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The LiNKER is a drug originally developed by Ryoko Sakurai (Finé) as a means to join the power of relics and the human body.[1]


Even with LiNKER, not just anyone can become a Symphogear user, as a base amount of compatibility with the Symphogear is still required. Provided that the subject a certain degree of compatibility, LiNKER can force that rate higher and bring them to the status of acquired candidacy. Of course, this process takes a large toll on the human body, and it was not uncommon for subjects to receive a shock to their system which results in unconsciousness. Before the drug started producing results it left a lot of dead or crippled subjects that demonstrated the dangers of the intense medicinal process.

It was for this purpose that LiNKER was further developed with an active time limit and method in which it was cleansed from the body. However these techniques were only obtained by data that Ryōko gained through leaking LiNKER into the black market, and by using it on the test subject Kanade Amou. F.I.S. has a large biochemistry research division that progressed this even further.

Under the charge of Dr. Ver the project proceeded under the theme of "Pleasant for you" and managed to develop a safer form of LiNKER with a very small physical burden and a more thorough cleansing process. Maria, Shirabe and Kirika are all acquired candidates that use LiNKER. Originally they were part of the "Receptor Children" project that was designed to take orphans and use them as vessels for Finé's soul. However one day, Serena demonstrated a remarkably high compatibility rate with the Symphogear and it was hurriedly decided to put all the children through a patch test to isolate those with compatibility.

Thus in the end when the Receptor Children project was scrapped, they were able to become candidates for the Symphogear system instead. In terms of numerical value, the compatibility rate put out by the three is higher than anything Kanade could have obtained, in large thanks to Dr. Ver who has continued to develop LiNKER all this time. They can obtain fighting strength on nearly equal terms to Tsubasa and Chris who are natural candidates.

While Dr. Ver was imprisoned, the three former Receptor Children were unable to transform freely due to lack of LiNKER. The remaining amount was stored for emergency purposes. After a series of events, Chris's team met Dr. Ver in the Undersea Dragon's Palace while pursuing Carol and Leiur.[2]

Chip containing information on LiNKER formula

Chris manages to destroy Leiur while Carol brought back Dr. Ver to assist her in the activation of the Château de Tiffauges using his Nephilim hand since she lacked Triggered Parts.[3] After Dr. Ver was stabbed by Carol, he decided to turn the tables by helping S.O.N.G. to recover the disintegrated parts of the world, with the Chateau exploding with everyone still inside as a result. After she survived the explosion, Dr. Ver passed Maria a chip containing information on his LiNKER formula.[4] The chip was then passed to Elfnein to analyze, finally allowing S.O.N.G. to produce Ver's LiNKER and ensuring Maria, Kirika, and Shirabe a consistent supply of the drug.[5]


The Anti-LiNKER

The Anti-LiNKER is a drug that temporary lowers the link coefficient of a user. It has become an invaluable part of this world and was further researched and developed by Dr. Ver. The code name of this product was ALi_model_K0074_L.

The gas from episode 3, which when released inside the hospital and inhaled by the users caused them pain due to a lower link coefficient, was taken and repeatedly developed, primarily to raise it to the point of immediate effectiveness. The code name of the gas is ALi_model_K0068_G.[6]

"model-K"[7] named after the girl who was used as the first test of the drug, and now being used against Shirabe is the 74th improved version, a fluid type.


  • After Kanade's death, the LiNKER that she used was kept in the medical room, and was designated as "Model K". In GX, Shirabe and Kirika steal some "Model K" and go into battle against Micha Jawkān in order to buy Elfnein some time in upgrading the relics with her Project Ignite.[8]
  • LiNKER is often injected through the neck, but arm attempts have also happened.
  • As revealed in the Manga, LiNKER can be used in a pill form.