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Nikola Tesla




Kanji ニコラ・テスラ

Romaji Nikora Tesura
Character Information
Gender Male
Nationality Serbian-American
Hair Color Gray and Black
Eye Color Turquoise
Equipment Elekleid (Weltraum)
Affiliation T.E.C.
Game Senki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Voice Actors

Nikola Tesla (ニコラ・テスラ Nikora Tesura?) is a character featured in the XDU quest event LOST SONG, and the creator of the Elekleid.


He is based on the real-life inventor, Nikola Tesla.


Tesla is a smart scientist. His favorite numbers are 3, 6 and 9. He also mentioned that 18 is a beautiful number relating to the truth of the world.



He name all 3 of his invention based on his favorite numbers which is 3, 6 and 9. Elekleid Neun is based on number 9, Elekleid Zechs is based on number 6 and Elekleid Drei is based on number 3.

Nikola Tesla was a restless inventor, creating inventions that benefitted his society greatly. He was esteemed as a creative genius, but couldn't accept that he was done. He focused entirely on studying. His ideas began to reach a point of such complexity, nobody could understand his plans. Due to the lack of understanding, nobody could surely validify his ideas anymore. He wished to create a World System, a way of wirelessly transmitting electricity. However, due to rumors and fear of his idea, it lead investors to drop out. Ruined of funding, Tesla was left to starve alone.


As he ran out of money, he had to let his staff of maids go, hoping he could scourge enough money together to keep himself alive. One however, came back. This was Amelia. She was inspired by Tesla's inventions and will to change the world, knowing how much what he did affected her and her family. She fed and cared for Tesla in a time where he was alone and left to go hungry. She pushed him to continue his research regardless of funding. Once Tesla was able to find another investor, Amelia decided to buy supplies to celebrate. However, she wasn't able to return. Tesla later found out she was in the hospital in a coma, told she would never wake up. From that point on, he put aside his work on the World System, and focused on how he could bring Amelia back. However, Tesla ran out of time, and Amelia passed away.

Tesla's plans changed once more, as he switched his design for his World System from a universal system of wireless electricity, to a system that will revive Amelia. Through this newfound research, he discovered a Custodian terminal, which gave him newfound knowledge and understanding of technology. This allowed him to create bodily implants which heavily increased his lifespan, as well as an updated plan for his World System, where he can create a Utopia.



Tesla is the head and founder of the T.E.C., or Tesla Electrical Company. He has focused himself upon the creation of his World System. A creation of which is said to take the lifeforce from every parallel world and apply it to Tesla's dying world. He uses robots that he had invented to harvest and store the personalities and consciousnesses of the people of the multiverse. He believes that the extreme amounts of lifeforce will evolve his planet into a Utopia, and evolving the life there, including his reinstated lives, to a point where pain and suffering can no longer be felt.

Tesla also created the Elekleids, Drei, Zechs, Neun, and Weltraum, with the help of Starlit. The intent of them being to serve to defend against any threats to his World System, specifically Susanoo.

Tesla also possessed knowledge on android development, leading to the creation of Lala. He lent this knowledge to Shirabe Tsukuyomi (Another) to allow for the development of Kirika Akatsuki (Andriod).


Nikola Tesla

  • Microbots - Microscopic bots surrounding Tesla that amplify and conduct Electricity.
  • Life Extension Implants - Implants that increase the lifespan of Tesla.


  • Robot - A large robot powered by the Weltraum Elekleid itself. Tesla created the robot to defend against the Guardians (Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, and Susanoo). He used the robot in the final fight against Hibiki (Another). This robot was defeated with FIRE SCREAM.


  • Amelia - Amelia pushed Tesla to continue his work and studies, even when everything seemed to be as grim as it could go. Amelia felt that Tesla was someone worth dedicating herself to, and Tesla appreciated that. A world without her was something Tesla could not dare live inside. To reciprocate what Amelia did for him, he dedicated the rest of his extended life to bringing her back.
  • Starlit - Saved Starlit from her home world and put his faith in her to assist in the development of his World System and the Elekleids. Starlit followed his words, but could see the flaws in his plan. She developed the Symphonic Drive into the Elekleids, believing it would help stop Tesla in the future.
  • Lala - Dismissive of Lala at first, seeing her as nothing as a mistake. As Lala dedicated herself to proving she is something worth paying attention to, Tesla noticed, and gave her the Neun Elekleid.
  • Forte - Forte didn't trust Tesla, but Tesla knew her emotions were worth using. He gave her the Zechs Elekleid as he felt the emotions she held would make her a good Blitzer.
  • Hibiki Tachibana (Another) - Tesla was supportive of Hibiki joining the T.E.C., but couldn't care less of who she was as a person, seeing her as a Blitzer rather than anything else.


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