Sakuya Fujitaka
Sakuya Fujitaka Casual
Kanji藤尭 朔也

RomajiFujitaka Sakuya
Character Information
Height176cm[citation needed]
Hair ColorGreen
Eye ColorGreen
MangaChapter 4
AnimeEpisode 1
GameSenki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Voice Actors
JapaneseKenji Akabane

Sakuya Fujitaka (藤尭 朔也 Fujitaka Sakuya?) is one of the support staff at S.O.N.G., spending most of his time in the command bridge of the submarine.


Sakuya (朔也) - The meaning of his name is unclear, because it is written in different kanji but "朔" means "conjunction" while "也" means "a sum of money".

Fujitaka (藤尭) - Means "wisteria high as a mountain"


Sakuya wears a blue suit with a light blue tie and a pale yellow shirt. His eyes and hair are brown.


Sakuya is a very serious and calm person. He works along with Aoi under Genjuro. He is trustful and hardworking.



Season 1

He is first seen in Episode 2 agreeing with Aoi after Ryoko's and Genjuro's explanations to Hibiki. He is later seen informing everyone about the Noise attack. He then makes a comment about Hibiki being a good girl, going into the fight while knowing the dangers.

In Episode 3, he explains to Hibiki how the relics need to be amplified in order to work. He also explains that from their research that once relics are materialized, it can be 100% effective. As Genjuro suggest that maybe they can activate Durandal, Sakuya says that due to the peace treaty they cannot as it might lead to a diplomatic affair. Later on he is seen laughing slightly at Hibiki's reaction to Ryoko.

In Episode 5 he tells Hibiki that once in a while some information does get leaked and currently a lot of government officials weren't too thrilled with them. And that they also joke about trimming the "protruding" Special Disaster Task Force Unit 2nd Division. And stating his opinion that the government might one day use the Symphogear System as a political bargaining chip one day. Later as Ryoko informs the 2nd Division Sakuya, he asks where Durandal is to be transported since the Abyss is the safest place for the relic.

Sakuya comments that he is relieved that Durandal's transfer has been pushed back in Episode 6.

Helping Shinji

Sakuya helping Shinji

Sakuya is the one to find the files and information on Chris in Episode 7 and informs the others of Chris' disappearance two years ago and had been selected as a prospective Symphogear user.

Sakuya tries to help Shinji after he is punched in the face by Ryoko in Episode 9 and tries to wake Shinji up/help him after he is kicked in the face by Ryoko.

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