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Hibiki's Furisode Gear

The Mental Imagery (心象変化 Shinshō Henka?) is a form for the Symphogears introduced in Senki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited, unlocked by accessing the hidden power of the Symphogears when in contact with enemies in respective events. The newly form gear is usually used to combat new enemies that surpass Symphogears' power.


According to Elfnein, if gears change in respond to mental imagery, then the Symphogear users able to change back to their usual gear if they strongly desire it. This was proven in Gjallarhorn event, all the users able to change and combat the Jörmungandr, the Midgard Serpent.



The Duorelic (デュオレリック Deyuorerikku?) is an advance form of Mental Imagery, unlocked by fusing two types of relic into a gear. There are three types of Duorelic manifestation.

  • Mental Imagery:
    • Kirika: Vampire Hunter Gear + Silver Bullet Relic[1]
    • Chris: Assault Gear + Nehushtan Staff Relic[2]
    • Maria: Evil Eyes Gear + Hermes' Sword Relic[3]
  • Normal Gear:
  • X-Drive:
    • Hibiki: Gungnir + Mjolnir Relic[9]



  • Hibiki is the only user who failed to manifest in her normal gear and became berserk. However, at the Final Chapter of Gjallarhorn series, with the help from Miina Weltkatze, she finally manifest Mjolnir Gear in her X-Drive form.

See Also

  • Amalgam — A form unlocked by accessing the hidden power power of the Symphogears rebuilt by the Philosopher's Stone. It is a fusion of the Symphogear and a Faust Robe.
  • Faust Robe — An alchemic armor transmuted via an energy source such as the Philosopher's Stone or a relic.
  • Ignite Module — The form harnessing the Berserk mechanic, accessed through Dáinsleif to massively increase the gears power.
  • X-Drive — Another power-up that is even more powerful, but is considered a miracle due to how much phonic gain is needed to unlock it.