Senki Zesshō Symphogear Chapter 2
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This is the second chapter of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear manga.



During their rehearsal for the next day's concert, Kanade and Tsubasa sing "Gyakkō no Flügel". Meanwhile, Section Two is setting up in the underground control room, preparing to use the phonic gain from the upcoming concert to activate the Nehushtan Armor. Kanade is in high spirits, teasing Tsubasa and racing around the stage with her. Ryoko and Genjuro worry that Kanade's body is "beginning to reach its limit", and hope that tomorrow's concert will be a success. When asked about her unusually energetic behavior by Tsubasa, Kanade answers that she's just "really looking forward to tomorrow".

On the day of the concert, Miku calls Hibiki to tell her that she can't come; she has to visit her injured aunt in Morioka. Hibiki is disappointed, but curious enough about Zwei Wing to go alone and try to enjoy herself.

Meanwhile, Tsubasa is looking for Kanade before the concert starts. She opens a door and finds her lying on the floor in a pool of blood, suffering damage to her body after forgoing LiNKER. Tsubasa tries to go get help, but Kanade stops her, determined to go on stage and perform. She wants the "opportunity to sing onstage without relying on the power of those drugs". Tsubasa is still worried, but after a hug and a pep talk from Kanade, the two go out to meet their audience.

The experiment (and the concert) seems to be going well, but a malfunction causes the Nehushtan Armor to go out of control, causing an explosion. Then the Noise appear, and the whole audience flees. Despite the fact that she doesn't have LiNKER in her system, Kanade wants to put on the Symphogear and fight, and convinces Tsubasa to go with her.

Hibiki sits in the stands alone, watching.


  • This chapter is similar to Episode 1, Season 1.
  • The front page of the newspaper that Miku's father is reading mentions a Japanese girl disappearing in South America, which is a reference to Chris Yukine.



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