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Senki Kanshoku Symphogear ~Shirabe Meshi~
Senki Kanshoku Symphogear ~Shirabe Meshi~.jpg
Kanji 戦姫完食シンフォギア~調(しらべ)めし~

Romaji Senki Kanshoku Symphogear ~Shirabe Meshi~
Original Run

June 11, 2021 – TBA

Senki Kanshoku Symphogear ~Shirabe Meshi~ (戦姫完食シンフォギア~調(しらべ)めし~? "Symphogear: Feast of the Valkyries ~Shirabe's Cooking~"), subtitled The girls' battlefield goes to the kitchen, is an upcoming manga spin-off starring Shirabe Tsukuyomi. It will be written by Akifumi Kaneko and Noriyasu Agematsu, illustrated by Tsutanoha, and supervised by Project Symphogear XV.

The manga will begin serialization on June 11, 2021.[1]

Official Blurb




An official spin-off for the Senki Zesshō Symphogear series!

The divas' next battlefield is a warm gourmet comedy by the chief kitchen maid, Shirabe!

Please enjoy another Symphogear story, told through cooking! ♪


Image Chapter Image Chapter
Chapter 1

June 11, 2021
~Shirabe Meshi~ EP1 (2).png Chapter 2

July 9, 2021
~Shirabe Meshi~ EP2 (2).png


Senki Kanshoku Symphogear ~Shirabe Meshi~ is a comedic slice-of-life manga that features Shirabe Tsukuyomi cooking meals for the Symphogear cast.


  • Shirabe (調?) being the protagonist is likely a pun, as her name is written with the first kanji of the word "chōri" (調理? lit. "cooking").

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