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The Nephilim (ネフィリム Nefirimu?) is a complete relic. This relic is completely different from any others encountered in the series because it has autonomy similar to a living creature. It was awakened by the song of Serena Cadenzavna Eve.


The Nephilim (or Nefilim, Hebrew: נְפִילִים) are beings that are offspring of 'sons of God' and 'daughters of Men' in the Hebrew Bible. Most interpretations and translations describe the Nephilim as Giants. [1]


This relic is completely different from any others encountered in the series, because it has autonomy similar to a living creature. In legend, the nephilim feast repeatedly on each other until they grow larger. The specimen you see in Symphogear "won" over all the other nephilim, becoming one with them, and presumably completing to its final form of "the Nephilim".


The Nephilim was initially awakened by FIS using Serena's song. Six years later, the Nephilim, grown extremely large, went out of control. It was then sealed in a fetus-like state by the sacrifice of Serena Cadenzavna Eve, who used her superb song.

At the Queens of Music concert, Maria Cadenzavna Eve and Nastassja was to try and activate Nephilim with the phonic gain produced by the concert; a precedent set by Finé in season 1 with the disastrous Zwei Wing concert. The Nephilim was then raised by Dr. Ver, fed using pieces of relics. However, Hibiki Tachibana, in her berserk state, destroyed the Nephilim and reduced it to merely its heart.

Later, Dr. Ver planted the Nephilim heart into the Frontier to activate it. He then used LiNKER with Nephilim cells integrated to mutate his left arm, allowing him to control the Frontier.

The Nephilim was later destroyed during the finale of G by exploding after all six Symphogear users trapped it in the Treasury of Babylonia. [2]


  • In episode 13 of Symphogear G, Nephilim took the appearance which is based on Zetton, the Ultra Kaiju which debuted at episode 39 of 1966 tokusatsu series Ultraman.
    • Similarly, its appearance in episode 13 is also parallels to Zetton's role: the final enemy faced by the protagonists.
  • The first Nephilim seen is mostly white with red accents, like Serena's Airgetlám. The second Nephilim, however, despite being the very same, is mostly dark-grey with orange accents, like Hibiki's Gungnir, or more precisely, her berserker form. The white Nephilim also stands upright whereas the second Nephilim is more bestial in manner, and has large bulky fists.
    • This might be because Serena and Hibiki were the main Symphogear whose phonic gain was used to activate the Nephilim (in the case of Hibiki, she was the one who directed the S2CA Tri Burst that activated the Nephilim).



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