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Noble Red (ノーブルレッド Nōburu Reddo?) is a remnant group split off from the Bavarian Illuminati, led by Vanessa Diodati. This unit does not officially exist within the Illuminati, being formed after its collapse following Adam Weishaupt's death. Noble Red are the main antagonists of Senki Zesshō Symphogear XV.

Noble Red consists of Vanessa, Millaarc Cranstoun, and Elsa Bête, all three of whom were scorned as 'filthy rustlings' by the Illuminati due to failing to produce the results the Illuminati wanted from them: Vanessa being irreversibly damaged in an accident, and Millaarc and Elsa being failed experimental subjects. They named themselves 'Noble Red' to empower themselves and prove they are truly 'crimson'.[1][2]

While Vanessa heads Noble Red, it is not because of any particular strength or leadership skills on her part, but simply because she felt responsible for the role as the most senior member of the group.[3]

The goal of Noble Red is to harness the divine power to restore their original human bodies.[4] To this end, they cooperate with Fudo Kazanari, who gave them protection in exchange for assisting his plans.[5]


Noble Red Members
Vanessa Diodati
Millaarc Cranstoun
Elsa Bête


  • All three members of Noble Red have origins and aesthetics based off mythological creatures and figures:


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