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Micha Jawkān
Mika character design

RomajiMika Jaukān
Character Information
Hair ColorRed
Eye ColorPink
Theme Color Tyrian Purple
AnimeGX Episode 2
GameSenki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Voice Actors
JapaneseShiori Izawa

Micha Jawkān (ミカ・ジャウカーン Mika Jaukān?) was one of the four Autoscorers created by Carol Malus Dienheim. Her formal classification is: XMH_004.


Like her fellow Autoscorers, her name is derived from the name of one of the angels of Christian religion. In her case, her name is derived from the name of Michael the Archangel.


She boasts that she is the strongest, and can be incredibly cruel with a child-like simple-mindedness.


Symphogear GX

Hibiki is confronted by Micha after her and her friends escaped from Garie. After being remind by Miku how her songs didn't hurt people Hibiki transformed but before that Micha targeted Miku and attacked her by sending Alca-Noise towards her. Hibiki then fought Micha only to find out that the Micha she was fighting was a illusion created by Garie who showed up a few minutes later with the real Micha. The real Micha strikes a critical final blow on Gungnir causing it to send Hibiki blasting up in the air and her armour to dissolve. Hibiki is then left in a state of shock as Micha and Garie escape.

In Episode 5 Micha comes to destroy the generators with her Alca-Noise only to be confronted by Kirika and Shirabe. They kill most of her Alca-Noise only for Micha to summon more. Micha then lands a critical blow on Kirika's Igalima causing her to de-transform. Shirabe holds out against Micha for a little while before one of Micha's Alca-Noise hits her relic causing it to break. After the two are saved by Tsubasa and Chris , Micha escapes.

Symphogear XV


A model that specializes in combat, she utilizes a high-condensation carbon rod to fight.



  • Micha like all the other Autoscorers is themed off of 4 things: dance, element, a suits in an ancient turkish tarot deck of cards, and an Archangel:
    • Micha's dance is arco dance(?).
    • Micha's element is fire.
    • Micha's suit in the tarot deck is wands.

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