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Phara Suyūf
Fallah character design.png
Kanji ファラ・スユーフ

Romaji Fara Suyūfu
Character Information
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Theme Color Chateau Green
Affiliation Alchemic Cult
Anime GX Episode 1
Game Senki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Voice Actors
Japanese Masumi Tazawa

Phara Suyūf (ファラ・スユーフ Fara Suyūfu?) was a member of the Alchemic Cult, as one of the four Autoscorers created by Carol Malus Dienheim. Her formal classification is XMH_008.


One of the Autoscorers that are assigned various tasks including, foremost, the protection of Carol. Her formal classification is XMH_008.

She fights elegantly upon the battlefield, covering her body in wind. She drives the Symphogear users into a corner with a philosophical armament that looks like a large sword.


Like her fellow Autoscorers, her name is derived from one of the angels of Christian and Jewish religion. In Phara's case, her name is derived from that of the angel Raphael.


Phara in general behaves and speaks in an elegant and composed manor; example being in episode 8 when Carol is revived, she refrains from using the word 'dead' when talking about the status of Garie Tūmān and Micha Jawkān, whereas Leiur Darāhim went out and stated it. Also after her defeat in episode 10 when she's shown to be still alive after losing to Tsubasa Kazanari, the first thing she does is apologize for mocking Tsubasa's song and states it was splendid to hear. She is however prone at times to drop her calm elegant manner and have an insane fit of mad laughter like in episode 9 when Tsubasa sliced her in half and in episode 10 while she was revealing Carol's plan to Tsubasa before she self-destructed, during which she continued to laugh. Phara seems to have dislike for fights that are not a challenge as stated in episode 1 she tells Maria Cadenzavna Eve to get Tsubasa to fight her instead and while she was dominating Tsubasa in a fight, Phara complains about how painfully underwhelming Tsubasa is.

Phara is also very arrogant and condescending with the very first thing she says when she sees Maria is about how Maria is the 'tainted hero of the Frontier incident' and Phara also never refers to Tsubasa by name has she only calls her sword girl. When she defeats Tsubasa, she states how she does not wish to let Tsubasa off with a simple lose as she wanted to break Tsubasa's pride. Phara is shown in episode 7 to not only be condescending on enemies but on allies too as she insults Garie. She displays a great level of pride in her skill and majorly in her Sword Breaker ability to which she goes on and on about in every fight, how her ability to destroy the concept of sword cannot be defeated. This over amount of pride in her Philosophical Sword Breaker ends up her downfall when Tsubasa manages to break her sword instead, she is put in to complete shock over how Tsubasa's sword broke her sword that she does not reacted quick enough to Tsubasa's following attack and is cut in half.

Phara tends to be more pragmatic than the other Autoscorer as in episode 7, she decides not only to turn invisible when she went to steal a data chip containing information on Earth's Ley Lines but also did this while the Symphogear users were distracted with fighting Garie and in episode 8, she told Micha to end her unimportant fight she was in so that they could get away with their objective still in one piece.



Symphogear GX

Phara attack on Maria

Phara first appears in episode 1, hiding behind manikins back stage during Tsubasa and Maria's performance. When Maria goes backstage with two bodyguards, Phara springs to life, jumping down to kiss one of the guards and thus draining his memories after which she deflects the bullets shot at her by the other guard right back into him. She then ask Maria to go get Tsubasa for her as Maria, without a Symphogear was of no use to her. When Maria refuses to do this Phara takes out her sword and begins slash at Maria who begins dodging them until she got an opening to kick Phara in the back of the head. However Phara doesn't reacted to the pain and instead, grabs Maria's foot and throws her in the air after which she raises her sword to stab the falling Maria only to have Tsubasa intercepted her attack with her sword and pull Maria to safety. Seeing Tsubasa, Phara introduces herself has an Autoscorer and that she has come to hear Tsubasa sing. She then charges Tsubasa with her sword. Tsubasa blocks her strike before taking out a second sword and begins slashing at Phara with both. Phara effortlessly blocks all of Tsubasa's attacks with her sword.

Tsubasa and Phara clashing swords

After pushing Phara back, Tsubasa charges her with Moonlit Fiery Windblades sending Phara crashing back in to box while on fire. However Phara breaks out of the of boxes uninjured declaring how Tsubasa power is underwhelming. Tsubasa charges Phara but Phara disarms Tsubasa only to be shocked when Tsubasa turns her disarmed sword into a giant blade above Phara which, despite Phara's attempted to block it with her sword sends her crashing through the ground down to the bottom of the building. After that, the two idols run away only to later on find Phara standing in the middle of the road in front of the car they were using to escape. Phara cuts the car in half as it hits her, barely missing Tsubasa and Maria who both duck. As the car explodes, she turns around to see Tsubasa flying through the air, holding Maria and placing Maria down when she lands on the ground. Tsubasa then attacks Phara with her sword enlarged only for Phara to effortlessly break it while boasting how her power allows her to destroy any sword.

Phara with Alca-Noise

When Tsubasa jumps back away from Phara's sword attack, Phara summons an army of Alca-Noise. Phara sits back as the Alca-Noise engage Tsubasa in combat and states that Tsubasa should just let her destroy her sword. When one of the Alca-Noise destroys Tsubasa's Symphogear, Phara informs Tsubasa how what she summoned was not Noise but Alca-Noise.

After Tsubasa falls to the ground without her gear, Phara desummons her Alca-Noise and prepares to finish Tsubasa and Maria off for good only to be interrupted by Carol ordering her to retreat. Phara obeys this order and teleports back to base. Phara is later shown back at base standing frozen in a Flamenco dance stance watching has Garie reactivates Micha.

Phara only makes a brief appearance in episode 4 only standing in the background on her stand has Garie returns a failure at her mission.

Phara using wind on a windmills to destroy them

In episode 5 when the Autoscorers attack power plants, Phara is seen using her wind manipulation to easily destroy the windmill after which she reports to Carol how things are going according to plan.

Phara along with the other Autoscorers are seen at the end of episode 6 after Carol died, looking up as flags matching each Autoscorers color scheme lowered to be hang above their stands.

When Garie returns to base yet again a failure, Phara along with the other Autoscorers gang up, mocking Garie before Phara states how she feels, only angering Garie as she does not want Phara betting her to succeeding the Autoscorers main objective. While Garie engages Maria in yet another fight, Phara turns invisible to sneak in to steal a data chip containing information on Earth's ley lines. After Garie is destroyed Phara appears on the roof

Phara's tongue with the data chip

thanking Garie for sacrificing herself in order for her to be able in succeeding her mission.

Phara, back in the base, eats the data chip and projects an image of a map of Earth's ley lines in the center of the room. When Micha gets distracted from her mission by fighting Hibiki Tachibana, Shirabe Tsukuyomi, and Kirika Akatsuki, Phara shows up to tell Micha to end the fight and return to base. Back at base, just before Micha goes to leave on her own without orders, Phara tries to remind her of her mission to which Micha shrugs off has she knows what they are and will do them when need be. After Micha dies, Phara and Leiur greet the now revived Carol and informs her that Garie and Micha are dead.

Phara destroying Tsubasa's Heaven's Wrath

When Carol collapses to her knees, Phara notes how Carol's newest body is rejecting her. She is next seen as she turns visible behind Tsubasa to attack her and her father's shrine, getting shot at by Shinji Ogawa to which she deflects the bullets with wind. Phara informs them that she is there to destroy the keystone in order to unleash the ley line. After this, she summons an army of Alca-Noise to attack Tsubasa and Maria. Phara then turns into a tornado and then begins hitting Tsubasa for all angles. When Tsubasa uses an Azure Flash at her she blows it apart only to find Tsubasa sending a Heaven's Wrath at her from above. Phara simply raises her sword and breaks Heaven's Wrath along with causing some damage to Tsubasa's body. Phara then goes in to a long boast about her philosophical weapon power and how it renders swords powerless against her. As she points her sword at Tsubasa, Maria throws knives at Phara which she destroys with a wave off of her sword, causing a gust of wind that also destroys the keystone.

Phara in shock because Tsubasa destroyed her sword

Phara then mocks Maria on how her Airgetlám is a sword too, allowing Philosophical Sword Breaker to break it as well. Phara then tells Maria that she is not interested in her song and to tell Tsubasa that she will be waiting for her when she wakes up as she use a tornado to disappear. That night, she reappears on a roof sending a wind wave to hit another roof to alert Tsubasa of her presence and when questioned on her reason for returning when she already succeeded her objective, Phara responds that she is there to hear Tsubasa sing. Both Tsubasa and Maria attacks her but she jumps out of the way and fires a wave of wind at them, only for both of them to dodge it in opposite directions. Maria charges Phara with her sword, turning in to a whip only to have it broken and be sent flying back by a wind wave shot by Phara. After this Phara sends a wind wave into Tsubasa that begins ripping her apart as she sees herself as a sword. After Tsubasa's father shows up and proves that he does love her, Tsubasa gains the power to stand up and activate Ignite Module against Phara.

Tsubasa jumps into the air and destroys the roof Phara was standing on, causing her to jump off of it into the air to which Tsubasa follows her up and clashes with her sword before firing two Azure Flash at Phara, both of which she breaks with her sword. Tsubasa then uses Thousand Falling Tears to send swords raining down on Phara. She destroys every last one of them with one wind wave while landing on a rock. Phara then mocks Tsubasa on how a sword will never work on her as she summons a second sword. She creates two tornadoes and charges Tsubasa with them however Tsubasa cuts through both tornadoes along with breaking one of Phara's swords with Wight Slayer.

Tsubasa destroying Phara

Phara stands in utter shock at what happened to which Tsubasa explains how she changed the philosophy of Ame no Habakiri from a sword in to 'wings in order to fly forward with one's dreams'. Tsubasa then jumps in the air and comes down at Phara with Rasetsu Stance Zero, Phara raises her sword to block the swords in Tsubasa's hands only to cut in half by the swords on Tsubasa's feet.

In episode 10, it is revealed that this attack did not completely destroy Phara as her upper half begins talking to Tsubasa. She explains to Tsubasa and Maria what Carol's plan is and that all that's need to finish it is for Leiur to be destroyed by an Ignite Module, after this Phara self-destructs.

Symphogear XV

Phara and her fellow Autoscorers were revived in scrap bodies to save Elfnein's life in the seventh episode. Thanks to her Sword Breaker, Phara was able to destroy Vanessa's right hand for a second time in the same episode.

After helping Elfnein send a message to S.O.N.G., Phara and Leiur volunteered to hold off Noble Red while Garie, Micah, and Elfnein made their way to save Miku Kohinata. However, without the element of surprise to give them an advantage, they were quickly defeated by their enemies.

Attacks & Abilities

Effects of Phara's Kiss

As an Autoscorer, Phara has inhuman reflexes and can move all her limbs 360 degrees. She fights skillfully and elegantly with a sword, fighting with movements like a Flamenco dancer and having the skill to keep on par with Tsubasa. Like the other Autoscorers, Phara has the ability to drain memories from humans by kissing them. Phara appears to be the sturdiest Autoscorer as she, unlike the others, does not rely on dodging attacks and also unlike the others never, creates an alchemic shield of her element to block attacks. On top of shrugging off both Tsubasa's Moonlit Fiery Windblades and being hit by a car with no visible damage, she is also the only Autoscorer to survive an attack from an Ignite Module Symphogear in a somewhat functional state as shown in episode 10 before she manually self-destructed whereas the others were destroyed completely by an attack during the use of the Ignite Module. Also like the other Autoscorers, she too can summon Alca-Noise to assist her, but she does it more sparingly than the others, never using this once in her final fight with Tsubasa and in her first fight she, unlike Leiur, desummoned her Alca-Noise the moment they destroyed Tsubasa's Symphogear.


Image Description

Phara using wind on a windmills to destroy theme.png Symphogear GX Episode 7 13.png

Symphogear GX Episode 9 05.png Phara slicing a wave of Wind.png

*Note: Hover for 2nd image.
Wind Alchemy
As the Autoscorer of wind, Phara has manipulation of wind allowing her to create tornadoes and cloak the end of her dress with fast moving wind in order to use it to deflected attacks like the bullets shot at her in the first episode of Season 3. In addition, she can turn her body into air molecules to become invisible.

Phara sword braker.png Phara Sword Breaker 2.jpg

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Phara Sword Breaker 3.jpg
Philosophical Sword Breaker
Phara's trademark skill is her philosophical weapon that allows her to destroy the concept of "Sword". This applies to all thing that can philosophically be defined has a sword, this not only include the obvious of both Tsubasa's Ame no Habakiri and Maria's Airgetlám but it also works on Tsubasa herself as she refers to herself has the Sentinel's sword. While working on philosophical concept of sword instead of literal sword expands its rang of use can also be its downfall as Tsubasa overcomes this ability by changing the philosophy of Ame no Habakiri from a 'sword' into 'wings in order to fly forward with one's dreams'.
Tornado Baile.jpg Tornado Baile
(トルネードバイレ Torunēdo Baire?)[1]

Image Description
Magnificent Storm.gif Magnificent Storm
(マグニフィセントストーム Magunifisento Sutōmu?)
Sword of Shower.gif Sword of Shower
(ソードオブシャワー Sōdoobu Shawā?)


  • Phara like all the other Autoscorers is themed off of 4 things: dance, element, a suits in an ancient Turkish tarot deck of cards, and an Archangel:
    • Phara's dance is Flamenco.
    • Phara's element is wind.
    • Phara's suit in the tarot deck is swords.
  • Phara's Last name is "Suyūf" which is originally an Arabic word written "سُيوف" and means swords.

References and Notes

  1. While not named in the anime, it was named in Senki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited.

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