four buzz saws at once.
  • Sigma Style: Giant Blade's Fall (Σ式・降下巨刃 Sigma-Shiki: Kōka Kyozan?)[8] - Used in cooperation with Kirika's Wicked Leg: Gulliver, Shirabe jumps in the air, hand linked to Kirika's, unfolds the Gear of her leg to release a giant buzzsaw, crashing on her Saint-Germain's barrier.
  • Swift Union of Wind and Moon (風月ノ疾双 Fūgetsu no Shissō?) -
  • Vitalization - A six-member combination attack accessible only in X-Drive, which forms a pair of large arms out of Gungnir and Airgetlám's armor components that deliver a combined punch fueled by the energy of all six Symphogears.

  • Alpha Style: Crescent Moon Slashing Halo (α式・弧月斬光輪 Arufa-Shiki: Kogetsuzan Kōrin?) -
  • Alpha Style: Giant Blade Saṃsāra (α式・巨刃輪廻 Arufa-Shiki: Kyozan Rinne?) - Shirabe jumps in the air, unfolding the Armed Gear of her twin-tail to throw many circulars saws, which combines together to form a bigger one, landing behind her target, she then skates away from her to avoid being hit by her own attack.
  • Alpha Style: Glide Guillotine (A式・滑空ギロチン A-Shiki: Kakkū Girochin?) -
  • Beta Style: Spiral Wave (β式・廻旋波 Bēta-Shiki: Kaisenha?) - Shirabe launches forwards her Armed Gears, creating two shockwaves rushing toward her target.
  • Beta Style: Super Giant Saw Throwing (β式・超巨円投断 Bēta-Shiki: Chō Kyoentō Dan?) - Shirabe combines her Armed Gears before launching them in the air to create a giant buzzsaw, she then throw it toward her targets, crushing them in a explosion.
  • Beta Style: Twin Shift Collision (β式・双転衝磨 Bēta-Shiki: Sōten Shōma?) -
  • Beta Style: Violent Helixs Collision (β式・螺旋烈衝斬 Bēta-Shiki: Rasen Retsu Kuzan?) - In her Ignited form, Shirabe launches her Armed Gears, transforming into big buzzsaws and hitting her targets four times before rising in the air, combining into a giant buzzsaw and crashing down on the targets.
  • Delta Style: Flying Axel Killer (Δ式・飛殺アクセ Deruta-Shiki: Hisatsu Akuseru?) - Shirabe extend the hem of her skirt, forming a buzzsaw, before creating a ring-formed shockwave, rushing toward a her targets.
  • Extreme Sigma Style: Forbidden Spherical Halo (非常Σ式・禁球光輪 Hijō Sigma-Shiki: Kin Kyū Kōrin?) - Shirabe rides her monowheel, ignited it, becoming a giant fireball performing many zigzags, to finally percutes her targets, leaving them in a explosion.
  • Final Alpha Style: Saṃsāra Soaring (終α式・天翔輪廻 Tsui Arufa-Shiki: Tenshō Rinne?) - With her X-Drive, Shirabe flaps her wings, dispersing feathers around her before they transforms in circular saws, she then launches them toward her targets, cuttings them before a larger one crashs into them, creating a explosion.
  • Final Alpha Style: Soaring Funeral Light Blade (終α式・天翔光刃葬 Tsui Arufa-Shiki: Tenshō Kōjinsō?)
  • Final Beta Style: Slashing Steel's Web (終β式・縛戒斬鋼 Tsui Bēta-Shiki: Bakukai Zankō?) - Shirabe jumps into air before throwing her Armed Gears toward her target, creating a web trapping and cutting her.
  • Gamma Style: Extreme Color Huge Moth (γ式・極彩巨蛾 Ganma-Shiki: Gokusai Kyoga?) -
  • Gamma Style: Miserable Slash (γ式・惨華斬裂 Ganma-Shiki: Mugoka Zanretsu?) -
  • Gamma Style: Turbulence (γ式・タービュランス Ganma-Shiki: Tābyuransu?) -
  • Murderous Chi Style: Awanami's Sweeping Phantasm (殺X式・灑掃幻泡波 Satsu Kai-Shiki: Saisō Maboroshi Awanami?) - Shirabe covers her targets of foam, before lauching her Armed Gear towards them, it then multiplied before circling the targets, covering them with more foam, Shirabe then throws a kiss, hitting the targets with it.
  • Murderous Chi Style: Blowing Wheel (殺Χ式・裂風残車輪 Satsu Kai-Shiki: Reppū Zan Sharin?) - Shirabe throws her Armed Gear, which then multiplied into four, before striking their targets.
  • Murderous Chi Style: Mischief's Transfiguration (殺X式・悪戯変化 Satsu Kai-Shiki: Itazura Henka?)
  • Murderous Chi Style: Sand's Sneak Assault (殺X式・砂潜急襲断 Satsu Kai-Shiki: Shasen Kyūshū Dan?)
  • Pi Style: Ice Blade Performance (π式・氷刃演武 Pai-Shiki: Hyōjin Enbu?) - Shirabe ice skates around her target while throwing her Armed Gear at him, make a final spin before posing, displaying a drawing of Kirika's face with her catch phrase " Desu " on the ice below the target, before it illuminated.
  • Special Equipment Alpha Style: Heavy Slicing Feathers (特装α式・重断切羽 Tokusō Arufa-Shiki: Jūdan Seppa?)
  • Theta Style: Dragon's Judgement Summoning (θ式・竜撃喚断 Tēta-Shiki: Ryūgeki Kandan?) - Shirabe conjures four spheres of energy that flies toward the sky, before fusing together, taking the silhouette of a dragon that come crashing on her target twice.
  • Theta Style: Pastel Palette (Θ式・パステルパレット Tēta-Shiki: Pasuteru Paretto?)
  • Theta Style: Water Games (θ式・水輪遊戯 Tēta-Shiki: Mizurin Yūgi?) - Shirabe summon an enormous wave she ride with her buoy, before it come crashing on her targets.
  • Theta Style: White Rabbit's Exorcism (θ式・邪祓白兎 Tēta-Shiki: Jabara Shirousagi?)
  • Twin Beta Style: Consecutive Execution Blade (双β式・連刑断刃 Futa Bēta-Shiki: Renkei Danjin?)


  • Shirabe's battle song genre is techno rock.
  • Shirabe uses Japanese and Greek titles for her attack names.
  • Shirabe and Ryōko Sakurai's hairstyle are similar to Finé's.
  • Shirabe appears to be a great cook. She seemed to in charge of the cooking for the FIS group during G, and in AXZ, she cooks a large assortment of dishes for Hibiki's birthday.
  • Her Holy Chant in G and GX is captioned as "Fallian Shul Shagana Tron" in Crunchyroll's subtitles. This was later corrected in the following seasons.
  • Kirika and Shirabe's insert songs make a lot of reference to each other. Specifically:
    • "Singing the melody" (Original Japanese: Shirabe utau): 'Uta' ('to sing' or 'a song') is the alternate pronunciation of '歌', which is the second kanji in Kirika's name. 'Shirabe' (調, meaning 'melody') is the very same word in Shirabe's name.
    • "The two of us are (like) the Sun and Moon": Kirika's last name Akatsuki (暁)'s left radical is 日, which means "sun". Shirabe's last name Tsukuyomi (月読) on the other hand contains the radical 月, which means "moon".
    • There's also multiple occurrences of the phrase "I wish to tell you 'I love you'", which is exactly what the two did in G Episode 11, G Episode 12, and GX Episode 8.
  • Shirabe became a Symphogear user when she was only twelve years old, and she met Kirika when she was thirteen.[citation needed]
  • Both she and Kirika make a cameo appearance in the anime White Album 2.
  • Her seiyuu, Yoshino Nanjo, is also the seiyuu for Eli Ayase from Love Live!


  • "この世界にはあなたのような偽善者が多すぎる/There are too many hypocrites like you in this world" - Season 2, Episode 2
  • "助けたのは、あなたのためじゃない/I didn't help because of you" - Season 2, Episode 4
  • (To Kirika) "But she doesn't lie about herself! She lives as her heart wills, and she shines so brightly that I'm envious." - Season 2, Episode 11
  • (To Kirika) "In that case, I will try even harder to stop you. For not tainted you any further. For Protect My Dear Kiri-chan." - Season 2, Episode 12
  • (To Kirika) "Those few you manage to save the doctor's way will feel the same loss as I do! Who would want to live on in a world like that? I can't sing for that ideal!" - G Episode 12
  • (To Kirika) "You don't understand! The world of which I dream can't exist without you! I don't want a world that forces solitude on people!" - G Episode 12
  • (To Hibiki) "I want to believe that you're more than just a hypocrite. So while I'm here, show me first-hand what saving people means to you. Show us." - G Episode 13
  • (To Kirika) "I don't want my embarrassing side get seen by another person except Kiri-Chan." - GX Episode 5
  • (To Kirika) "I can't run and leave Kiri-chan. My life is The life saved by Kiri-chan. For saving Kiri-chan, I will use all of it." - GX Episode 5
  • (To Kirika) "Thank you. It's all always the truth" - GX Episode 8

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