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Senki Zesshō Symphogear G
Symphogear G.jpg
Kanji 戦姫絶唱シンフォギアG

Romaji Senki Zesshō Shinfogia G
Genre Action, Sci-Fi, Music
Director Katsumi Ōno
Studio Satelight
Licensor Discotek Media (NA)
Network MBS, TVA, BS11, Tokyo MX
First Aired July 4, 2013
Last Aired September 26, 2013
Episodes 13 + (OVA)
Opening Theme Vitalization by Nana Mizuki
Ending Theme Next Destination by Ayahi Takagaki
Season Chronology
← Previous
Senki Zesshō Symphogear
Next →
Senki Zesshō Symphogear GX

喪失(さようなら)――融合症例第一号(ガングニール)。 / "Farewell, Gungnir."
— Season tagline

Senki Zesshō Symphogear G (戦姫絶唱シンフォギアG Senki Zesshō Shinfogia G?, "Superb Song of the Valkyries: Symphogear G"), subtitled "In the distance, that day, when the star became music...",[Notes 1] is the second season of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear series.


Peace had seemed to return to the world when Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris had saved the planet from the Lunar Attack with their song. However, 3 months later at a joint concert between Tsubasa Kazanari and foreign superstar Maria Cadenzavna Eve, the Symphogear team is faced with her dangerous declaration of war against the world. Maria and her allies Kirika and Shirabe have a fearful power backing them: The power of a dark Symphogear.[3]



Keyword No. Keyword Official Site URL
01 Symphogear System Link
02 Noise Link
03 Phase Contrast Barrier Link
04 Barrier Coating Link
05 The Tragedy of the Live Venue Link
06 Lunar Attack Link
07 Holy relic Link
08 Candidate's pendant Link
09 Canditate Link
10 Ame no Habakiri Link
11 Ichaival Link
12 Gungnir Link
13 Special Disaster Response Team Link
14 Current World Affairs Link
15 Finé Link
16 Mysterious Armed Organization Link
17 Solomon's Cane Link
18 Moon Link
19 Lulu Amel and Custodians Link
20 Black Gungnir Link
21 Shul Shagana Link
22 Igalima Link
23 Armed Gear Link
24 Superb Song Link
25 S2CA Link
26 Hamasaki Hospital Link
27 Nephilim Link
28 Mysterious gas Link
29 Lydian Private Music Academy Link
30 Section Two's Temporary Headquarters Link
31 Ogawa Family Link
32 F.I.S. Link
33 LiNKER Link
34 God Beast Mirror Link
35 Denkō Keiji Ban Link
36 Tokyo extra land, specially designated closed area Link
37 Kadingir Link
38 Serena's Superb Song's Characteristic Link
39 Broken pendant Link
40 First Fusion Case Link
41 Hibiki Tachibana's Armed Gear Link
42 The Tragedy of the Live Venue and the Tachibana House Link
43 Frontier Plan Link
44 Reincarnation Link
45 Receptor Children Link
46 Ideal to Resist Reality Link
47 Nastassja's Wheelchair Link
48 Anti_LiNKER Link
49 F.I.S.'s Symphogear's Link
50 Apple Link
51 Eiyū Koji Link
52 Love Link
53 Impact Hike Link
54 Frontier Link
55 Armor Purge Link
56 Early Silhouette Link
57 Composite Structure Hull Link
58 X-Drive Link
59 Silver Symphogear Link
60 Treasury of Babylonia Link
61 Vitalization Link
62 Frontier incidents, their endings Link


# Title[Notes 2] Original airdate
1 The Gungnir Girl
"Gangunīru no Shōjo"
July 5, 2013
Three months following the battle with Finé, Hibiki and Chris work together to fight off the Noise and protect a transport carrying the Solomon's Cane, which scientist Dr. Ver believes could hold the key to fighting the Noise. However, before they can leave to see Tsubasa's concert alongside diva Maria Cadenzavna Eve, the base they are delivering it to is attacked by the Noise, with Dr. Ver and Solomon's Cane going missing. As the concert reaches its climax, Maria suddenly summons a group of Noise, holding the audience hostage and using the worldwide broadcast to prevent Tsubasa from using her Symphogear. Maria then reveals she possesses a Black Gungnir Symphogear armor, proclaiming herself and her group to be the successors of Finé.
2 Power and Lies in Her Heart
"Mune ni Chikara to Itsuwari to"
July 11, 2013
After giving the world leaders 24 hours to relinquish their territory, Maria decides to release the hostages in the arena so she can fight against Tsubasa, preventing her from escaping to where she can safely transform. Just as Tsubasa is knocked towards a group of Noise, Shinji manages to shut down the cameras in time, allowing Tsubasa to activate her Symphogear and fight back. Before Tsubasa can get the upper hand on Maria, two more Black Symphogear users, Shirabe Tsukuyomi and Kirika Akatsuki, arrive on the scene, although Hibiki and Chris arrive shortly after to back Tsubasa up. The head of Maria's operations, Professor Nastassja, sends in a giant regenerating Noise to allows Maria's team to retreat. To prevent in from escaping and endangering the public, Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris use a combined superb song to expose its core, allowing Hibiki to destroy it. As the battle comes to an end, Hibiki feels hurt by Shirabe's words claiming she her ideals are merely the words of a hypocrite, bringing up some traumatic memories of her past.
3 Those Who Long for the End, Those Who Challenge the End
"Shūen wo Nozomu Mono, Shūen ni Nozomu Mono"
July 18, 2013
A week following the incident, and Hibiki is still concerned over what Shirabe said whilst Tsubasa and Chris, who had enrolled into the academy, help with preparations for an upcoming school festival. Later that night, Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris are sent to infiltrate an abandoned hospital filled with Noise, affected by a gas that decreases their sync with the Symphogears. Dr. Ver soon appears, revealing he stole Solomon's Cane for himself and is working with the enemy. As Chris starts to become affected by the feedback on her Symphogear's attacks, Ver plans to unleash an experimental new creature known as a Nephilim onto the city, forcing Tsubasa to chase after it. Before Tsubasa can destroy the Nephilim, Maria appears before her once again, with Ver announcing her to be the reincarnation of Finé.
4 The Place I Call Home
"Atashi no Kaeru Basho"
July 25, 2013
Tsubasa engages in battle with Maria whilst Shirabe and Kirika arrive to fight off Hibiki and Chris whilst they retrieve Ver. Nastassja soon arrives and assists Maria and the others in their retreat, taking Ver and the Nephilim with them and evading pursuit using stealth technology. The next day, as the festival gets under the way and Hibiki and Miku watch their friends perform, Shirabe and Kirika are sent on a mission to infiltrate the school and steal the Symphogear pendants to use as food for the Nephilim. Meanwhile, Chris is dragged in by her new classmates to perform for a karaoke contest, where she finds herself having fun. After her performance, however, Shirabe and Kirika reveal themselves and prepare to challenge her.
5 Bloodstained Serenade
"Chi Shibuki no Sayokyoku"
August 1, 2013
As Shirabe and Kirika decide to enter the karaoke contest themselves, singing one of ZweiWing's songs so that they can win Chris' pendant, armed forces approach a warhouse where Maria and Nastassja are hiding, but are confronted by Ver and his Noise army. Maria breaks down when she sees Ver mercilessly kill a group of children who happened to stumble upon the base, prompting Nastassja to have Shirabe and Kirika retreat before they can be declared winners. After Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris briefly catch up to them, questioning why they fight when they seem to enjoy singing, they are called to HQ where it is revealed Hibiki and Maria's Gungnirs share the same ressonance pattern. Meanwhile, Nastassja recalls how Maria's sister, Serena, had used her superb song to stop a rampaging Nephilim prototype, ending her life in the process. Later that day, the girls respond to an attack on a factory, where they are confronted by Ver, who announces his plan to once again destroy the moon before sending the Nephilim to attack them. Hibiki fights against the Nephilim but becomes distracted by Ver's words, leading to her arm being bitten off by the Nephilim.
6 A Miracle Is a Cruel Thing
"Kiseki—Sore wa Zankoku na Kiseki"
August 8, 2013
The Nephilim evolves from the energy gathered from Hibiki's arm, but Hibiki enters her berserk state again, regenerating her arm in the process, and rips out the Nephilim's heart before completely annihilating it. As Hibiki undergoes recovery, she recalls her past, in which she was unfairly treated like a murderer by her old classmates simply because she survived the ZweiWing incident. Meanwhile, Tsubasa learns from Genjuro that Hibiki's constant use of Gungnir is causing it to spread across her body, fearing that it may end up killing her, or otherwise leaving her inhuman. Keeping this a secret from Hibiki, Tsubasa tells her that she shouldn't use her Symphogear again, using the berserk state as an excuse. Elsewhere, as Nastassja's illness starts to develop, Shirabe and Kirika search for Ver, who find's the Nephilim's heart and attacks near the school, prompting Hibiki to go into action.
7 When You Stop Being You
"Kimi de Irarenaku Naru Kimi ni"
August 15, 2013
Brimming with more power than usual, Hibiki fights through Ver's defenses, only to be stopped by Shirabe and Kirika. As Hibiki suddenly feels a pain in her chest, Ver injects Shirabe and Kirika with a serum so they can use the superb song against Hibiki. In order to stop them from dying the same way Kanade did, Hibiki uses her own superb song to cancel theirs out, firing off their excess energy into the sky. After Shirabe and Kirika retreat with Ver so he can treat Nastassja, wondering why Hibiki was trying to protect them, Tsubasa arrives on the scene to stop Hibiki from overheating, after which both Chris and Miku learn the full extent of Hibiki's condition. Meanwhile, Ver reveals his plan to use the Nephilim's heart to speed up Maria's resurrection as Finé. However, it is soon revealed that Finé's soul does not dwell within Maria, but instead in Kirika, who discovers her power when protecting Shirabe from a pile of falling pipes.
8 Hand in Hand for Me, as I Waver…
"Tsunagu Te to Te…Tomadō Watashi no Tame…"
August 22, 2013
It is revealed that Nastassja has merely told Maria to play the role of Finé's successor in order to gain Ver's co-operation. As Kirika starts to realise the cause of her new power, that she herself is Finé's vessel, Hibiki is informed of her condition and is told to take things easy until they can find a cure. Meanwhile, Nastassja's group use their relics to try and unleash something known as Frontier, only for it to fail to Ver's dismay, as they lack sufficient power. The next day, as Hibiki and Miku go to the Sky Tower, Nastassja and Maria also go there to negotiate with some US government agents, which is interrupted when Ver sends Noise after them just as they turn on them. As Maria makes her escape, fighting through both Noise and army soldiers, Hibiki and Miku work to help evacuate some of the citizens, which leads to Hibiki being knocked off the building. Activating her Symphogear to break her fall, Hibiki is shocked to see an explosion where Miku was standing.
9 The Origin of a Hero
"Eiyū Koji"
August 29, 2013
As Tsubasa and Chris arrive to finish off the Noise, Hibiki falls into depression, believing Miku to have been killed. Meanwhile, Maria reveals to the others that she is not Finé, whilst still stating her desire to cooperate with Ver. The next day, Genjuro reveals they have found a GPS left behind by Miku, revealing she had survived the explosion, as she was rescued by Maria and is currently being held on their ship. Thankful that Miku is still alive, Hibiki and the others train their bodies with Genjuro. The next day as the Noise launch an attack on an aircraft carrier, Shirabe, not wanting Maria to suffer from seeing more people die, decides to fight against them. However, Ver instructs Kirika to inject Shirabe with Anti-LiNKER to knock her out of her Symphogear state. However, just as Tsubasa and Chris arrive on the scene, Ver reveals his latest experiment, in which Miku has been made into a Symphogear user.
10 Countdown to Loss
"Sōshitsu Made no Kauntodaun"
September 5, 2013
Miku, who was experimented on by Ver with LiNKER to make her compatible with the Shénshòujìng relic, battles against Chris, initially taking the brunt of her attacks before unleashing a powerful laser, forcing Chris to block against it to protect Shirabe before Tsubasa gets them to safety. As HQ takes Shirabe into custody whilst Chris fights against the Noise, Kirika stands in Tsubasa's way, leading Hibiki to confront Miku herself. Miku states she desired the Symphogear's power to keep Hibiki from fighting, but Hibiki states it isn't worth having a world without Miku in it and transforms to fight against her, given under three minutes before she overheats. Despite the Gungnir relic spreading through her body, Hibiki keeps fighting through to reach Miku's humanity, using the laser FIS used to raise Frontier as a means to destroy the device controlling Miku. As an ancient civilization rises from the ground, Chris suddenly shoots Tsubasa.
11 Destiny Ark
"Disutinī Āku"
September 12, 2013
As Miku makes a full recovery, it is revealed the blast she and Hibiki took both freed Miku from her mind control and cured Hibiki's condition. Meanwhile, Chris joins the FIS as they explore Frontier, which Ver powers up using the Nephilim heart. Injecting himself with LiNKER, Ver activates the Frontier, using the moon itself to pull it out of the sea, before destroying many fleets with its gravitational power. With the moon brought even closer to Earth, Ver reveals to Maria that his vision of saving mankind is to destroy all humanity and repopulate the Earth himself, leaving Maria devastated. As Tsubasa heads off towards Frontier, Hibiki encourages Shirabe to do what she thinks is right and go as well, hitching a ride with her. Arriving at Frontier, Tsubasa soon comes up against Chris as Shirabe goes up against Kirika, whilst Hibiki pushes ahead to find Maria, who is informed by Nastassja that her song may be able to stop the moon from falling.
12 Striking Spear
September 19, 2013
Hoping to use the power of song to reactivate functions on the moon to bring it back into orbit, Maria broadcasts her song across the world. Meanwhile, Tsubasa, noticing an explosive collar on Chris' neck, assures her that she always has a place to belong to and can rely on others, before their battle reaches their climax. Kirika and Shirabe's battle escalates to the point of using their superb songs, where it is discovered that Shirabe was actually the one who possesses Finé's power. Feeling guilty, Kirika attempts to kill herself, but Shirabe takes the hit. Chris, freed from her explosive collar thanks to Tsubasa, appears before Ver demanding Solomon's Cane, countering his Anti-LiNKER by bursting out of her gear, before she is rescued by Tsubasa, recovering the cane in the process. In her consciencse, Shirabe is approached by the soul of Finé who, having taken Hibiki's words to heart, gives her own life to save Shirabe so that she and Kirika can help save Maria. Back in the control center, Ver launches the dome where Nastassja is towards the moon, but Hibiki stops Maria from killing Ver, instead taking on the power of Maria's Gungnir relic, reviving her Symphogear.
13 In the Distance, That Day…When the Star Became Music
"Haruka Kanata, Hoshi ga Ongaku to Natta…Kano Hi"
September 26, 2013
As Ver escapes and starts bringing Frontier up towards space, Genjuro pursues him whilst Hibiki joins Tsubasa and Chris to search for the Nephilim heart powering Frontier, coming up against a giant Nephilim Ver sends after them. Meanwhile, Maria is greeted by the spirit of Serena, who sings alongside her and the world, providing Nastassja with the energy she needs to put the moon back into orbit. As Shirabe and Kirika join Hibiki and the others in fighting the Nephilim, Maria uses the relic Serena left behind to combine the power of everyone's song and defeat the Nephilim. His plans failed, Ver attempts to overload the Nephilim heart, unleashing its true form, which can absorb the power of Symphogears. Using Solomon's Cane, the girls open a gate to the Noise's dimension, pusing the Nephilim inside it, entering the dimension themselves when Maria is dragged inside too. After combining their power to break through the Nephilim and return to Earth, Miku manages to seal the gate before the Nephilim explodes, taking out all of the Noise inside the dimension. With the world safe again, Maria expresses her gratitude towards Hibiki, letting her keep the Gungnir relic.


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Release History

See also: List of Senki Zesshō Symphogear Blu-ray/DVD volumes

Six Blu-ray and DVD volumes, each collecting two or three episodes and with a bonus music CD included, were released monthly between October 2013 and March 2014. A Blu-ray box compilation was released on February 27, 2019, featuring previously unreleased off-vocal tracks and a newly mastered soundtrack. These physical releases were Japanese only.

In 2015, G was licensed for English translation and digital streaming by Crunchyroll alongside S1 and GX, with the translation provided by MAGES Inc.[4]

On September 15, 2020, Discotek Media announced they would be licensing G for an official English release in North America.[5] The English Blu-ray box was released on January 26, 2021.


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  • On a monitor in episode 6 and episode 7, it is shown that the present year is 2012. This is inconsistent because:
    • In S1E1 and G episode 8, 20XX was the year shown in a newspaper and on a monitor respectively.
    • In S1E3, 2011 was the year shown on a video watched by Miku and Hibiki.
    • In S1E4, 2011 was the year shown on a video uploaded by Miku.
    • In episode 11 and XV episode 3, 2013 was shown as a year on some monitors.
    • In XV episodes 2 and 5, the present year as 2045

References and Notes

  1. This is a translation of a lyric from Gyakkō no Flügel
  2. All English episode titles are taken from Crunchyroll.

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