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Phara sword braker

A Philosophical Armament (哲学兵装 Tetsugaku Heisō?) is a type of weapon which is formed from peoples' beliefs.


  • Phara Suyūf's Sword Breaker is a Philosophical Armament which allows her to destroy anything which is defined as a 'sword'.[1]
  • King Tutankhamun's deathmask had a Philosophical Armament applied to it based on belief in the curse of the pharaoh, in order to cover up the Bavarian Illuminati's theft of the Antikythera Gear from the Alexandria.[2]
  • Gungnir acquired a Philosophical Armament from 2000 years of being associated with the death of divinity as the spear used to check if the Son of God had died, granting it the ability to kill gods and divine entities.[3][4][5]
  • Daedalus End is a Philosophical Armament accumulated from legends, traditions, and countless myths that alters reality to create a labyrinth 380,000km long. Noble Red is able to compress and combust energy within the confined space of the labyrinth to fill the halls with large waves of energy.[6][7][8]


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