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The existence of Parallel Worlds (並行世界 Heikō Sekai?), alternate universes or multiverse is a recurring concept in Senki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited.


The existence of parallel worlds is first mentioned when the Gjallarhorn relic suddenly became active after the events of the Magical Girl Incident. With the relic now being active, the Symphogear users are able to travel through parallel worlds through the relic.

Multiversal Travel Methods

There are currently two ways to travel to the multiverse.


The Gjallarhorn portal

Main article: Gjallarhorn

The first and common way for the Symphogear users to travel to parallel worlds is the usage of the Gjallarhorn relic.


The Elekleid portal

Main article: Elekleid

Blitzers are able to travel to parallel worlds through portals opened with the Elekleid.


The Duplicator (デュプリケイター Dupurikeitā?) is currently owned by an organization that aims to overthrow the world snake known as Skuld (スクルド Sukurudo?). This magic key is extracted from the Chaos Beast. In Chapter 3 of LOST SONG, one of the member, Julius lend the duplicator to Hibiki Tachibana so that she can cross to Hibiki Tachibana (Another)'s world to fight Tesla side by side with her.

Known Parallel Worlds

World Description
Main World


World of Kanade
In this world, Tsubasa was the one who sacrificed herself by singing her Superb Song instead of Kanade during Zwei Wing's concert. Later, Kanade discovered Bavarian Illuminati and Alchemic Cult.
Henyokunososha logo.png Sirius of Zwei Wing Logo.png Alchemic Order Logo.png Sirius of Zwei Wing Ver. Wing Beat Logo.png Midsummer Paradise Providence Park Logo.png Sekai wo Shikiru Tame no Uta Logo.png Fukkatsu no Dur Da Blá Logo.png Seinaru Chikai no Ensemble Logo.png Nagisa no Night Quarters Logo.png Crazy Winter Holiday Logo.png Kin'iro ni Kagayaku Omoide Logo.png Golden Quartet Logo.png
World of Adults
A world where Section Two existed but not the Symphogear system. In this world, Fine tried to take over the world with Kadingir but stopped by Genjuro and enrolled in Section Two. Without Hibiki exist in this world, the medical case of a fusion between a relic and a human being did not happen. Fine thus unable to fuse with Nehushtan Armor and regenerative abilities of the armor was never brought out, therefore Fine in this world was weaker and easily stopped by Genjuro. After Fine enrolled in Section Two, she developed RN-Type Revolutionary Specialized Armor which allowed the user to fight Noise. This armor was activated by user's mental power instead of song. The armor also has similar effect as Symphogear system where it can disable Noise's Phase Contrast Barrier and has Barrier Coating.
Senkaku no Kyōryokusha・Recapture Operation Logo.png Tears of Peacemaker Logo.png Taika wo Naguken Logo.png Hitō de Fukamaru Kankei Logo.png Sora Kakeru Tomo no Uta Logo.png
World of Serena
A world where all Symphogears were wiped out except Serena, who survived and was put into frozen sleep. In compared to Main World, Maria was the one who successfully activated Nephilim instead of Serena. In this world, Karma Noise existed and majority of receptor children, including Maria, Shirabe and Kirika were killed by them. The Section Two was existed before disband after Symphogears did not return when they stopped the Lunar Attack by Fine. This world then only justify F.I.S. with Professor Nastassja in lead with Serena as solely Symphogear user.
Innocent Sister Logo.png Yozora o Mau Kaitō Shimai Logo.png Gindan no Kiseki logo.png
World of Sharon
Kikai Shikake no Kiseki Logo.png
Another World
Hibiki (Another) was introduced in this world.
Kagerisakusenko logo.png
Tsubasa (Another) and Chris were introduced in this world.
Shirabe (Another), Kirika (Android) and Kirika (Another) were introduced in this world.
Maria (Another) and Serena (Another) were introduced in this world.
Stand up! Girl! Logo.png
World of Mechvaranus Trio
A world where Hibiki's classmates, Yumi, Kuriyo and Shiori are wielders of an alternate form of Noise combat called Mechvaranus. The three later discovered Noble Red.
Ryūki Hōkō Mechvaranus Logo.png Ryūki Hōkō Mechvaranus D Logo.png Mechvaranus vs Noble Red Logo.png VS Event (Mechvaranus Ver.) Logo.png
Unknown World
In this world, the fish man captain and his army rules the ocean along with octopus army.
Valkyriesummer logo.png
In this world, the Symphogears and Section Two does not exist. A new type of Noise, called "Musha Noise" appears in this world.
Wasoranbu logo.png

Known Counterparts

Original Counterpart Parallel Counterpart Differences
Hibiki Tachibana
Hibiki Tachibana (Another)
Although her parallel counterpart is identical to her original counterpart, she wears different hairpins in LOST SONG.
Tsubasa Kazanari
Tsubasa Kazanari (Another)
The most notable difference is that her parallel counterpart has shorter hair than her original counterpart. The parallel counterpart seems to be much more cheerful and tomboyish.
Chris Yukine
Chris Yukine (Another)
The most notable difference is that her parallel counterpart has her hair untied unlike her original counterpart. The parallel counterpart is much more mild-mannered and soft-spoken, and speaks in more polite and formal language.
Maria Cadenzavna Eve
Maria Cadenzavna Eve (Another)
The most notable difference is that her parallel counterpart has a child's body.
Shirabe Tsukuyomi
Shirabe Tsukuyomi (Another)
The most notable difference is that her parallel counterpart has glasses and much shorter hair than her original counterpart.
Kirika Akatsuki
Kirika Akatsuki (Another)
The most notable difference is that her parallel counterpart much longer hair than her original counterpart.
Kirika Akatsuki
Kirika Akatsuki (Android)
The most notable difference is that her parallel counterpart is an android and does not make use of Igalima.
Serena Cadenzavna Eve
Maria Cadenzavna Eve (Another)
The most notable difference is that her parallel counterpart appears more adult than her original counterpart.