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The Mechvaranus (メックヴァラヌス Mekkuvaranusu?) or Mechvaranus System, is an alternate form of Noise combat from a parallel universe. It debuted in the Ryūki Hōkō Mechvaranus event in XD Unlimited.


The Mechvaranus System initially appears as a bracelet. When activated, it can imbue the users with immense fighting power. However, it is proven inferior when compared to the Symphogear System, but without a Holy Chant.

The initial mechanics are based on the Azhada dragon.


In order to activate the Mechvaranus armor, the user must chant a command Mechvaranus! Take off! (メックヴァラヌス! テイクオフ! Mekkuvaranusu! Teiku ofu!?). The armor pieces were summoned from the user's bracelet before they formed into a complete armor, successfully accessed the transformation.

D-Module System

Kuriyo suffering the effects of the D-Module.

A dangerous ability unique to the Mechvaranus is the D-Module System. It stands for "Devastator Module System". The system can be activated by chanting a command Roar, Devastator! (咆哮, デヴァステイター! Hōkō, Devusuteitā!?). When a user releases the D-Module unit of their Mechvaranus armor, it will cause the appearance to change into its beast-like form and gains more enough power, similar to the Ignite Module, and it can only last for three minutes. There are harmful side effects when staying into Devastator Mode, surpassing the three-minute time limit for very long will cause the Mechvaranus user will be turned in their Berserk states like Hibiki and Maria does.  


Mechvaranus Users
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Yumi Itaba Kuriyo Ando Shiori Terashima


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  • The Mechvaranus can be continuously updated with combat data, eventually putting them on par to the Symphogear System in terms of fighting ability.
    • Unlike the Symphogear System, generally speaking, the Mechvaranus System does not need to be upgraded continuously to other forms with Elfnein's alchemy after its creation. Despite this, the D-Module System is considered to be three times stronger compared to the Ignite Module and Amalgam.
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