Shinji Ogawa
Shinji Ogawa Casual
Kanji緒川 慎次

RomajiOgawa Shinji
Character Information
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorYellow
AnimeEpisode 1
GameSenki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Voice Actors
JapaneseSōichirō Hoshi

Shinji Ogawa (緒川 慎次 Ogawa Shinji?) is one of the agents of the S.O.N.G. and Tsubasa Kazanari's manager.


Shinji (慎次) - The kanji mean "humble" and "next" respectively.

Ogawa (緒川) - His name means "small river".


Shinji has short brown hair and eyes. He is always seen wearing a black suit with a black tie and white collared shirt. While acting as Tsubasa's manager, he is seen wearing glasses along with his usual attire.


He is a very calm and quiet person. He lost his parents when he was young. His father worked for Genjuro Agency. He is very trustful and believes in Tsubasa and his comrades.


Season 1

Shinji is first seen in Episode 2 placing handcuffs on Hibiki as a protective measure to escort her to the Mobile Disaster Response Corps. He displays his access pass and allows the elevator to ride down to the headquarters. He tells Hibiki to hang on before the elevator descends. Shinji laughs nervously at the sight of the welcome party for Hibiki. After Tsubasa asks him to, he removes the cuffs on Hibiki.

Manager Shinji

Shinji acting as Tsubasa's manager

In Episode 3, Shinji gives Hibiki her first business card as he is now revealed as Tsubasa's manager in the public eye. He and Tsubasa leave shortly after to attend a meeting about her album. As they walk down the hall, he speaks to her about the live performance scheduled for the end of the month as he asks her to make more time for rehearsals. He then goes on to speak about the English record company. Tsubasa tells him to refuse their offer, he asks if she is angry and she denies it. As she continues to walk, he hurries to catch up.

In Episode 4, he talks to Hibiki as he buys drinks from a vending machine. He hands one to Hibiki and continues to talk about Tsubasa and Kanade. He explains the use and effects of the Zesshou to Hibiki. As she cries, he comforts her and asks her not to hate Tsubasa.

In Episode 5, Shinji shows up and informs Hibiki of Tsubasa's stabilisation and to give her a pep talk. As Hibiki leaves, Shinji comments that he wished Tsubasa was more honest with her emotions like Hibiki.

Shinji calls Hibiki in Episode 6, asking her to take on something for him as he was tied up with another assignment that seemed like a raid.

Shinji shows up to take the Flower owner off Hibiki's hands while she runs off to find the Noise in Episode 8. He appears later to return Miku's bag back to her.

Ogawa being punched by Ryoko

Shinji being punched by Ryoko

Shinji comments that he would appreciate it if Ryoko didn't like that he wasn't present after her comment about a girl's talk in Episode 9. He makes a brief comment about the girls before being punched in the face by Ryoko. He is then kicked in the face by Ryoko for another comment. Later on Shinji comments that Tsubasa's rehearsal went well and introduces her to Tony Glazer, the producer for Metro Music and the man that wanted to take Tsubasa to the international stage.

Symphogear G

Symphogear GX

Symphogear AXZ

Attacks & Abilities

Although not a relic user, Shinji's ninja training makes him capable of various superhuman feats including illusory movements and running on water. He is also seen to be a very proficient fighter and has very accurate aiming with his gun.


  • Shadow Weaving (影縫い Kagenui?) - Shinji curves the trajectory of a bullet so that it pierces his target's shadow, which disables all of their movements. With great effort, it is possible to still make small movements while bound.
  • Ninja Technique: Car Clone (忍法車分身 Ninpō-sha Bunshin?) - Shinji clone his car into 3 cars to avoid Vanessa's Collider attack.


  • While Shinji's status as a ninja is only directly addressed in the keywords, he uses several ninja techniques during the last act of Symphogear G.
  • Shinji is the one who taught Tsubasa the Shadow Weave technique.
  • He often calls Tsubasa by her full name or just adding "-san" at the end of her name.
  • Tsubasa seems to know Shinji very well. She knows what is happening when he takes off his glasses, she seems to feel when he is close and she knows what action he is going to do, especially when he is sermonizing her about her fate as a singer.
  • After Kanade's death, Shinji become the closest person to Tsubasa, and the person she puts almost all her trust in.
  • In the first season, Tsubasa explicitly stated that it's usually Shinji who takes care of cleaning up her room. She did not realize this to be embarrassing until Hibiki pointed out that she is letting a guy take care of her underwear. Even so, there were no indication that this changed in the second season.
  • His ninja skills and ability to use the Shadow Weave technique is most likely a reference to the Nara Clan from the Naruto series, as they are a clan of ninjas who have a bloodline that revolves around shadow manipulation. As the Shadow Weave technique is most likely based from the Shadow Imitation Shuriken Technique.
  • He is named after the Japanese voice actor, Shinji Ogawa.


"I don't believe you can sing without emotions."- (Episode 3)


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