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Lydian Private Music Academy (私立リディアン音楽院 Shiritsu Ridian Ongakuin?) is the school that TsubasaChrisShirabeKirikaHibiki and Miku attend. 

The entire facility however hides two facts from the public. The first one being that the academy was also a hiding place for the Mobile Disaster Prevention Corps, led by Genjuro Kazanari. The secret governmental facility is located deep underground and served as the headquarters during the events of the first season. The base can be accessed via an elevator located in the teachers' dormitory. Unknowingly for everyone, however, it was also the place for the giant ion particle cannon, Kadingir.

The second fact hidden from the public is that the students who were enrolled in the academy are all potential Attuned with varying degrees of compatibility with relics, as told by Professor Nastassja during the second season of the series. It is unknown however if the teachers are aware and are actually government agents who supervise the growth of each student, or are they unaware and are normal civilian teachers.

Students and Teachers

Lydian Private Music Academy Students
HibikiAvGX MikuAvGX Tsubasa School ChrisAvG ShirabeAvGX
Hibiki Tachibana Miku Kohinata Tsubasa Kazanari


Chris Yukine


Shirabe Tsukuyomi


KirikaAvGX KuriyoAv ShioriAv YumiAv Komichi Ayano
Kirika Akatsuki


Kuriyo Ando Shiori Terashima Yumi Itaba Komichi Ayano
Yuki godai g Otome Kaburagi Ayumu Takasaka Tōko Sabe Ako Ōki
Yuki Godai Otome Kaburagi Ayumu Takasaka Tōko Sabe Ako Ōki
Lydian Private Music Academy Teachers
Hibiki's teacher
Hibiki's Teacher



  • Kanade was presumably a Lydian student as well, but she has never once been seen in the school nor in uniform in the entire franchise. Official art of her in uniform exists, though.
  • Maria is the only main character who has never once attended Lydian.
  • The academy is named after the musical scale of the same name.


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  2. G onwards
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