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Senki Zesshō Symphogear AXZ
Symphogear AXZ.jpg
Kanji 戦姫絶唱シンフォギアAXZ

Romaji Senki Zesshō Shinfogia AXZ
Genre Action, Sci-Fi, Music
Director Katsumi Ono
Studio Satelight
Licensor kingrecords
Network Tokyo MX, TVA, MBS, AT-X, BS11
First Aired July 1, 2017
Last Aired September 30, 2017
Episodes 13 + (OVA)
Opening Theme TESTAMENT by Nana Mizuki
Ending Theme Futurism by Ayahi Takagaki
Season Chronology
← Previous
Senki Zesshō Symphogear GX
Next →
Senki Zesshō Symphogear XV

一にして全なるモノが死を灯す。 / "The one that is all, shall bring light upon death."
— Season tagline

Senki Zesshō Symphogear AXZ (戦姫絶唱シンフォギアAXZ Senki Zesshō Shinfogia AXZ?, "Superb Song of the Valkyries: Symphogear AXZ"),[3] subtitled "By shedding many tears, the reality you face is...",[4] is the fourth season of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear series.


Only weeks after the end of the "Magical Girl Incident" that was brought about by the alchemist Carol in her attempt to dissect the world, Hibiki Tachibana was fighting hand-to-hand with the most supreme enemy known to man, and barely managing to hold it back. That enemy was none other than summer vacation homework.

Her duty as a student was an unavoidable and cruel fate, it mercilessly attacked with no means of resistance. How did it come to this? She asked herself as her soul was slowly crushed under the pressure, reflecting back on happier times. She went to the beach. She went to the mountains. She even promised to show her new friend around and under that pretense enjoyed numerous summer festivals, staring up with her mouth agape at the beautiful fireworks.

During the Obon festival period she left the student dorms and returned to her parents' home in Chiba. Their first happy family gathering in a long time. "With everyone together, of course we have to have a hot pot dinner!" said her father, even though it was the middle of summer. Although he had been separated from the family for years, her father was his usual self, shallow and foolish. However, Hibiki was in good spirits right along with him, leaving her mother and grandmother with their eyebrows arched in absolute bewilderment.

Prior to all this, there were numerous supernatural events that broke out and forced Hibiki to don her Symphogear. But as a result of it all, she felt she had become at least a little bit more knowledgeable about the world. Her homeroom teacher had always told her that her writing was illegible to the point of being like "hieroglyphics", but now that she knew what that actually meant she knew it was simply an exaggeration.

She was living days of pure bliss that were previously unthinkable. One of her classmates even told her "your daily life has finally become just like a late-night anime". She didn't really understand what that meant, but from the way it was said she could tell it wasn't a bad thing and that made her happy.

If only these days could continue forever... so she wished.

But of course the longer those fabulous and wonderful days continued, the bigger the debt she would eventually be forced to pay back became. The later half of summer vacation, and the eventual restart of her school days. This is where the curtain will fall on the new battle that Hibiki faces.[5]



Keyword No. Keyword Official Site URL
01 S.O.N.G. Link
02 Symphogear System Link
03 Candidate's Pendant Link
04 Suitable person Link
05 Holy Relic Link
06 LiNKER Link
07 Dr. Ver's Chip Link
08 Bavarian Illuminati Link
09 Alchemy Link
10 Alca-Noise Link
11 European Fetal Movement Link
12 Summer Vacation Homework Link
13 The Republic of Val Verde Link
14 Floating Carrier Link
15 Die Spinne Barrier Link
16 Divine Power Link
17 Tiki Statue Link
18 Training Link
19 Standard of Cuteness Link
20 Curse of Balal Link
21 Telepath Link
22 Adam Weishaupt Link
23 Ignite Module Link
24 Anti-LiNKER Link
25 Saint-Germain's Past Link
26 The Amazing☆Singing Hood! Link
27 Kazanari Agency Link
28 Receptor Children Link
29 Prelati's Stuffed Animal Link
30 Faust Robe Link
31 Lapis Philosophorum Link
32 Spellcaster Link
33 Château de Tiffauges Link
34 Golden Transmutation Link
35 Direct Feedback System Link
36 Electromicroscope Beatrice Link
37 Chocolate and pollack roe-flavored crépe Link
38 Dr. Ver Link
39 Lunar Ruins Link
40 Love Link
41 Ley Lines Link
42 Beef Stroganoff Link
43 Fool's Stone Link
44 Undersea Dragon's Palace Link
45 Perfect Body Link
46 Metaphorical of Macrocosmos and Microcosmos Link
47 Unison Link
48 Barrier's Recoil Link
49 Hida Ninja Group Link
50 Orion and God's Gate Link
51 After School Briefing Link
52 God Slayer Link
53 Bruce Lee Link
54 Ley Lines Interception Strategy Link
55 Divine Weapon Link
56 Val Verde Documents Link
57 Disaster Prevention Mobilization Law Link
58 God of Destruction Hibiki Link
59 Nuclear Weapons Link
60 Light of Death Link
61 Epimenides Paradox Link
62 Anunnaki Link
63 S2CA Hexa-Conversion Link
64 Rebuild Link
65 Smile Link


# Title[Notes 1] Original airdate
1 Hell at Val Verde
"Baruberude Jigokuhen"
July 1, 2017
The Symphogear users are dispatched to Val Verde, where a mysterious organisation known as the Bavarian Illuminati is providing enemy forces with weaponized Alca-Noise technology. While the girls partake in various missions to stop the enemy while protecting the innocent, Chris has harsh memories of when her parents died. Meanwhile, three Bavarian Illuminati alchemists: Saint-Germain, Prelati, and Cagliostro, attack the enemy president and convert him and his subordinates into energy. When S.O.N.G. agents stumble across them trying to retrieve an Autoscorer known as Tiki encased in crystal from the president's opera house hideout, the alchemists use the energy and summon a giant serpent to attack them. Just as the agents are driven into a corner, Maria, Shirabe, and Kirika arrive to help them out.
2 Last Resort
"Rasuto Rizōto"
July 8, 2017
Maria's team fight against the alchemists' snake monster, only to discover it can regenerate itself, forcing them to retreat until the alchemists call it back. Meanwhile, Hibiki's team follow a boy named Stephan Virena back to his village, which has been taken hostage by enemy forces. Upon distracting the enemy so that the Symphogear users can attack, Stephan gets caught by a Noise, forcing Chris to shoot off his leg to save him from disintegrating entirely. This decision leads to Chris getting lashed at by Stephan's sister, Sonia, who she used to be friends with until her parents' death. While Chris and the others rush Stephan to the hospital, Maria's team go up against Prelati and Cagliostro as they launch a Noise attack on an airport. Despite running low on LiNKER, the girls manage to surpass their limits thanks to Elfnein's encouragement. The alchemists summon the serpent again, but it is quickly destroyed after Hibiki arrives on the scene.
3 A Horoscope Drawn by Gears
"Haguruma ga Kaku Horosukōpu"
July 15, 2017
After Tsubasa and Chris join Hibiki on the scene, Saint-Germain joins Prelati and Cagliostro, revealing that they know of Finé and stating that they are fighting for the future before retreating. While Saint-Germain revives Tiki, Prelati and Cagliostro launch an Alca-Noise attack on Tsubasa and Maria as they are sent to escort an important briefcase containing intel from Val Verde, but they safely make it through and deliver the briefcase to S.O.N.G.. Afterwards, as Hibiki and the others are called out to another Alca-Noise attack, Saint-Germain uses a new type of Alca-Noise to surround them in a subspace pocket that makes the Alca-Noise resistant to normal Symphogear attacks, forcing the girls to activate their Ignite Modules to hold them off. With Elfnein's help, however, Chris manages to use everyone's singing as a sonar to locate the Alca-Noise creating the barrier and destroy it.
4 Golden Transmutation
"Ōgon Rensei"
July 22, 2017
While S.O.N.G. investigates a special code from the intel they received, Maria, Shirabe, and Kirika are sent to help evacuate citizens when they are confronted by Cagliostro. With Maria and the others unable to fight due to lacking LiNKER, Chris arrives on the scene to help them out, soon joined by Hibiki and Tsubasa, forcing Cagliostro to retreat. Later, as Hibiki's team use their Ignite Modules to fight off some Alca-Noise, Saint-Germain's team activate Faust Robes of their own, which manage to force the girls out of their Ignite states. Just then, Saint-Germain's leader, Adam Weishaupt, arrives on the scene and unleashes a powerful attack, forcing Maria's group to overcome their lack of LiNKER to rescue their comrades.
5 Risking Your Life in a Fictional Warzone
"Kyokō Sen'iki ni Inochi wo Toshite"
July 29, 2017
The Symphogear users narrowly escape Adam's blast, with Maria managing to avoid heavily damaging feedback from their rescue. The next day, as Shirabe and Kirika try risky training in order to fight without relying on LiNKER, Elfnein theorises that the final key to analysing Ver's LiNKER formula lies in a power that awakened in Maria's Symphogear during desperate times. To investigate this possibility, Elfnein uses a mind transfer machine to enter Maria's memories, experiencing all the hardships while training under Nastassja. As Elfnein manages to join up with Maria's fighting spirit, they are both caught up in a strange field where they encounter Dr. Ver. Meanwhile, the alchemists summon another beast to attack S.O.N.G. headquarters, prompting Hibiki and the others into action.
6 Surfacing from the Suicide Zone
"Kesshiken Kara no Fujō"
August 5, 2017
Maria and Elfnein find themselves in the depths of Maria's heart containing all of her fears and doubts. Just as she becomes swallowed up by the thoughts, she comes to understand that Nastassja cared more for her than she realized, giving Elfnein the key to finishing the LiNKER formula; love. Meanwhile, Hibiki's team are brought to exhaustion upon fighting a regenerating Alca-Noise, at which point the alchemists launch another Alca-Noise fortress towards Lydia. However, the fortress is stopped by the arrival of Maria's team, who are now able to fight freely thanks to Elfnein's completed LiNKER formula. Afterwards, the girls confront the alchemists, who reveal the purpose of their plan.
7 ARCANA No. 00 August 12, 2017
The alchemists revealed the purpose of their plan, which is to use the power of the Gods to destroy the curse of Balal, by seizing the Lunar Ruins. After that, they attacked the girls, and when Kirika and Shirabe activated their Ignite Modules, Prelati immediately deactivated their Ignite states with her Faust Robe, defeating both Kirika and Shirabe easily. Hibiki then tries to reason with Saint-Germain, but Saint-Germain still refuses to join forces with her and vows to destroy her and the rest of the Symphogear just before the alchemists retreated. Later that night, Hibiki asked Miku if her choices are reckless, in which Miku responds that she likes the way she was doing to help people. Meanwhile, Elfnein just witnessed a clump of waste matter that was transmuted by Hibiki, so she proposed a Symphogear upgrade plan in order to cancel the Philosopher stone's effects. In the next day, the girls went out to search for that waste matter known as the "Fool's Stone", as named by Chris. Just then, Cagliostro and Prelati ambushed Chris, Kirika, and Shirabe, while Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Maria are underwater trying to find that stone. Prelati gained the upper hand against Shirabe, but Kirika, with the help of Chris and by distracting Cagliostro, managed to save Shirabe just in time. Together, Kirika and Shirabe combined their Symphogear attacks, defeating Prelati as she explodes, forcing Cagliostro to retreat. Elsewhere, Adam wants Saint-Germain to sacrifice one of the alchemists in order to complete the altar ritual, but she wasn't too sure about that.
8 In the Gap Between Past and Future
"Kako to Mirai no Hazama de"
August 19, 2017
The girls found the ultimate weapon against the Philosopher's Stone that is the Fool's Stone. Later, Genjuro trains the girls in the training room in order for them to realize that they can't just rely on that stone against the Alchemists. Meanwhile, even though Cagliostro overheard Adam telling Saint-Germain about sacrificing either her or Prelati, Cagliostro went out to destroy the Symphogears. The next day, Chris and Tsubasa went to a restaurant to meet with Stephan and Sonia. Just as Chris was about to say something to Sonia regarding the past, Cagliostro ambushed Chris and Tsubasa. The rest of the girls showed up for battle, but Cagliostro sends four girls to the subspace, leaving only Chris and Maria. Cagliostro was about to finish Chris off, however, Stephan managed to save Chris and tells her, as well as Sonia, to stop thinking about the past and that he will live on for the better future. Thanks to Stephan's words, Chris, along with Maria, activated their Ignite modes, only this time, Cagliostro's Faust Robe has no effect on it due to the Fool's stone upgrade. Together, Chris and Maria killed Cagliostro, while the rest of the girls return from the subspace. Later that night, Tiki noticed that Cagliostro is dead, meaning that Adam will now sacrifice Prelati to complete the altar ritual, but when Saint-Germain tries to stop him, he warns her that she doesn't have the power of the Gods to do so.
9 Blue Bunny
"Aoi Usagi"
August 26, 2017
Shirabe and Tsubasa train for their unision attack, but even after Shinji Ogawa trained her, Shirabe is not used to work together with anyone else but Kirika. Later, the girls went to a shrine that has rabbit statues where a priest lives there and explains to them about the Hikawa shrines and the gate to the divine power. Later that night, Shirabe is still being troubled with not working together with anyone else, so the priest tries to make her understand that she can't just reject anyone's help. Meanwhile, Prelati knew that Adam was planning to sacrifice her after hearing Cagliostro's words while she was injured. Feeling betrayed, she ran away to warn Saint-Germain about Adam's plan. When Shirabe finds out that Prelati is on the road, she confronts her, with Tsubasa following Shirabe. Prelati begins attacking them, and Shirabe is once again being troubled, but after Tsubasa encouraged her that she has the power to protect everyone, Shirabe and Tsubasa activated their upgraded Ignite modes, in which Prelati's Faust Robe has no effect on it. With their combined powers, Tsubasa and Shirabe killed Prelati. Elsewhere, Adam and Tiki called Saint-Germain to inform her that Prelati is dead, and since she is the only Alchemist left alive, Adam wants her to come back to him. The next day, the priest gave Shirabe a good-luck charm before she and the rest of the girls went back to the S.O.N.G. headquarters.
10 An Tiki Thera
"An Tiki Tira"
September 9, 2017
Hibiki's birthday is coming up, and Kirika decided to plan for her birthday party, though Chris reminded her about her past mistake during her fight against Cagliostro. Meanwhile, despite feeling uncomfortable by Adam's plan, Saint-Germain decided to sacrifice her own life to complete the altar ritual for Tiki in order to open the gate to the divine power. However, Genjuro and Yatsuhiro activated the keystone, stopping the ritual on time. Hibiki and Kirika then arrived and activated their upgraded Ignite modes to fight Saint-Germain one last time. Saint-Germain gained the upper hand, but in their last ditch effort, Hibiki and Kirika defeated Saint-Germain with their unison attack. However, rather than killing her, Hibiki spared Saint-Germain's life and wants her to join forces with her, to which Saint-Germain agrees to do so. Just then, Adam appeared and re-activated the altar ritual by the stars to open the Divine Gate. He then used Tiki to fire the massive laser to kill the girls and Saint-Germain, but then, Kirika sang her Superb Song to stop that energy blast, only for her to fall in battle. With Kirika brutally wounded due to an overdose of LiNKER, Hibiki and Saint-Germain will now fight Adam and stop Tiki from opening the Divine Gate.
11 Ultimate Apotheosis
"Kamoi Kakuyaku no Kiwami ni Tasshi"
September 16, 2017
In order to completely stop Tiki from opening the Divine Gate, Hibiki and Saint-Germain will have to get through Adam. As the fight begins, Adam gains the upper hand, but Hibiki and Saint-Germain worked together to fight back. Although Saint-Germain managed to cut his arm, she and Hibiki soon realized that Adam is a puppet made and rejected by the Bavarian Illuminati. However, Hibiki and Saint-Germain were too late, Tiki opened the Divine Gate and transformed into a Divine Weapon. As Tiki was about to destroy the city, Hibiki punched her to stop her, but in a process, a satellite was destroyed, and Hibiki falls unconscious. Back in S.O.N.G. HQ, Genjuro received a message from Shinji with an information about the "God-Slayer". Shinji then told him that the "God-Slayer" is, in fact, Gungnir. Back on the battlefield, Hibiki regains consciousness and continues to fight Tiki while Saint-Germain deals with Adam, who uses his robotic arm as a sword. Thanks to the power of Gungnir, Tiki can't regenerate herself when damaged. Hibiki then used all the power she had to destroy Tiki once and for all. When Adam has no use for the dying Tiki anymore, he tried to use his robotic arm to absorb the power of the Gods released from her. However, that power was transferred to Hibiki instead, transforming her into a giant cocoon. What will happen to Hibiki now?
12 AXZ September 23, 2017
With Hibiki turned into a giant cocoon, the UN will now prepare for attack. Meanwhile, Elfnein figured out a way to turn Hibiki back to normal, which is to inject her with an Anti-LiNKER. Genjuro then called out for Miku as their "trump card" in order to bring Hibiki back. Later, Saint-Germain agreed to assist SONG HQ, though she would rather do it on her own. As the army began to attack the cocoon, it soon hatched and Hibiki has now transformed into a Divine Weapon, and she is out of control when she began to attack. When the girls and Saint-Germain arrived, they hold Hibiki off, giving the members of SONG HQ a chance to inject her with an Anti-LiNKER. Despite their best efforts, Hibiki has broken free from the girls. However, after hearing Miku's voice and being reminded that it's her birthday, Hibiki finally broke free from the Divine Power. Unfortunately, a nuclear missile has been launched from America, heading straight to the location where the girls are at. With no other choice, Saint-Germain decided to stop the missile while singing, with the help of Cagliostro and Prelati, who faked their deaths after their last battles. The Alchemists sacrificed themselves to completely stop a massive explosion. Just when it's all over, Adam used his robotic arm to finally absorb the Divine Power. However, Tiki, who is somehow alive, stopped him from acquiring the Divine Power, giving Hibiki a chance to destroy Adam's arm, along with the Divine Power itself, permanently.
13 The Reality Proved When Each Tear Falls on the Next
"Namida wo Kasaneru Tabi, Shōmei sareru Genjitsu wa"
September 30, 2017
After destroying the Divine Power, Hibiki grieves over Saint-Germain's death for a moment. Then, as Adam destroys the remains of Tiki, he summons an entire army of Alca-Noise. The girls managed to destroy the Alca-Noise, while Hibiki gets through them to fight Adam. When he is finally weakened, Hibiki used all of her power to hit him. However, Adam's new arm was regenerated, and with that, he showed his true form: A giant puppet monster. Adam easily overpowers the girls, and when he makes his finishing blow, the girls were forced to sing the Superb Song, with the help of Elfnein who used a bypass to divert some of the strain to the Dainsleif in order for them to not explode. After that, the girls transformed their Symphogears into their Last Ignition mode. They managed to fight back Adam, but Hibiki was left vulnerable when her gear wasn't cleaned of the aftereffects. As Adam makes his finishing blow again, the other girls managed to save Hibiki by transferring their Symphogear powers to her. Hibiki, in her Armed Gear form, used all of the powers from the girls to fight back and break free from Adam's grasp. After Hibiki transforms one more time, only this time with the help of the spirits of the Alchemists, Hibiki's Gungnir is now turned into a Chrysopoeia form. With that power from the Alchemists, Hibiki finally killed Adam once and for all. Later that night, the girls celebrate Hibiki's birthday at Miku's house. Afterwards, Hibiki asks Miku if what she was doing was right, in which Miku responds that she will always believe in her no matter what. In the epilogue, Elfnein informs Genjuro about Hibiki and the Curse of Balal, and that Hibiki wasn't the only one who got struck by the Shénshòujìng's light, the other person who was also struck by it was none other than Miku.


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Release History

See also: List of Senki Zesshō Symphogear Blu-ray/DVD volumes

Six Blu-ray and DVD volumes, each collecting two or three episodes and with a bonus music CD included, were released monthly between September 2017 and February 2018. These physical releases are Japanese only.

In 2019, AXZ was licensed for English translation and digital streaming by Crunchyroll alongside XV, with the translation provided by MAGES Inc.[6] This translation was published two episodes at a time alongside the Japanese airing of XV.


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  1. All English episode titles are taken from Crunchyroll.

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