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Saint-Germain Concept Art

Saint-Germain Faust Robe


Character Information
Hair ColorGreenish White
Eye ColorBlue
Theme Color Bluish White
AffiliationBavarian Illuminati
RelativesUnnamed mother
Unnamed father
AnimeAXZ Episode 1
GameSenki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Voice Actors
JapaneseMinako Kotobuki

Saint-Germain (サンジェルマン Sanjeruman?) was an alchemist from the top brass of the Bavarian Illuminati. She has been a member of the organization for at least four hundred years.[1]


She is based off of the Count of St. Germain, a French aristocrat in the arts and sciences from the 1700s who claimed to have lived for centuries and is shrouded in mystery. See also St. Germain (Theosophy).


Saint-Germain is kindhearted and thoughtful. She cares deeply for Cagliostro and Prelati. With the efforts of Hibiki Tachibana. She regained her original personality following Adam Weishaupt's treachery.

After being physically abused by her father and her mother's died. she once became cold and insanity. She believes the mankind would be freed by "new world order". Until she abandoned her ruthless personality once she realized she, Cagliostro and Prelati were Adam's pawns the whole time.


Saint-Germain is said to have lived for thousands of years. Born the daughter of a sex slave, Saint-Germain often suffered abuse of all kinds, and was orphaned from a very young age: her father abandoned Saint-Germain and her mother because of their status as slaves, and her mother died from sickness and malnutrition, which was discovered by Saint-Germain herself. It is because of this harsh childhood that Saint-Germain wishes to free humanity from oppression.

Saint-Germain learned to read from a nobleman who taught her out of amusement as a reward for her services in bed. Ever since then, Saint-Germain filled her empty heart with a desire for knowledge. After an unspecified amount of time, Saint-Germain appeared as an aristocrat in French society, passing as a male, and soon accumulated a large amount of followers and was given the title of "Count". From there, Saint-Germain used the finances gathered from her followers to begin her alchemical research into the "Philosopher's Stone".[2]

Attacks & Abilities

There are many ways to achieve a mastery of alchemy, however, each path shares a common goal of reaching the state of "perfection". When Saint-Germain discovered the deepest secrets of alchemy, she succeeded in recreating her body into a perfect being, which now allows her to live for eternity. In order to realize the ideal she holds in her heart, she now strives to create the "power of god."


  • Aid Lombard (エイドロンバール Eido Ronbāru?)[3] - In her Faust Robe, Saint-Germain fires a bullet from her Spellcaster, transforming into a blue fire wolf's head rushing toward her opponent.
  • Myriad Sphere (ミリアドスフィア Miriado Sufia?)[3] - Saint Germain create blue spheres she can control to attacks her opponents.

  • Mercenary Seahorse (マーセナリーシーホース Māsenarī Shīhōsu?) -
  • Spiegelfun Cologne (シュピーゲルフンケルン Shupīgerufun Kerun?) -
  • Ziekstraal (ズィークシュトラール Zuīkushutorāru?) - In her new Faust Robe, Saint-Germain fires and creates four symbol patterns before fires another bullet that speeds up after passing those four symbol patterns.


Cagliostro - TBA

Prelati - TBA

Adam Weishaupt - TBA

Tiki - TBA

Hibiki Tachibana - TBA


Saint-Germain's Songs
Symphogear AXZ volume 6 cover NoImageAvailable NoImageAvailable
Shitō -Ewigkeit-
Together With
Hanasaku Yūki (Ver. Amalgam)
Together With
Eiki -Ewigerbund-[4]
Together With


  • Saint-Germain's total kill count was 73,811, with her last kill being in AXZ Episode 10. She later gave the total of 32,831 sacrifices and 40,977 casualties, but it can be assumed that by adding herself, Cagliostro, and Prelati, the total of 73,811 was reached.



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