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Date History
July 23 Unlock: Multi Battle and Upper Limit of ★3, ★4 and ★5 Symphogear Card to ★6


Date History
January 30 Unlock: Card filtering function based on characters, attribute and status effect
April 15 Unlock: Batch selection of Upgrade Cards
May 3 Unlock: First HARD Hexa Quest for Maria's SOUL†SHERD
June 13 Unlock: ★4 Upgrade Chips for sale, ★5 All-Purpose Strengthening Training Center and ★5 Gold Quest
July 16 Unlock: First Super Awakening Quest for Tsubasa's Heaven's Wrath and Miku's Light of Dawn
August 31 Unlock: Playable Shinji from Taika wo Nagu Tsurugi
October 1 Unlock: Playable Carol, Phara and Leiur from Sekai wo Shiru Tame no Uta
October 16 Unlock: Playable Garie and Micha from Fukkatsu! Autoscorer


Date History
March 13 Unlock: Playable Kuriyo, Yumi and Shiori from Ryūki Hōkō Mechvaranus
April 16 Unlock: Gear Type Skill and playable Millaarc from XV -Zenpen-
April 18 Unlock: Playable Vanessa and Elsa from Super Hard SP Quest
May 12 Unlock: Cards can be force released from formation
June 25 Unlock: First ★6 Memoria Card redeemable from Gold Arena Medal Shop
June 26 Unlock: Playable Shem-Ha from Super Hard SP Quest
October 31 Unlock: Absolute Skill
December 14 Unlock: Upper Limit of ★6 Symphogear Card to ★7 with blue aura
Unlock: First Event with booster quest such as Player EXP, Ultimate and SA EXP Point Quest


Date History
January 15 Unlock: First Super Awakening without going through Quest for Hibiki's TESTAMENT
January 22 Unlock: Choice of card shops. Specific cards can be now redeem with Normal Medal
March 12 Unlock: Cards from inbox can be sell directly

Card Guidance

Absolute Skill Special Move
Card Guidance 1.png Card Guidance 2.png
Absolute Skill is a special skill that can be used by only certain specific Symphogear Card. It can be activated when the "Skill Gauge" maximized. The "Skill Gauge" can be increase under various conditions and when activated, a special effect will be shown. This skill need to be activate manually when playing in auto mode. This skill can be strengthen by using the Absolute Ball.
Refer to Gallery below for complete list.
Click expand for leveling guide.
Limit Break /
Absolute Skill Level XDU Absolute Ball.png XDU Mega Absolute Ball.png XDU Giga Absolute Ball.png XDU Gold.png
(Lvl 50)
2 6 - - 50,000
(Lvl 52)
3 9 - - 75000
4 12 - - 100,000
(Lvl 54)
5 12 3 - 125,000
6 15 4 - 150,000
(Lvl 56)
7 18 5 - 200,000
8 20 6 - 250,000
(Lvl 58)
9 22 7 - 300,000
10 24 8 - 400,000
(Lvl 60)
11 26 8 - 600,000
12 28 10 2 800,000
(Lvl 70)
13 30 12 3 1,000,000
14 32 15 4 1,500,000
15 35 20 5 2,000,000
Special Move 1 is a normal skill that deals lesser damage when in compared to Special Move 2. The Special Move 1 does not have special animated effect when activated, while Special Move 2 shows a special animated effect when activated. It also features animated effect that doesn't shown fully in the anime.

Leader and Passive Skill Gear Type Skill & Tribe Skill
Card Guidance 3.png Card Guidance 5.jpg
Leader Skill can only be activated when the card is placed on the far left (1st card) in the formation. The card with leader skill activated will received lesser damage, therefore it is recommended to choose a "raise in ATK skill" rather than "raise in DEF skill". The effect of the leader skill of that card basically affects all allies.
Passive skill on the other hand has an effect only on respective card (themselves) unless otherwise specified.
There are two types of activation: "Always Activated" and "Activated Under Specific Conditions". When the same type of Skill are activated by both or more cards, the one with higher value has the priority to be activated first.

Refer to Gallery below for complete list:
Gear Type Skill : Amalgam and Burning X-Drive
Tribe Skill : Mechvaranus, Noble Red, Shem-Ha and Elekleid

Upper Limit Release Preview Forced Released From Formation
Card Guidance 4.png Card Guidance 3.png
Pressing this button will show a preview of the card's upper limit state including the final awakening image, information on HP, ATK, DEF, SPD, CTR and CTD. Pressing this button will allow the player to force release the selected card from any formation. This button is useful when the player needed the card for upper limit or selling the card.

Battle Stage (Absolute Skill) Battle Stage (Super Awakening)
Card Guidance Absolute Skill 1.jpgCard Guidance Absolute Skill 2.jpg
Card Guidance Super Awakening.jpg
Card Guidance Absolute Skill 3.jpgCard Guidance Absolute Skill 4.jpg
Characters with an Absolute Skill will have a silver attribute info bar on top of them. The absolute skill cannot be press unless the yellow "Skill Gauge" is full. Characters who achieve Super Awakening will have a golden attribute info bar on top of them. They will also have an aura surrounding them.

Symphogear Card Evolution (★5 to ★6) Symphogear Card Evolution (★6 to ★7)
Before After Before After
Symphogear Card Evolution (★5 to ★6) 1.png Symphogear Card Evolution (★5 to ★6) 2.png Symphogear Card Evolution (★6 to ★7) 1.png Symphogear Card Evolution (★6 to ★7) 2.png
When limit break ★5 cards, the blue border will change into brown border. When limit break ★6 cards, the purple border will change into light blue border with a light blue aura around the border.

Card Thumbnail Icons

3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars Super Awakened 3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars Super Awakened
Hibiki 3 Stars.png Hibiki 4 Stars.png Hibiki 5 Stars.png Hibiki Super Awakened.png
Miku 3 Stars.png Miku 4 Stars.png Miku 5 Stars.png Miku Super Awakened.png
Tsubasa 3 Stars.png Tsubasa 4 Stars.png Tsubasa 5 Stars.png Tsubasa Super Awakened.png
Kanade 3 Stars.png Kanade 4 Stars.png Kanade 5 Stars.png Kanade Super Awakened.png
Maria 3 Stars.png Maria 4 Stars.png Maria 5 Stars.png Maria Super Awakened.png
Serena 3 Stars.png Serena 4 Stars.png Serena 5 Stars.png Serena Super Awakened.png
Shirabe 3 Stars.png Shirabe 4 Stars.png Shirabe 5 Stars.png Shirabe Super Awakened.png
Kirika 3 Stars.png Kirika 4 Stars.png Kirika 5 Stars.png Kirika Super Awakened.png
Chris 3 Stars.png Chris 4 Stars.png Chris 5 Stars.png Chris Super Awakened.png

3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars Super Awakened 3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars Super Awakened
Genjuro 3 Stars.png Genjuro 4 Stars.png Genjuro 5 Stars.png Genjuro Super Awakened.png
Shinji 3 Stars.png Shinji 4 Stars.png Shinji 5 Stars.png Shinji Super Awakened.png
Itaba 3 Stars.png Itaba 4 Stars.png Itaba 5 Stars.png Itaba Super Awakened.png
Ando 3 Stars.png Ando 4 Stars.png Ando 5 Stars.png Ando Super Awakened.png
Terashima 3 Stars.png Terashima 4 Stars.png Terashima 5 Stars.png Terashima Super Awakened.png

3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars Super Awakened 3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars Super Awakened
Carol 3 Stars.png Carol 4 Stars.png Carol 5 Stars.png Carol Super Awakened.png
Phara 3 Stars.png Phara 4 Stars.png Phara 5 Stars.png Phara Super Awakened.png
Leiur 3 Stars.png Leiur 4 Stars.png Leiur 5 Stars.png Leiur Super Awakened.png
Garie 3 Stars.png Garie 4 Stars.png Garie 5 Stars.png Garie Super Awakened.png
Micha 3 Stars.png Micha 4 Stars.png Micha 5 Stars.png Micha Super Awakened.png

3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars Super Awakened 3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars Super Awakened
Adam 3 Stars.png Adam 4 Stars.png Adam 5 Stars.png Adam Super Awakened.png
Saintgermain 3 Stars.png Saintgermain 4 Stars.png Saintgermain 5 Stars.png Saintgermain Super Awakened.png
Cagliostro 3 Stars.png Cagliostro 4 Stars.png Cagliostro 5 Stars.png Cagliostro Super Awakened.png
Prelati 3 Stars.png Prelati 4 Stars.png Prelati 5 Stars.png Prelati Super Awakened.png

3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars Super Awakened 3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars Super Awakened
Fine 3 Stars.png Fine 4 Stars.png Fine 5 Stars.png Fine Super Awakened.png
Ver 3 Stars.png Ver 4 Stars.png Ver 5 Stars.png Ver Super Awakened.png
Shemha 3 Stars.png Shemha 4 Stars.png Shemha 5 Stars.png Shemha Super Awakened.png
Vanessa 3 Stars.png Vanessa 4 Stars.png Vanessa 5 Stars.png Vanessa Super Awakened.png
Millaarc 3 Stars.png Millaarc 4 Stars.png Millaarc 5 Stars.png Millaarc Super Awakened.png
Elsa 3 Stars.png Elsa 4 Stars.png Elsa 5 Stars.png Elsa Super Awakened.png

Other Icons
Symphogear Upgrade Card.png Gold & Memoria Upgrade Card.png 6 Stars.png
Symphogear Upgrade Card Gold & Memoria Upgrade Card 6 Stars

Strongest Symphogear Card Ranking

Note: The informations below are extracted from Symphogear XD Official Strategy Site

High Cost
Symphogear XDU Card 2755.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2876.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2887 (Upgradable).jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2893.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2819.jpg
No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 No. 5
Symphogear XDU Card 2714.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2521.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2848.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2780.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2838.jpg
No. 6 No. 7 No. 8 No. 9 No. 10
Symphogear XDU Card 2542.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2766.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2626.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2865.png Symphogear XDU Card 2688.png
No. 11 No. 12 No. 13 No. 14 No. 15
Symphogear XDU Card 2719.png Symphogear XDU Card 2402.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2727.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2680.png Symphogear XDU Card 2417.jpg
No. 16 No. 17 No. 18 No. 19 No. 20

Symphogear XDU Card 2407.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2288.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2298.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2801.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2014.jpg
No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 No. 5
Symphogear XDU Card 2693.png Symphogear XDU Card 2535.png Symphogear XDU Card 2575.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2342.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2855.png
No. 6 No. 7 No. 8 No. 9 No. 10
Symphogear XDU Card 2496.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2585.png Symphogear XDU Card 2631.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2443.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2659.jpg
No. 11 No. 12 No. 13 No. 14 No. 15
Symphogear XDU Card 2293.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2374.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2580.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 2644.png Symphogear XDU Card 2501.jpg
No. 16 No. 17 No. 18 No. 19 No. 20

Symphogear XDU Card 1721.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 70.png Symphogear XDU Card 210.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 1001.png Symphogear XDU Card 20.jpg
No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 No. 5

Symphogear XDU Card 105.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 818.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 832.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 205.jpg Symphogear XDU Card 598.jpg
No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 No. 5