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Miku Kohinata
Kanji 小日向 未来

Romaji Kohinata Miku
Character Information
Age 16 (GX-AXZ)[1][2]
17 (XV)[3]
Birthday November 7, 2027[1]
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Gender Female
Height 156cm[1][2][3]
Three Sizes B79/W54/H82
Blood Type A[1]
Nationality Japanese
Hair Color Dark Green (S1)
Black (G onwards)
Eye Color Teal Green
Relic Shénshòujìng
Theme Color Green (S1)
Purple (G onwards)
Relatives Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Unnamed aunt
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Game Senki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuka Iguchi

Miku Kohinata (小日向 未来 Kohinata Miku?) is Hibiki's best friend, who shares a dorm with her and is often concerned for her safety.

While she served as an ordinary girl for the majority of the series, she became a temporary Symphogear user wielding the relic Shénshòujìng in G. She later gained use of the Faust Robe of Shénshòujìng in Senki Zesshō Symphogear XV.


Miku (未来?) — means 'future', albeit it is usually read as mirai. The reading of Miku could possibly be inspired by the Vocaloid Miku Hatsune.

Kohinata (小日向?) — means 'small sunny spot'.


Miku has green eyes and shoulder-length dark-green hair (black from G onwards), with a white bow tied around the back of her head, keeping part of her hair away from her face in a half-updo.

In the past before the disastrous Zwei Wing concert, Miku wore her hair in a more typical ponytail that was tied back with a yellow bow.

When being possessed by Shem-Ha, her eyes become lavender with a red ring glowing.


Miku is helpful and cheery, but constantly worries about Hibiki due to the danger she frequently finds herself in as a Symphogear user. She has a hidden possessive streak towards Hibiki, borne out of a desire not to see Hibiki get hurt, which was exploited along with her desire for Hibiki not to fight anymore to transform Miku into a Symphogear user herself; even so, Miku does all her best to support Hibiki and encourages her to fight for what she believes in and help others, even if it's born of selfish desire, and so Miku works hard to make sure that Hibiki has a warm place to come home to.

In AXZ, it is revealed that years before the series, Miku has suffered a difficulty of considering other people's feelings in general like Hibiki had. She only cared about getting ahead of others and winning, and saw others as her "very worst rivals" that always glare at Miku sarcastically, wishing not to "see them from behind", like in her track-and-field races. However, Miku made an exception for Hibiki, with her hiding her pain behind a smile and her constant reckless helping of others despite the bullying she was suffering at the time. This led to Miku quitting track field upon transferring to Lydian upon the realization that she wanted to walk side-by-side with Hibiki, and taking up learning the piano as a way of expressing the inner feelings that Miku finds so hard to communicate.[4]


Season 1

Miku at Hibiki's Grave

First seen in Episode 1 Miku is standing at a bus stop in the ruined city in the rain holding a bouquet of white lilies. A bus pulls up and she gets on board. She gets dropped off in a cemetery and she walks to a grave and drops the flowers as she drops to her knees crying and says to the grave "I want to see you...I hate...that I can't...Hibiki." As she cries it begins to rain and it flashes back to two years prior. She is seen speaking on the phone with Hibiki as she could not come to the Zwei Wing concert.

Back in the present Miku is seen singing the Lydian Private Music Academy Anthem. She is later seen in her shared room with Hibiki organizing. She smiles affectionately at Hibiki as she talks about Tsubasa. Later that night she is fast asleep in the same bed as Hibiki. The next day she is seen reading the news report about the Noise attack from the night before in the cafeteria. She is later seen working as Hibiki whines about her meeting with Tsubasa and Miku replies that Tsubasa is right in thinking that Hibiki is a weirdo. Miku remembers that Tsubasa's CD goes on sale that day and reminds Hibiki about it, asking what was the point of a CD and makes a point that the CD would probably sell out.

Episode 2 she is seen to have expressed worry as Hibiki comes home extremely late. She is later thanked as Hibiki says that she is the only one who would worry about her. Hibiki then hugs her and tells her that she is the sunshine that warms her. She then wishes her good night as Hibiki has fallen asleep. The next day she is sadden as Hibiki is unable to go with them to Flower.

Miku helping Hibiki

Miku is seen in Episode 3 with Hibiki in their room as Mibiki's phones goes off. Miku questions her about it and offers to cover for her. However she asks that in return Hibiki doesn't get swamped with reports so they could go see a meteor shower one day. Miku helps her undress as Hibiki struggled to get her shirt off. Later in the episode she is sitting outside eating lunch with her friends as Hibiki does her report. Shiori suggests to playing badminton and Kuriyo invites her along, however she declines as she promised to help Hibiki with her report. After Hibiki turns in her report Miku runs off to retrieve their bags.

When Miku returns she finds that Hibiki is gone, going back to their room she is called by Hibiki as something has come up and she might not make it back to see it with her.

In the later part of Episode 4 Miku approaches Hibiki on the roof of the school commenting that Hibiki has been on a solitary streak. As Hibiki tries to play it off Miku sits down and takes her hand. As Hibiki asks for space Miku agrees and they continue to hold hands and sit on the bench. Miku stands and tells Hibiki that no matter what she does to remain true to herself. As she doesn't have to change, Miku would support her. She offers her phone to Hibiki so she could see the meteor shower.

Episode 5 Miku wakes in the middle of the night to see that her shared bed with Hibiki is empty with the latter leaving a note informing her that she will be skipping school for training. The next morning Miku covers for Hibiki with the excuse that she is out sick. That night she yells at Hibiki for being gone all day and asks for a real explaination.

Miku attacked by Chris

As she trains with Hibiki in Episode 6 Miku stops while Hibiki continues running. Later the two of them share as bath as Hibiki apologizes, Miku comments that it reminded her of her junior high days. Miku comments on Hibiki's change since enrolling at Lydian as Hibiki never liked putting in effort before. She notices that Hibiki has gotten muscular and all of her wounds, she looks at them and asks Hibiki what happened. After the bath she tells Hibiki to treat her to food at Flower in exchange for coming long for the morning.

She witnesses Hibiki's conversation and asks Hibiki if she wanted to come long as Miku shops. Miku is understanding when Hibiki declines her offer. At the library after she picks out a book she sees Hibiki with Tsubasa through the windows. Miku goes to Flower where she has a conversation with the owner where Miku reflects to herself and comes to a solution. Miku sees Hibiki and tries to approch her and is accidentally attacked by Chris. As a car is about to fall onto her Hibiki saves her having transformed.

Miku stands and watches in Episode 7 was Hibiki and Chris fight in the distance. Later on she is seen on a screen being transported to Section Two's headquarters. Afterwards Miku is back in the dorms reading a magazine as Hibiki comes home. She welcomes Hibiki home curtly and gets angry at Hibiki for keeping secrets, which went against their promise. Miku goes to sleep on the bottom bunk still angry at Hibiki for the secrets. The next day Miku works through class without paying any attention to Hibiki. After Kuriyo comments about Hibiki's possible secret job Miku runs out of the cafeteria. After Hibiki finds her on the roof she apologizes and Miku expresses that she didn't think she could be friends with Hibiki anymore, crying she apologizes and runs off.

Miku cares for Chris

Miku walks in the rain carrying groceries and sees Chris in Episode 8. Later on she is taking care of Chris who then wakes up. Miku had given Chris some of her clothes to wear, but had thought against giving Chris her underwear as it was going to far. She thanks the owner of Flower for giving them the blankets and walks off with her. Afterwards she tends to Chris' wounds and admits that she isn't good with words. She listens to Chris' story and apologizes before being told that she should beat up whoever she fought with. Even though she wouldn't be able to do such a thing Miku still thanks Chris for having cared about her.

She tells Chris that she wasn't a bad person and expresses a wish for them to be friends. The Noise alarm goes off before she could ask Chris about what she had said. Having been trapped in a building by a large Noise Miku uses her phone to communicate with Hibiki. Miku then runs off causing a lot of noise to draw the Noise away from Hibiki and the Flower owner. After being saved by Hibiki, Miku begins to cry and apologizes and admits to never having been angry at Hibiki for keeping all the secrets. Afterward the two take a picture together.

She tells Genjuro that she was separated from Chris during the attack and is reassured that Chris wasn't on the list of casualties. That night the two are once again sleeping in the same bed.

Miku complains about Hibiki's yell

Miku is being shown around the base by Hibiki in Episode 9, she meets Tsubasa and promises to take care of Hibiki and that she's already accepted that Hibiki can be a pain. She comments about Ryoko's story sounding like a horror before becoming excited about the story. The next day Miku apologizes for being late due to Hibiki oversleeping. Miku complains about Hibiki's yelling at the game before she brings them all to a karaoke place for another portion of their date. The next day after the date Tsubasa gives both her and Hibiki tickets to her upcoming concert at a festival. She appears in the crowd as Tsubasa finishes her song and announces her wish to sing overseas.

Symphogear G

Miku continues to support Hibiki, although she is worried about Hibiki all the time after knowing she is one of the Symphogear users that fights noise.

When the Gungnir shard within Hibiki slowly grew out of control, Miku became increasingly worried. She started by asking her friends for a get together to cheer Hibiki up, and when seeing this doesn't work well, she dragged Hibiki out on a date at the TV tower. Unfortunately the tower became the target of various attacks and the two was forced to the edge. In an attempt to save Miku, Hibiki transformed knowing that it will only make her body worse, but was devastated to see Miku devoured by an explosion.

Unknown to Hibiki, Miku was actually saved by Maria who was also around the place at the time, and she was brought to F.I.S. and Dr. Ver. Dr. Ver offered Miku the last Relic "Shénshòujìng", with the reasoning that she will only be able to save Hibiki if she herself becomes the "same" as Hibiki. Miku agreed, and knowing that Dr.Ver implanted some kind of mind-control onto the device, became the Shénshòujìng wielder nonetheless.

In an encounter that followed, Miku's will to save Hibiki from fighting was twisted by the mind control into depriving her of all her powers to fight. This wish granted Shénshòujìng the power to decompose enemy user's Gear. In an epic clash, both Miku and Hibiki's gears were obliterated, but as a side effect, Hibiki was healed to be a healthy human being, although no longer possessing Symphogear powers.

Deprived of her powers, Miku has been watching and praying for Hibiki from afar ever since, until the last fight, when all Symphogear users was exhausted, having expended all their energy to finish off Nephilim. In a tight effort, Miku ran to the rescue and threw Solomon's Cane into mid air, sealing off the inter-dimensional portal just before it collapsed and exploded. This saved the day.

At the end of the Season 2, Miku is seen together with Hibiki, and the two has apparently grew even closer as they were hugging each other all the time.

Symphogear GX

Symphogear XV

Shem-Ha is reborn into Miku's body

During the events of XV, Miku is absorbed into the divine power released by the Vambrace of Shem-Ha, and Shem-Ha Mephorash is reborn into her body. She regains the use of Shénshòujìng through a Faust Robe created by Vanessa Diodati.[5]

Miku keeps the Faust Robe even after Shem-Ha is purged from her body, and is able to use it similarly to a Symphogear.

In Video Games

Miku uses the Shénshòujìng Symphogear in the Senki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited continuity, this time of her own will. She initially uses the Symphogear in the event Kageri Saku Senkō so she can assist a parallel Hibiki.

Attacks & Abilities

Holy Chant

Rei Shénshòujìng rei zizzl


Miku briefly possessed the Shénshòujìng Symphogear, which she was forcibly harmonized with through use of the LiNKER drug, and later possesses the faust robe.

When used as a Symphogear, the Shénshòujìng forms armor themed after a Chinese dress with hakama pants. It can be thought of as a "relic slayer"-type Symphogear, as the light produced by its attacks will erase any relic that it touches. The Shénshòujìng is not immune to this effect, so it will destroy itself if struck by its own beams. While superb at destroying other relics, because of the unusual light-based nature of its attacks a simple mirror is enough to completely defeat the Shénshòujìng despite its overwhelming power.

The Armed Gear of this Symphogear is a large metallic bat resembling the closed form of a folding fan, which like all Armed Gears can transform into alternate forms. The tip of the fan features a small circular mirror. In addition to this, the Shénshòujìng can attack using the pair of whip-like cables attached to its back. Unlike most Symphogear, the Shénshòujìng can fly without needing to access its X-Drive.


Image Description
Shanguang.png Flash
(閃光 Senkō?)
Miku transforms her Armed Gear into a full circle composed of 14 fan segments, firing a series of rapid-fire beams from each of the small mirrors toward Chris.
Purgatory.png Purgatory
(煉獄 Rengoku?)[6]
In her Liúxīng form, Miku releases severals small mirrors she can control and fire beams toward Hibiki.
Reverberation.png Reverberation
(残響 Zankyō?)[6]
Miku uses the cables of her arms to repeatedly hit Hibiki with.
Liuxing.png Meteoroids
(流星 Ryūsei?)
The most powerful singular attack of the Shénshòujìng, wherein the knee plates on its armor fold down and connect to the cables on the armour’s back. The plates then project semicircular segments outward, forming a large ring in front of the user which fires a large continuous beam.

Image Description
Annihilation.png Extermination
(殲滅 Senmetsu?)
Black Paint.png Darkness
(漆黒 Shikkoku?)
Miku swings her Armed Gear four times, projecting inks jets, then revealing a raw drawing of Hibiki, which then jump on her targets, smashing them.
Black Shout.png Black Shout
(黒叫 Kurokyou?)
Common Mirror.jpg Common Mirror
(共鏡 Tomokagami?)
Miku, in her Gungnir-based form, transforms her right-armed Armed Gear into an over-sized war gauntlet in an identical way like Hibiki does, then she flies showing the projection of Hibiki beside her, before striking the target with a punch.
Confidence's Echo.png Echoing Trust
(響信 Kyōshin?)
Miku blow in her Armed Gear, releasing severals water bubbles in the area, before firing severals high pressurized water bullets to her targets, bursting the bubble while piercing her targets.
Eternal Love.png Eternal Love
(永愛 Eiai?)
Miku makes severals candles surrounds her targets, ignited them one by one with her Armed Gear, revealing an heart-form formation, before the targets are caught in the explosion inside it.
Extermination.png Destruction
(断滅 Danmetsu?)
Miku draws back her arm, extending her Armed Gear before dashing passed her target, slashing them in the process, she leaps into the air and fires a massive beam, incinerating them.
Future.jpg Future
(未来 Mirai?)
Gospel.png Gospel
(福音 Fukuin?)
Holy Sparkle.png Holy Light
(聖煌 Seikō?)
Jade Ring.png Jade Ring
(玉響 Tamayura?)
Lamentation.png Lamentation
(慟哭 Dōkoku?)
Miku flies toward her targets, points her Armed Gear toward them before shooting a powerfull beam of light.
Light Arrow Uroboros.jpg Light Arrows: Uroboros
(光矢・ウロボロス Kōshi: Uroborosu??)
The Light of Dawn.png Daylight
(暁光 Gyōkō?)
With her X-Drive, Miku transforms her Armed Gear in a mirror and summons replicas of it to form a second ring while connecting her cables to the Gear of her legs, which then unfolds to create the first ring like a dial, before shooting an enormous beam of light toward her targets, destroying everything. This attack would be the X-Drive version of Shooting Star.
Light of Heaven.png Light of Heaven
(天光 Tenkō?)
Long Distance.png Eternity
(久遠 Kuon?)
Oblivion.png Oblivion
(忘却 Bōkyaku?)
Miku points her Armed Gear towards her targets, then shoots a beam with pink hearts around it at them.
Reminiscence.png Reminiscence
(追憶 Tsuioku?)
Miku unfolds her Armed Gear, before throwing it toward her targets, hitting them.
Reverberation Under the Sun.gif Reverberation Towards the Sun
(交響日向 Kōkyō Hinata?)
Snowflake Reverberation.gif Snowflake Reverberation
(雪華響撃 Sekka Kyōkeki?)
Tyranny.png Atrocity
(暴虐 Bōgyaku?)
Ultimate.png Ultimate
(終極 Shūkyoku?)
Ultrasonic Scalpel.png Ultrasonic Scalpel
(超音波メス Chōonpa Mesu??)
Wings That Fly Towards Tomorrow.gif Wings That Fly Towards Tomorrow
(未来へのフリューゲル Ashita e no Furyūgeru??)


Hibiki Tachibana — Miku's best friend. They have been friends since at least middle school, and have become near-inseparable since, to the point of sleeping together in the same bunk bed. Hibiki says that Miku is her sunshine[Notes 1] and that it's warmest by her side. Miku, on the other hand, thinks of Hibiki as her "shining Sun". When Miku first discovers that Hibiki is a Gear fighter, she initially shows her disgust that Hibiki lied to her, and even breaks up their friendship and tries to avoid Hibiki. Eventually, she repairs her relationship with Hibiki. In G, it is revealed that Miku is in fact in love with Hibiki, which was the main reason Miku was able to synchronize with Shénshòujìng,[7][8] and this is further confirmed by several of Miku's songs.[9] In XV, Miku impulsively reveals to Hibiki her deepest-concealed secret: that she feels guilty for inviting her most beloved person to the tragic Zwei Wing concert, which almost resulted in Hibiki's death, and has since been hiding her apology as to not upset Hibiki.[10][11]

Tsubasa Kazanari — Like Hibiki, Miku is a fan of Tsubasa; in fact, Miku was the person who introduced Hibiki to Zwei Wing's music in the first place.

Chris Yukine — Miku and Chris have been friends since she helped Chris in S1 Episode 8.


  • She used to be on the track team in junior high.
  • Miku's battle song genre is techno/darkwave.
  • Miku knew about Zwei Wing before Hibiki, and introduced her to the duo.
  • Miku's Gear design has a strong East-Asian theme, accentuated by hakama-like leg gear.
    • The titles of her moves use Traditional Chinese rather than Simplified Chinese.
  • Miku is the only Symphogear user to not have their transformation shown in the anime. Hers was only released as a Blu-ray bonus clip and never used in an episode. XV gives her a transformation for her faust robe, albeit as Shem-Ha in her body.
  • In an interview with their voice actors, Hibiki and Miku were stated to be like a married couple.[12]
  • In Symphogear Live 2018, her voice actress Yuka Iguchi confirmed that Miku's theme color in Senki Zesshō Symphogear was originally green.[citation needed]
  • Her Purgatory attack appears to be a reference to the concept of Funnels from the Gundam franchise, remote-controlled small weaponry that fires beams and is controlled by a larger base unit; additionally, the flying mirrors used to unseal Frontier bear a strong resemblance to the Reflector Bits used by Gundam Unicorn's Mobile Armor Shamblo


  • (To Hibiki) "It's fine you don't win. But absolutely Don't Lose" - AXZ Episode 5
  • (To Hibiki) "Hey, Hibiki. What you want to do is you being selfish, then I will cheer for Hibiki's Selfish. Hibiki's Selfish is surely hand to help people in trouble" - AXZ Episode 7
  • (To Hibiki) "Hibiki, Happy Birthday. No... Surely this feeling is 'Thank You'. - AXZ Episode 12
  • (To Hibiki) "Even if you stop believing in yourself, I won't let go of your hand. Whatever may come, I'll always to hold it" - AXZ Episode 13
  • (About Curse of Balal) "The Curse of Balal. I think that without the curse that keeps us apart, I could tell her everything about how I felt. But, Only that isn't enough." - XV Episode 13
  • (To Hibiki) "I don't want to be stuck behind you anymore! I want to see what you see at your side!"
  • (To Shem-Ha) "It's because we can't understand each other easily, We can care for others and come to love them. I don't want anyone to destroy those feelings."


  1. Mistranslated by Crunchyroll as "sunflower"

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