Serena Cadenzavna Eve

Serena G



RomajiSerena Kadentsavuna Ivu
Character Information
BirthdayOctober 15, 2024[2]
Zodiac SignLibra
Three SizesB70/W54/H76[2]
Blood TypeAB[2]
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorTeal
Theme Color White
RelativesMaria Cadenzavna Eve (Older sister)
Finé (Ancestor, †)
AnimeG Episode 1
GameSenki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Voice Actors
JapaneseYui Horie

Serena Cadenzavna Eve (セレナ・カデンツァヴナ・イヴ Serena Kadentsavuna Ivu?) was the late sister of Maria Cadenzavna Eve.

She was a Symphogear user who wielded the Airgetlám relic before her death prior to the beginning of the series.


Serena (セレナ?) - Means ready and calm from the latin name "Serenus". The name may also come from the Greek "Siren" with the same meaning. Serena also means "alarm/song" in Romanian.

Cadenzavna (カデンツァヴナ?) - is a family name which implements Polish grammar, in which female names end in "a" (example: Kowalswa, Skladowska) and male in "i" (example: Kolski, Skladowski). This comes from the Italian word Cadenza which is a form of music that is usually played or sung solo.

Eve (イヴ?) - English name originating from Hebrew, meaning "life" or "living one". It is most famously known as the name of the Biblical Eve, the first woman and sinner who caused humanity to be expelled from the Garden of Eden.


Serena was a 13-year old girl who bears great resemblance to her older sister, Maria. She has warm brown hair reaching past her shoulders with light pink butterfly clips that surround the back of her head like a wreath. Her eyes are light blue. She wears a white dress with detached sleeves and yellow waist ribbons over a red shirt, complete with red tights and yellow shoes.

The relic she wore was Airgetlám. It was largely silver-white in color, with light yellow and blue accents.


Serena is Maria’s younger sister who successfully became a Symphogear user and displayed unparalleled talent. With her calm and gentle personality, she feels hesitant to use her gear’s power for the purpose of fighting. Her tender singing voice soothes Maria’s soul, and her smile has become the very foundation of Maria’s determination.


Serena and her sister Maria originally hail from Ukraine. They were constantly put at risk by the flames of war fanned by territorial and ethnic disputes in the region. Eventually, Maria and Serena lost their home and family in the wars and became vagrants, wandering aimlessly and huddling together to stay alive. Sometime later, they ended up in the White Orphanage as part of the Receptor Children project. During this time, Serena's song was used to activate the Nephilim.

Receptor children axz 6

Serena and the Nephilim fetus.

Six years prior to Symphogear G, Serena sacrificed herself in order to defeat the monster Nephilim she had awakened by using her superb song. Singing the superb song caused heavy damage to her body, and she was then killed when she was crushed by falling debris caused by the energy whiplash from her song.

In Video Games

An alternate version of Serena was introduced in the XDU event Innocent Sister. In this timeline, Maria wound up successfully saving Serena after she used her Superb Song. However, the damage from the backlash required Serena to be put in cryogenic stasis so she could recover.

During Serena's time in stasis, Maria was killed in a fight against Karma Noise, with the fates of her world's Kirika and Shirabe unknown. She was the only Symphogear user of her reality when the Candidates of the main timeline met her.

Serena eventually comes to view an alternate version of Kanade as a big sister figure.

The Gjallarhorn grants Serena a second relic, the Gleipnir, which she can use in conjunction with her Airgetlám to achieve a much more powerful form of her Symphogear.

Attacks & Abilities

Holy Chant

Seilien coffin Airgetlám tron

Airgetlam Holy Chant (Serena)


Serena owned the relic Airgetlám. As a Symphogear user, Serena has the ability to fight Noise with the use of the anti-Noise armour, the Symphogear, that clads her. As a candidate for the Symphogear, she has the ability to fight Noise with the use of the anti-Noise armour that clads her in battle.


  • Superb Song - The special property of Serena's superb song is the ability to manipulate energy vectors. It's categorized the same as Hibiki's song, since their abilities are very similar to each other. Six years ago, using a mechanical devise the Albino Nephilim was awakened and rampantly discharged massive amounts of energy. Serena manipulated the energy and used it to energize the Nephilim, bringing it back to its ground state and saving the lives of Maria, Nastassja and the F.I.S. personnel. However, the burden of taking on the Nephilim's enormous energy, coupled with the backfire from using the Superb Song, left the inside of Serena's body in shreds. As her song has absolutely no offensive capabilities or uses whatsoever, one could say that it was a special song intended solely for the purpose of saving others. Her Superb Song is strong enough to create small earthquakes.

  • FAIRIAL†TRICK - Serena levitates around her two replicas of her Armed Gear, before making them rushing toward her target, striking her several times from every angles.
  • GNOME†TRIAL - Serena jumps in the air, before launching her Armed Gear toward her targets, becoming larger before crashing on them.
  • GREMLIN†ROYALE - With her X-Drive, Serena make dissapear her Armed Gear, before drawing blade-like claws from her wings, she then flies toward her target, slashing her a first time before performing a second, finishing her target with a blast of light at the end.
  • SYLPH†GARDEN - Serena shakes her Armed Gear, summoning severals luminescent butterflies, gathering around their targets, before exploding.
  • WHITE†RABBIT - Serena uses her Armed Gear to stop time, performs a series of slash during the stopped time, leaving the targets takes the damages after the time resumes.
  • XANA†TEARS - Serena launches her Armed Gear in the air above her targets, before it stop and descend, striking the targets and creating an explosion.


Serena's Group Songs
Symphogear G volume 1 cover
Together With


  • Serena's holy chant wasn't heard sung by her in the anime, with her version only appearing in the soundtrack.
    • Likewise, Serena only sung half of the superb song in the anime, with the full version appearing in the OST.
  • She was the only Symphogear user who wasn't given any solo character songs, prior to the release of Senki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited.
  • Serena is two years younger than Maria. If she was alive, as of XV, she would be about twenty years old.

The Japanese text stating Maria and Serena's origin as Yugoslavia.

  • One of the supplementary books for G specified that Maria and Serena were from Yugoslavia. This seems to have been later retconned to Ukraine, as stated by Kaneko in a tweet.
  • Serena is the only Symphogear user to not sing in any version of Gyakkō no Flügel.


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