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Shenshoujing relic pieces.png
Kanji シェンショウジン

Romaji Shenshōjin
Anime G Episode 9
Game Senki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Relic Information
User Miku Kohinata
Shem-Ha Mephorash
Armed Gear Folding fan

Shénshòujìng (シェンショウジン Shenshōjin?) is a mirror Relic whose fragment is used for the short-lived Symphogear of Miku Kohinata. Its model number is SG-i03.[1]

In Senki Zesshō Symphogear XV, Vanessa Diodati used fragments of Shénshòujìng to create a Faust Robe for Shem-Ha Mephorash, to control her once she possessed the body of Miku.


Shinjūkyō (神獣鏡? lit. "God Beast Mirror") is an ancient type of round bronze mirror decorated with images of gods and animals from Chinese mythology. The obverse side has a polished mirror and the reverse has relief representations of legendary Chinese shen (? "spirit; god"), xian (? transcendent; immortal"), and legendary creatures.[2]


Finé as Ryōko holding the Shénshòujìng.

During the relic excavation at Mt. Minakami in Nagano that Kanade's family died in, Finé found and left a fragment of the Shénshòujìng in the care of the US government. The mirror relic, Shénshòujìng, was originally developed under the assumption it would be worn by a user.

But with the absence of a linked user and the fact that it could be utilized by the FIS's mechanical control process, it was led to being equipped to the Air Carrier using mechanical methods that were derived from the Symphogear system, where the Shénshòujìng enabled stealth capabilities in addition to acting as the source of power for the remover ray that can invalidate the power of relics.



Symphogear G

Miku in her Symphogear

Dr. Ver later equips the kidnapped Miku with the Shénshòujìng during the ship battle with Special Disaster Response Team Section Two. Miku was given LiNKER for compatibility, and several battle programs were entered into her brain through the Shénshòujìng's direct feedback system to help her fight. Miku using the Shénshòujìng was initially an awkward fighter against the much more skilled Chris Yukine, but became a more fearsome foe once she began to sing and fired her relic-destroying beam, proving powerful enough to overcome Chris' Reflector ability that once withstood the Kadingir's fire. Miku managed to match Hibiki better in skill and agility during their own fight, until Miku's realization that her fighting was killing Hibiki via proxy of Gungnir cut her short and allowed Hibiki the opportunity to pull Miku into the path of the Shénshòujìng's beam.

Although Miku successfully activates the Frontier with the Shénshòujìng's beam with Maria's assistance, the Shénshòujìng was destroyed by its own beam along with Hibiki's Gungnir fragments in their battle.

Symphogear XV

Shem-Ha (in Miku's body) in her Faust Robe

Shénshòujìng reappears in Senki Zesshō Symphogear XV, used as a Faust Robe for Miku after she is absorbed into the divine power released by the Vambrace of Shem-Ha. This Faust Robe was created by Vanessa Diodati after she stole remaining fragments of Shénshòujìng from the Los Alamos National Laboratory. It was created not to be a combat weapon, but to help restrain and control Shem-Ha.[3] However, not only it able to restraint her, but it also allowed her to use the Faust Robe to burden the Symphogear with its ability to destroy relics.


Shénshòujìng's ability in an attempt to destroy Ichaival with its beams

Like all mirrors, the Shénshòujìng's special properties are based on its ability to reflect light. One of those properties, "Wizardry Stealth", can not only make the helicopter invisible, but also give off oscillations that cut off its signal from any enemy monitoring equipment.

In ancient times, the mirror was said to have the properties of driving away curses and purifying bad luck. As a result, the Shénshòujìng has the ability to destroy relics with its beams.

As a mirror, its most potent and basic ability is projecting a brilliant radiance and reflecting back an "ideal form". The mirror's most important role is releasing the sealed Frontier that lies in the middle of the ocean. However, that is not an easy task, as mechanically amplifying its power is an imperfect implementation of the relic; however, the Shénshòujìng Symphogear equipped by a human proves to be able to remove the seal the Frontier.

The special function of the Shénshòujìng Symphogear is its "direct feedback system". Functioning similarly to a mirror, this system has the ability to project images and information directly into the brain of its user. If you take a previously-prepared program and install it, even a user with a very weak battle sense will mechanically have their potential upgraded and for a short time be enabled to fight rationally with their battle power significantly enhanced.

However, this ability to directly project images and information into the brain is controlled by a third-party. They can enter in whatever information they like, overriding the user's own personality and utilizing the Symphogear as a brainwashing tool, thereby making it significantly dangerous to use normally.

Compared to the Ame no Habakiri, Ichaival, Shul Shagana, and Igalima, the Shénshòujìng was created from a sacred relic that is several levels inferior to the others, and thereby, inevitably, part of its characteristics are lower specs.

It was for this reason that it was integrated into the Air Carrier to function as the power source for Wizardry Stealth; however, the free-thinking Dr. Ver once again led it on the path of a Symphogear that encases the mind and body of its user.

The strong feelings of Miku, who wanted to "prevent her precious friend Hibiki from fighting, so that the fusion with Gungnir will not spread any further", were warped by the mirror's property of reflecting an ideal form by utilizing "exorcism of curses" and amplified its manifestation to the point where it became able to eradicate the base power of relics themselves. Furthermore, the electromagnetic force of the light brought forth by the mirror's ability to emit an overwhelming radiance, combined with the Biefield-Brown effect, granted the Symphogear the ability of flight implemented as an ionocraft.

Even with its low specs, having abilities which deviate from its mirror base, including others that have been omitted at this point, makes it so when fighting against other relics, the Shénshòujìng has an overwhelming killing potential and a flight ability that is unmatched. Despite being the weakest, it is the Symphogear utilized as a supreme evil, literally a "distorted mirror".[4]

Holy Chant

Rei Shénshòujìng rei zizzl


Battle Songs




Senki zesshou symphogear g miku transformation


  • Crunchyroll's translation names the relic "Shenshoujin". Fansubs use "Shenshou Jing" or "Shen Shou Jing".
  • The Shénshòujìng reappears in the XDU event Kageri Saku Senkō, where Miku gains an X-Drive form for the Symphogear.
  • Shénshòujìng is the only relic used to create both a Symphogear and a Faust Robe.