S2CA in G 01

The S2CA (short for "Superb Song Combination Arts")[1] is an attack which combines the Superb Songs of the Symphogear users.


The S2CA is the result of the training of Hibiki, Chris and Tsubasa after the miracle created when they destroyed the fallings fragment of the moon in the last episode of the first season.

It consist of the Symphogear users singing their Superb Song with Hibiki being the center of cooperation. The fact that her Armed Gear is, as she called it " be able to join hands with others " make her able to amplify the power created by the sing of the Superb Song by setting an harmony. Thus at the same time nullifying the backward effect that would inflict damages to their bodies by using it.
However, in the process Hibiki become the only one to support the burden of the amount of power that she must keep under control, creating a real risk of hurting herself if the power reach a level beyond what her body can support, despite her current state of fuse with the Gungnir's Relic.

This attack also creates a resonance with Hibiki's Gungnir and the others Relics, which can result in the power going out of control and being directed elsewhere or someone ( like with relic Durandal ).

The weak point of the S2CA would be the need of Hibiki's presence in the group, as well as the amount of time required to sings and for Hibiki to concentrate the energy to use it.
The destructive power can also be a draw back when the surrounding are not desert or if important installation are nearby, perhaps the reason that this power seem to be always released toward the sky.




Even if they were never mentioned in the anime, a duet version of S2CA exist:

  • S2CA Twin Break Type-A (Arrow) — Performed by Hibiki and Chris.
  • S2CA Twin Break Type-B (Blade) — Performed by Hibiki and Tsubasa.

Tri Burst

The Tri Burst is the standard version during G season, the one in which Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris did train for. It require two Symphogear user singing their Superb Song with Hibiki ( or against her ), Hibiki will then nullify the effect by sings her Superb Song and be able to unleash the power she concentrated in the Gear of her right arm, toward her target or the sky.

In the events of Senki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited, it was often use with different Symphogear's user as Hibiki's partners.

Hibiki also shout " Set Harmonics " everytime she use it.


This version use all Six Symphogear's user, singing their Superb Song with the contribution of the Ignite Module. Hibiki is the one to gathering the opposing energy with her Gungnir while Maria distribute it via Airgetlám among the six of them.


The first use was toward the end of the second episode of G season, in which Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris use the S2CA Tri Burst to destroys a Noise with an high growth ability.

The second time was in the episode 7 in which Hibiki, to prevent Shirabe and Kirika the use of their Superb Song and dying in the process.
The additional amount of power caused by the use of LiNKER promoted Hibiki's further fuse with her Relic.

In the last episode of the G season, While being protected by Maria's transformation barrier, Hibiki use it to punch the fireball launched by the Nephilim, before the six Symphogear's users unlocks their X-Drive.

The S2CA Hexa-Conversion was first use in the episode 12 of GX season, to unlock their X-Drive, the Six Symphogear's users sings their Superb Song while in the phase Rubedo of the Ignite Module.
Hibiki gather the Phonic Gain created by Carol Malus Dienheim with her Gungnir while Maria distribute it among the six of them, generating their X-Drive afterwards.

It was use a second time in the last Episode of AXZ season against Adam Weishaupt, Facing his overwhelming power, the Symphogear users tried to absorb the power of Saint-Germain's Spellcaster the same way they did against Carol.
But the power not being Phonic Gain, with the help of Elfnein, Aoi Tomosato and Sakuya Fujitaka they were able to Rebuild their Symphogear, increasing they strength and resume the fight against Adam for a short amount of time.


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