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XV Gungnir

The Model Number (形式番号 Keishiki Bangō?) is an identification name inscribed on each Symphogear relic by developer, Ryoko Sakurai.[1]


SG is an abbreviation of Symphogear.
"r" stands in for"regular" (レギュラー?), whereas "i" means "irregular" (イレギュラー?). These are assigned depending on the development process and environment of a Symphogear.
"x" means "unidentified relic" (正体不明の聖遺物?), indicating that the Symphogear has been built using an unidentifiable Sacrist.

In addition, apostrophes can be added to the back of a Model Number to distinguish between separate Symphogears created from the same fragment of a Relic. Hibiki's Gungnir SG-r03' is the only Symphogear to carry this distinction, serving to distinguish it from Kanade's Gungnir SG-r03. The apostrophe bearing Symphogear will generally be the more recently developed one. The Rebuild system also seems to influence the Model Number of a Symphogear, as Hibiki later acquired Maria's undamaged Gungnir, which however also created an SG-r03' Gungnir Symphogear.[2][3]

When calling a Symphogear by its name, the Model Number will usually be omitted.

Relic User Model Number
Ame no Habakiri Tsubasa Kazanari SG-r01
Ichaival Chris Yukine SG-r02
Gungnir Hibiki Tachibana SG-r03'
Airgetlám Maria Cadenzavna Eve SG-x00
Shul Shagana Shirabe Tsukuyomi SG-i01
Igalima Kirika Akatsuki SG-i02
Gungnir Kanade AmouHibiki Tachibana SG-r03
Shénshòujìng Miku Kohinata SG-i03




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