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Lydian Academy G

Lydian Private Music Academy (私立リディアン音楽院 Shiritsu Ridian Ongakuin?) is the school that Hibiki and Miku attend.

Students and Teachers

Lydian Private Music Academy Students
Hibiki Infobox Miku Infobox Tsubasa School Chris Infobox Shirabe Infobox
Hibiki Tachibana Miku Kohinata Tsubasa Kazanari[1] Chris Yukine[2] Shirabe Tsukuyomi[3]
Kirika Infobox Kuriyo-School Shiori-School Yumi-School Komichi Ayano
Kirika Akatsuki[3] Kuriyo Ando Shiori Terashima Yumi Itaba Komichi Ayano
Yuki godai g Otome Kaburagi Ayumu Takasaka Tōko Sabe Ako Ōki
Yuki Godai Otome Kaburagi Ayumu Takasaka Tōko Sabe Ako Ōki
Lydian Private Music Academy Teachers
Hibiki's teacher
Hibiki's Teacher



  • Kanade was presumably a Lydian student as well, but she has never once been seen in the school nor in uniform in the entire franchise. Official art of her in uniform exists, though.
  • Maria is the only main character who has never once attended Lydian.


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