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RomajiMaria Kadentsavuna Ivu
Character Information
Age21 (GX)[1]
22 (AXZ-XV)[2][3]
BirthdayAugust 7, 2022[1]
Zodiac SignLeo
Three SizesB96/W62/H90
Blood TypeAB[1]
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorCyan
Gungnir (Former)
Solomon's Cane (Temporarily)
Theme Color Pink (In G)[5]
Purple (Gungnir)[6]
Silver (Airgetlám)
AffiliationF.I.S. (Formerly)
RelativesSerena Cadenzavna Eve (Younger sister, †)
Finé (Ancestor, †)
AnimeG Episode 1
GameSenki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Voice Actors
JapaneseYōko Hikasa

Maria Cadenzavna Eve (マリア・カデンツァヴナ・イヴ Maria Kadentsavuna Ivu?) is one of the six main characters of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear series. She was initially an antagonist during G before becoming a protagonist from GX onwards.

She is a Symphogear user who primarily wields the Airgetlám relic, replacing her Gungnir she used in G.

Throughout most of Symphogear G, Maria claims to be the newest reincarnation of Finé after Ryōko Sakurai's demise. This ruse is eventually dropped, leading to confusion about the real identity of Finé's new host, as it is implied to be Kirika Akatsuki until G Episode 12 reveals it to be Shirabe Tsukuyomi.


Maria (マリア?) - Means the beautiful in Greek and comes from Miriam and Mirjam and the name from Jesus' mom: the virgin Maria.

Cadenzavna (カデンツァヴナ?) - is a family name which implements both European and Ukranian grammar, in which female names end in "a" (example: Kowalska, Składowska) and male in "i" (example: Kowalski, Składowski), while the "v" is common in Ukranian surnames. Cadenza comes from the Italian word Cadenza which is a form of music that is usually played or sung solo.

Eve (イヴ?) - English name originating from Hebrew, meaning "life" or "living one". It is most famously known as the name of the Biblical Eve, the first woman and sinner who caused humanity to be expelled from the Garden of Eden.


Maria has long, coral hair with the top styled up in two horn-like curls, with a blue flower accessory centered into each curl. The rest of her hair hangs loose down to her hips. Her eyes are blue-green. Maria is most often seen wearing a white corset-like top under a blue jacket with feathered ends, a wide open collar, and white accents secured with a bow under her chest. She also wears white short-shorts, a stocking on her left leg and dark laced up boots.

Her first stage dress is pink, green and blue while her second one is white, light blue and blue-yellow high shoes.

When she was younger, she wore a blue dress with black tights and pink ribbon near her stomach. At that time, her hair was shorter, falling just past her shoulders.


Maria is an energetic idol and a bit mysterious. She's gradually revealed to have a conflicted heart, torn between her determination to complete her mission and her unwillingness to cause others harm. While she will gladly make harsh speeches and fight other Gear users, she cannot bring herself to harm normal people unless absolutely enraged. This conflicted nature makes her easily manipulated and vulnerable at times, but at heart Maria is just a kind and sincere girl who simply wants to help and protect everyone she holds dear.


Maria and her sister Serena originally hail from Ukraine. They were constantly put at risk by the flames of war fanned by territorial and ethnic disputes in the region. Eventually, Maria and Serena lost their home and family in the wars and became vagrants, wandering aimlessly and huddling together to stay alive. Sometime later, they ended up in the White Orphanage as part of the Receptor Children project.

Six years prior to Symphogear G, Maria watched Serena sacrifice herself in order to defeat the monster Nephilim by using her Superb Song. It was during this time that Professor Nastassja had lost the ability to walk as her legs were trapped under debris caused by the energy whiplash when she attempted to save Maria.

Years later, after the death of Ryōko Sakurai during season 1, the FIS attempted to determine if Finé had revived in any of the Receptor Children, but were unable to do so. They then planned to dispose of the project, but due to an armed uprising led by Nastassja — with the help of funding provided by the Bavarian Illuminati — the existence of the confined Receptor Children was brought to light. In fear of criticism from the international community, the US government quickly changed their tune and arranged for the children to be released of their own will or provided shelter. At this point, Maria, Shirabe, and Kirika joined with Nastassja and Dr. Ver in order to stop the fall of the Moon.

Sometime before Symphogear G, Maria made her debut as an idol and quickly rose to the top ranks in the US, eventually leading her to be arranged to duet with the top idol of Japan, Tsubasa, leading to the disastrous concert that would be used to awaken the Nephilim.


Symphogear G

Symphogear GX

Symphogear AXZ

Symphogear XV

Attacks & Abilities

Holy Chants

Granzizel bilfen Gungnir zizzl

Gungnir Holy Chant (Maria)

Seilien coffin Airgetlám tron

Airgetlam Holy Chant (Maria)



As a candidate for the Symphogear, she has the ability to fight Noise with the use of the anti-Noise armour that clads her in battle. However, she requires LiNKER to do so.

Maria has used two Symphogears during her tenure, the first being the second Gungnir which is now in use by Hibiki. While Maria wears it, it becomes known as Black Gungnir due to its distinctive dark color palette, and reverts to the relic's original emphasis on fighting with an enormous two-handed lance. Maria's lance is somewhat different in design than Kanade's, featuring two distinct blades in a Philips head arrangement. During Symphogear G, Black Gungnir featured a cape which Maria could control to animate and change shape, using it as her primary form of offense and defense instead of her lance, but in GX Black Gungnir had lost its cape.

While wielding Airgetlám, Maria's fighting style dramatically changes to emphasize the use of knives and whip-swords, producing a more exotic variant on Tsubasa's fighting style.


  • HORIZON†SPEAR - Both blades of Maria's lance split open to expand the lance into a large energy cannon, which after a short charging time unleashes a purple energy beam.

  • Change †he Future -
  • ELEGANT†LUMIERE[7] - In her X-Drive form, Maria uses her Armed Gears to summons shorter swords linked to the orginals, before releasing them, each shooting beams at the swarm of Alca-Noise.
  • EMPRESS†REBELLION - Converting her Armed Gear into a whip-sword, she slashes through all of the enemies around her.
  • Energy Shield - Using three of her Armed Gears, Maria can form a triangular shield to protect herself. In AXZ, Maria can use this to restrain a transformed Hibiki.
  • Highest Good: Rose Cross (至高善・薔薇X字 Shikōzen Bara X ji?) -
  • INFINITE†CRIME - Similar to Kanade's Stardust∞Foton, she summons multiple copies of her Armed Gear and launches them at her enemies.
  • SERE†NADE - Attaching her Armed Gear to the elbow of the gauntlet on her left arm, she charges at the enemy and slashes through them. When the Ignite Module is active, this attack is powerful enough to defeat an Autoscorer.
  • SILVER†GOSPEL - Similar to EMPRESS†REBELLION, but at the end, she spins her whip-sword spiral on top of her.
  • Vitalization - A six-member combination attack accessible only in X-Drive, which forms a pair of large arms out of Gungnir and Airgetlám's armor components that deliver a combined punch fueled by the energy of all six Symphogears.

  • PAINS†THRUST - Maria rushes forward with her Armed Gear, piercing through her target intensely.
  • REJECTION†DARKNESS - Maria sings her Superb Song, before take jump and use her Armed Gear to wrap herself, becoming a giant drill, crashing on her target.

  • ALOOF†KNIGHT - Maria summons several replicas of her Armed Gear before combining them, creating a giant sword of energy that she make slowly descends onto her targets.
  • CRUEL†BATTLEDORE - Maria jump in the air, transforms her Armed Gear in a larger version of it, before smashing her targets with.
  • DESPAIR†BREAK - With her X-Drive, Maria take an offensive stance while holding her Armed Gear with her two hands, before rushing towards her targets, piercing them from several angles while leaving white feathers in her path, then with a final attack, her targets are caught in an explosion.
  • FIERCE†SCAR - Maria perform two strikes in the air, creating a shockwave in form of cross rushing toward her target.
  • GLITTER†FLOOD - In her Ignited form, Maria combines her Armed Gear with the Gear of her left arm, before firing severals times toward the sky, she then punchs the ground, creating an wave of water that come crashing on the target after getting hit by the shots falling down on her.
  • JUDGEMENT†STRIKE - Maria draws her Armed Gear while concentrate energy in the Gear of her left arm, she then rushes toward her targets, slashing them three times with the whip-form of her Armed Gear before taking a jump and releasing a beam with the Armed Gear of her left arm.
  • NEMESIS†HAMMER - Maria summons replicas of her Armed Gear, taking in a circle formation in the air before charging energy at the center, Maria then jump to connect the energy sphere at the tip of her Armed Gear, before throwing it, creating a beam rushing toward her target.
  • NOBLE†TEAR - Maria raises her Armed Gear into the air, summoning four giant pillars of water raising into the air, swirling before combining into one giant stream of water, Maria then lowers her armed gear to make the water crashes towards her targets behind her.
  • ORACLE†SANCTUARY - Maria jump in front of her targets, then a white curtain appear, hidding what happen behind, before revealing Maria with her Armed Gear at hand with her target receiving the after effects of Maria's attacks, before being engulf in an tornado of flower petals.
  • PHANTOM†BRAVE - Maria throws replicas of her Armed Gear toward her target.

  • RIDING†BLITZ - Maria, on her motorbike attack her targets with the whip-form of her Armed Gear, before jumping in air, to crash on her targets with the front of the bike.
  • SACRED†FIRE - Maria ignited her Armed Gear and rush toward her targets, hitting them two time before give a final strike, displaying the sentence " Merry Xmas " before the targets explode afterwards.
  • SPLENDID†ROSE - Maria grabs one of the rose at her head, then throws it toward her targets, rushes toward them, slashing them from every angles with her Armed Gear, leaving them in a storm of petals.
  • STREAM†FICKLE - Maria stabs the ground with her Armed Gear, causing spikes of ice to come out of the ground and rushing towards her targets, impaling them.
  • TORTURE†DAGGER - Maria throws her Armed Gear at her target before rushing toward her, hold her Armed Gear once planted in the target before performing a final strike while retrieving it.



  • Maria shares many similarities with Kanade:
    • Both are Gungnir users.
    • Both had a little sister.
    • Both did a duet with Tsubasa.
    • Both used the drug LiNKER to control their power.
    • Both have a bright-spirited personality and have a severe temper in battles.
    • Both are the strongest from their team.
    • Both used the same quote after the LiNKER began to fail: "So my time limit only goes this far?!"
    • But unlike Kanade, Maria plays a shy girl role when she's near her brave younger sister Serena.
    • Again, like Kanade, Maria is not the strong and determined person she first appears to be — the cold and proud personality is just a mere shell to hide her past sorrow and weakness.
  • Maria is the only character to have a character song sung completely in English (Dark Oblivion).
  • Maria is the second Symphogear user to own two relics, the first being Chris Yukine.
  • Maria's battle song genre is orchestral rock, with elements of country rock.
  • The name of her SERE†NADE attack is most likely a play on both the musical term "serenade" and on the name of Serena, the previous user of the Airgetlám.
  • As seen in the GX Design Book, there is a seemingly unused attack called HEAVEN†GOSPEL, which is similar to SERE†NADE, save for the fact her armed gear is positioned outwards. It also has the ability to shoot copies of itself outwards.
  • She is the first and so far only gear user shown to have killed regular humans.

The Japanese text stating Maria and Serena's origin as Yugoslavia.

  • One of the supplementary books for G specified that Maria and Serena were from Yugoslavia. This seems to have been later retconned to Ukraine, as stated by Kaneko in a tweet.
  • In XV, her transformation takes on a form of rhythmic gymnastics.
  • Maria has red nail polish on her toenails
  • Maria's backstory shares several similarities with Chris Yukine's.
    • Both grew up with a loving family, who they then lost in a war (with Maria later losing Serena as well), becoming orphans;
    • They suffered the consequences of that war (Maria became a vagrant, and Chris was enslaved);
    • They were then 'saved' by Finé (Maria was captured as part of the Receptor Children project, and Chris was directly captured as a pawn for Finé's plans);
    • They cooperated in antagonistic, destructive plans in hopes of saving the world (Maria was willing to destroy to save the world from the fall of the Moon under Finé's name, while Chris cooperated with Finé to destroy all people in power to end war and conflict), which both girls moved on from.
    • Maria and Chris are also both foreign — Maria is Ukrainian, and Chris is half-American.


  • "Now let's start the LAST stage show of the world." - G Episode 1
  • "I kinda like that about you. If only everyone had the guts to fight for each other like you do, the world might have been a better place." - G Episode 1
  • "Why... It´s all my fault for failing to become Finé´s vessel!!" - Maria, after two people are shot and while fighting terrorists.
  • "Out of my way, Human-Relic Fusion Specimen One!" - G Episode 13
  • "What's going on? This shouldn't be possible! Fusions aren't meant to be compatible with other relics! Is this the power of your song — the song of your heart? What is your song?!" - G Episode 13
  • "OK Mom. Let's start the BEST stage show of the world...!!" - G Episode 13
  • "Kirika is here, Shirabe is here... Mom and Serena are also right beside me... With everyone by my side... invoking a miracle is JUST EASY!!" - G Episode 13
  • "For tomorrow!" - G Episode 13
  • "Serenaaaaaaa----!!!" - G Episode 13
  • "この手、簡単には離さない!/I shall not let this hand go that easily!" - G Episode 13
  • "Weak... That's right. I couldn't become strong, and then Elfnein made me realize... Even if I'm weak, I'll stay true to myself. That is strength. Elfnein can't fight, but she acted with courage, without regard for the danger, to bring us hope. Elfnein... I want you to stand there and listen. This song is my answer to your courage. Ignite Module! Drawn Blade!" - GX Episode 7
  • "Each time I've gotten scared so far, I've clung to a lie... That's right. If being strong is being true to myself... I'll stay weak, and beat this curse regardless!" - GX Episode 7
  • "That's right. Your room wasn't just left abandoned that way for ten years! It was messy, but there wasn't a speck of dust! He kept it that way, so he wouldn't lose the memories he had of you! No father who hated his daughter would do that! Just realize it, you stupid girl!" - GX Episode 9
  • "Remember the first time we sang together! The song that connected us!" - XV Episode 11

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