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Millaarc Cranstoun
Millaarc Concept Art

RomajiMiraaruku Kuranshutoun
Character Information
Theme Color Red
AffiliationNoble Red
AnimeXV Episode 1
Voice Actors
JapaneseAimi Terakawa

Millaarc Cranstoun (ミラアルク・クランシュトウン Miraaruku Kuranshutoun?) is a member of the remnant group Noble Red, split off from the Bavarian Illuminati.



Millaarc intentionally acts with malice in order to protect her comrades from getting their hands dirty. However, for those she recognizes as a foe, she has no trouble discarding the compassion and standing to face them. She considers her comrades Elsa Bête and Vanessa Diodati to be her precious family.

Millaarc has a verbal tic of ending most of her sentences with "da ze" (だぜ), a masculine form of speaking in Japanese. She refers to herself with the pronoun 'uchi' (うち), a pronoun usually used by women and children who speak in the Kansai dialect.


She originally hails from Styria (also known as Steiermark), a location in south-eastern Austria. During a trip to Slovakia, Millaarc was kidnapped by a torture club. She was then sold to a remote branch of the Bavarian Illuminati, who used her in experiments to recreate a mythical vampire, undertaken in the organization's pursuit of eternal life.

Unfortunately, the experimentation on Millaarc did not produce the planned vampire, and she was deemed a failure. Despite this failure, she still shows traits of the vampire she was meant to be — most notably in her 'Stained Glance' attack.[2] During Millaarc's time as an experimental subject, she met Vanessa Diodati and Elsa Bête.

After the collapse of the Bavarian Illuminati following Adam Weishaupt's death, Vanessa, Millaarc, and Elsa escaped their confinement. They met Fudo Kazanari, who gave them protection in exchange for cooperating with his plans, and became the remnant group Noble Red, led by Vanessa.


Symphogear XV

Attacks & Abilities

She is gifted with not only the ability to fly and enough strength to be able to fight unarmed, but also the power of mind-flaying that is hidden in her cursed gaze, making her more capable of both direct and subversive attacks.

Her wings are a bio-boosted unit named 'Chiroptera', which allows her to fly, and enhances the strength in her limbs. Millaarc can also remove Chiroptera from her body to use it as a boomerang, named 'Dynamic'.

Her 'Stained Glance' is theorized to be a power that can be traced back to vampires of legend.

However, to keep in top form, Millaarc requires a steady supply of blood — specifically, blood of the rare type RH-Xxoyle, which is only found in one out of roughly a million people. See Panacea Formula for more details.


  • Stained Glance - a mysterious ability that allows Millaarc to invade her target's mind via looking into their eyes. She was able to affect Tsubasa Kazanari with the Stained Glance, but was unable to do the same with Hibiki Tachibana due to Hibiki not being vulnerable enough, nor with Elfnein due to Carol Malus Dienheim's influence.



  • (To Tsubasa) "Yes. We're weak! That's why we're not ashamed to do this!"'


  • Millaarc's past appears to be a reference to the 2005 horror/slasher film, Hostel. In Hostel, during a trip to Slovakia, the protagonists are captured by the Elite Hunting Club, an organization where rich people pay to gruesomely torture and then murder victims.
  • The official spelling of Millaarc's full name can be briefly seen on a computer screen during XV Episode 3.
  • Millaarc's origin of Styria, Austria, is the same country where Carmilla is set.
  • Millaarc's wings, Chiroptera, are named after the order of bats.


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