Red Dragon of Revelations
Red Dragon

RomajiMokushiroku no Akakiryū
AnimeEpisode 13
GameSenki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Relic Information

The Red Dragon of Revelations (黙示録の赤き竜 Mokushiroku no Akakiryū?) is a fusion of Relics and living beings that was created by Finé.


The Red Dragon of Revelations is a strange amalgamation of relic and living beings created by Finé, consisting of the Nehushtan Armor, Solomon's Cane, a large number of Noise, and Finé herself. Finé also briefly wielded Durandal while in this form.

Using Solomon’s Cane, Finé controlled Noise and drew them in around her, using the Nehushtan Armor's ability of infinite regeneration to create an enormous, destructive monster. Furthermore, with Durandal stored in a sacred area within its body, the Red Dragon of Revelations was capable of producing energy attacks of no equal.

The dragon was thought to hold power which even the restraint-cancelled Symphogear could not hope to defeat, however, an idea was born from words carelessly uttered by Finé. Through the clash of two complete relics, utilizing the inexhaustible energy of Durandal to meet head-on with the infinite power of the Nehushtan Armor, the Red Dragon of Revelations' destruction was narrowly achieved.[1]


Finé originally created the Red Dragon of Revelations as a counter to the X-Drive, but was defeated when Tsubasa and Chris took Durandal from her possession and, along with Hibiki, performed Synchrogazer. Synchrogazer was so powerful as to override the Nehushtan Armor's ability of infinite regeneration in a mutual annihilation of both complete relics. This in turn destroyed the Red Dragon of Revelations.

At risk to her own life, Hibiki grabbed Finé from within the body of the dragon moments before its complete destruction; however, Finé would remain only for a short time longer, as with the Nehushtan Armor irreversibly damaged by Synchrogazer and falling apart, the body of Finé that had been almost completely fused with the armor, too, would eventually crumble away.



  • In this form, Finé is referred to as "the scarlet woman, Babalon" by Genjuro. In mythology, Babalon was the "whore of Babylon", and was a maternal figure who represented female sexual impulse and the liberated woman, yet was associated with evil. This is in contrast to Finé's multiple other associations with the Virgin Mary, also a maternal figure, but a good figure associated with virginity and purity.


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