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This is the third chapter of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear manga.



Hibiki watches in awe as Kanade and Tsubasa fight the Noise. Suddenly, the seats she's hiding in collapse, and Kanade rushes over to protect her. Her armor begins to crack as she desperately fends off the Noise attacks, and one of the fragments of Gungnir flies off and pierces Hibiki's chest.

Kanade urges her lone survivor to stay alive ("Don't give up on life!"), and after Hibiki opens her eyes, she decides to end the battle by singing her Superb Song, even though Tsubasa desperately begs her not to, screaming at her from the other side of the arena. The recoil from the Superb Song ends up killing Kanade, reducing her body to dust that blows away in the wind.

The events of the chapter end up being a "dream of two years ago" that Hibiki is having while on the examination table in Section Two. It is revealed that Hibiki is now the user of the Gungnir armor, having "inherited" a few fragments of it from the piece of Kanade's armor that wounded her, leaving a forte-shaped scar.

Tsubasa is shown hospitalized in intensive care, for reasons yet unknown.


  • This chapter is similar to Episode 1, Season 1 of the anime.
  • There are some scenes in this chapter that are different from those of the anime. For example:
    • Kanade hugs Hibiki in the manga, but didn't in the anime;
    • Kanade sung her Superb Song without her spear, but in the anime she held her spear up;
    • The part when Tsubasa was talking to the dying Kanade was shown in Episode 3 of the anime in a flashback.
  • The lyrics of the Superb Song are shown for the first time.
  • Kanade's quote "So my time limit only goes this far?!" was used by Maria Cadenzavna Eve in G Episode 4, when she was fighting Tsubasa.



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