Phase Contrast Barrier

An example of the Noise phasing.

The Phase Contact Barrier (位相差障壁 Isōsa Shōheki?) is one of the special characteristics of the Noise.


By shifting between different planes of existence, the Noise have the ability to dampen or negate energy that falls under the normal laws of physics.

Regarding the events of Episode 1, when the self-defense members of the Special Disaster Response Team Section One were engaged in hostilities with the Noise it could be seen that the Noise were able to destroy physical structures, and yet any shelling from the defense force's bombardment would pass right through them.

The reason for this is twofold:

  1. The Noise can adjust their existence ratio to a level very close to our world's, this allows them to interact with objects on a physical level (meaning they can destroy buildings and structures).
  2. Alternatively, at their own discretion, the Noise can adjust their existence ratio to a point where they are barely attached to our world, making any attempts to interfere with them on a physical level impossible (meaning all attacks will pass right through them).

To put this special ability into numerical terms, if we launched an attack on the Noise with a damage rate of 500, any Noise that had a 100% existence ratio with our world would receive the full 500 worth of damage. Any Noise that had a halved existence ratio of 50% with our world would only take 250 worth of damage. Finally, any Noise with an unlimited existence ratio approaching 0% would not be affected by the attack at all.

According to records of past battles against the Noise there have been instances where they were successfully repelled by attacks that were made in the instant they increased their existence ratio with our world, and also cases where efficiency was disregarded and a constant barrage of attacks were made until they were successfully destroyed. However, it is difficult to say that either of these options can be considered an effective method to deal with the Noise, primarily because they remain an overwhelming threat due to the fact they can reduce the human body to carbon in a matter of seconds.

The most effective way to deal a decisive blow to Noise equipped with the phase contrast barrier is through the use of Section Two's Symphogear system.

At the moment of impact, an attack from the Symphogear system will multiply across various worlds and essentially "tune" the Noise, forcibly dragging them into our world and making them susceptible to the normal laws of physics. This effectively nullifies the phase contrast barrier, allowing the Symphogear user to deal direct damage without suffering any negation or reduction.

Currently, only the Symphogear system is capable of nullifying the phase contrast barrier.

The phase contrast barrier is the only thing beyond the present understanding of researchers in foreign countries, however, needless to say, the Sakurai Theory has already successfully analyzed this property and remains the most advanced intelligence relating to the Noise.

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