Ryoko Sakurai
Ryoko Sakurai
Kanji櫻井 了子

RomajiSakurai Ryōko
Character Information
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorViolet
Section Two
RelativesFiné (Ancestor, †)
MangaChapter 1
AnimeEpisode 1
GameSenki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Voice Actors
JapaneseMiyuki Sawashiro

Ryoko Sakurai (櫻井 了子 Sakurai Ryōko?) was the head scientist of the Mobile Disaster Response Corps and the creator of the Sakurai Theory.


  • "Ryoko" is spelled with the kanji for "finish"/"completion" and "child". "-ko" is a common suffix for female names. The first kanji is most likely a reference to Ryoko's true identity as Finé.
  • "Sakurai" is spelled with the kanji for "cherry (blossom)" and "well" (as in the water source).


Ryoko is a tall woman with long hime-cut brown hair done up into a beehive shaped dome with a purple butterfly clip on the left side. She has purple eyes and wears glasses with red frames with yellow tinted lens. Her main outfit is a long white lab coat worn over a short, loose pink dress with coral trim, purple frills in the neck, and a purple cloth belt. She wears open-top pink shoes with slight heels and X-shaped straps. In the past, Ryoko wore a loose, short-sleeved light-green shirt with a buckle belt and a tight black miniskirt. She wore similar shoes to the ones she does in the present, but her past ones have straps in the shape of a butterfly.


Ryoko is a cheery, ditzy, and occasionally sly woman. Despite her cloudheaded tendencies, she is shown to be an observant and calculating scientist. Despite her seemingly frail and feminine appearance, she has incredible durability, being able to punch and kick Shinji Ogawa, a trained warrior and ninja, in the face. She shows sexual interest in Hibiki Tachibana, and is later shown to have made a stalker shrine of her.

It is later revealed that Ryoko's mind was devoured by Finé twelve years prior to the story. It can be assumed that her cheery and ditzy (yet observant and logical) personality, as the act put on by Finé, is Ryoko's personality from before Finé consumed her mind, and Ryoko's moments of slyness, sexual lechery, cold calculation, and physical ability/prowess is Finé's own personality and abilities slipping through.


Ryoko is the head scientist of the Mobile Disaster Response Corps and creator of the Symphogear. She has the ability to form powerful force-fields. Her loyalties are somehow questionable, as she concerns herself more over the relics than the girls themselves.

In episode 10, it is revealed that she is actually Finé. Episode 11 further explains that she had become Finé after being exposed to the Aufwachen waveform given off by the Ame no Habakiri when it was activated by Tsubasa Kazanari's song twelve years ago.


Season 1

Ryoko is first seen answering a phone in an underground laboratory of sorts. She confirms that all the preparations are done and they were ready. She is later seen still in the laboratory and everything had gone well and a success. However there was an explosion that completely destroyed the laboratory. She is later seen sitting next to Genjuro in the headquarters of the Special Disaster Response Team, having survived the explosion as well. She is the one to identify that there was an Aufwachen waveform activating.

Episode 2 she runs up to Hibiki and suggests a picture to
Senki Zesshou Symphogear - 02 - Large 14

Ryoko trying to get a picture with Hibiki

remember their meeting by in which Hibiki declines as it would be depressing as she is handcuffed. As Genjūro explains about the Special Disaster Response Team she appears next to him with Hibiki's bag in hand, causing the girl to freak out. She introduces herself later as the brains of the Special Disaster Response Team. When Hibiki asks for an explanation, she asks two things of Hibiki: first to never speak of what happened to anyone, and second to take her clothes off, in which the latter exclaims in dismay. The next day Ryoko informs Hibiki of the results of her check-up from the day before. She then explains to Hibiki what a Relic was. Even if Hibiki doesn't understand she just asks that she remembers that Ryoko is the genius who came up with the Sakurai theory.

In Episode 3 as Tsubasa challenges Hibiki Ryoko comments that it was the fire of youth. Later in the episode Ryoko is seen at the meet explaining the many things that Hibiki needed to understand. Later on as Hibiki questions the fighting Ryoko starts to display her sexual tendencies and expresses her wish to "make Hibiki hers before anyone else does".

Episode 4 she is seen running the tests and readings on Kanade. Back in the present she is later seen on her phone as Genjuro drives them to the area where the girls are fighting.

Episode 5 Ryoko is talking on the phone (and sneezes loudly), commenting about someone talking about her as she drives rather dangerously down a winding road. Later she is seen entering headquarters greeted by Hibiki and Genjuro who informs her of the Defense Minister's assassination. As Hibiki expresses worry about being unable to contact her Ryoko checks her access divice to find it broken. She thanks them for the worry and opens the briefcase which contained a chip with classified orders from the government. She then says that making the mission a success is the best way to send the Minister off to the afterlife.

She is next seen speaking to a group of member of the 2nd Division about the center of Noise activity recently, which happened to be Lydian. She also informs that the government had determined that the object held in the deepest part of the headquarters, the Durandal, had been the target. Explaining that it had come into their possession after the EU went bankrupt and the Japanese government shouldered some of the debt and was also given Durandal.

She is later seen with Hibiki informing her about the time of transportation as she retrieves Durandal with the use of robotic devices. She then tells Hibiki to go get some rest as her job begins tomorrow. She is later seen along side Genjuro before the group sets off on their operation.

Ryoko activating her barrier

As they are attacked she tells Hibiki to hang on as she is a rough driver. As they are cornered by Noise Ryoko activates a barrier to defend herself and Hibiki against the Noise.

As Hibiki fights Ryoko notices the reaction of Durandal to Hibiki as the relic activates. After Hibiki uses the Durandal and passes out Ryoko forms a barrier over herself and Hibiki, protecting the two. As Hibiki awakes Ryoko fixes her apparence before answering a call.

Episode 6 Ryoko informs Genjuro that they are 17 percent ahead of schedule. She informs that headquarters was made to be updated with minimal external help. She goes off to see what the problem is when the alarm goes off.

She performs a check-up on Hibiki in Episode 7 and informs her of her health status. Afterwords she pokes Hibiki's chest and informs her that the fragments of Gungnir were fusing with the tissue at an accelerated rate and suspects that the energy and healing rate Hibiki has is due to the Relic. She reassures Hibiki that there was no negative effect to the fusing. Later on Ryoko thinks to herself about the special properties of the Symphogear system in her lab and reflects on the Zwei Wing concert two years ago that was meant to activate the Nehushtan armor. She compares the activation of the Nehushtan Armor's power to that of the Durandal activated by Hibiki.

Ryoko offers to tell the girls her epic tale of love in Episode 9. She begins to recall her story of passion that would shock them all and she punches Shinji in the face after his comment and continues her story slightly before she kicks Shinji in the face and quickly finishing her story and leaving. She walks off by herself, wondering how she changed.

In Episode 10, she is seen researching data in Finé's Mansion, and is raided by US government forces. She fuses the Nehushtan Armor with herself and mocks them, killing them all and leaving behind a trap for Genjuro. She then escapes to an abandoned building and calls the HQ (sound only), claiming that she overslept.

She is only briefly seen in episode 11, when Finé uses her voice as a way to distract Genjuro during a fight, and then to reveal to the girls who she truly is. Her younger self is shown having her mind consumed by Finé's when Tsubasa activates the Ame no Habakiri.

In episode 13, Finé briefly takes on the eyes and voice of Ryoko to return Hibiki's act of kindness, telling her to "believe in the song of [her] heart", under the guise of someone who used to be a mentor figure of sorts to her.


Ryoko In G

Finé makes a small cameo as Ryoko in G, G Episode 8, being seen killing several scientists — including Kanade's parents and little sister — with Noise during an excavation, before taking the Shénshòujìng for herself.


Ver and Ryoko

Finé makes an even smaller cameo as Ryoko in GX GX Episode 3, observing Shirabe and Kirika's mock-battle with their gears along with Dr. Ver.


Axz 5 ryoko cameo

Finé makes another cameo as Ryoko in AXZ Episode 5, where she is seen observing the young Serena Cadenzavna Eve awaken the Nephilim.



  • She looks exactly like Finé once her hair is down. This led many to predict that she was Finé, further noting that she and Finé shared both Miyuki Sawashiro as their voice actor, and a butterfly motif. Following episodes subtly confirmed it by adding more and more similarities between the two, and outright confirmed it by episodes 10 and 11.

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