Ley Line Map

The Ley Lines (レイライン?) is an energy pipeline surrounded by planets, spiritual veins, and so-called various stars.[1]

In GX, Carol revealed that Tokyo is the terminus point of the world's ley lines, meaning that her songs could be used there to dismantle the world.[2]

In AXZ Episode 7, Aoi Tomosato suggests that Bavarian Illuminati may be trying to use the ley lines, mystical veins in the Earth that contain the life-energy of the entire planet to take control of the Curse of Balal.[3]

In AXZ Episode 9, all six Gear Users head to a certain Tsuki Shrine to analyze some ancient scrolls with the help of the resident priest. They find that the ley lines connecting seven Hikawa Shrines form a mirror image of the Orion constellation, and consequently, an area called the "Drummer's Gate to Heaven", a divine gate where gods were known to descend. They surmise that Adam intends to use this divine gate to attain his own divine power.[4]

In AXZ Episode 10, Saint-Germain decided to sacrifice her own life to complete the altar ritual for Tiki in order to open the gate to the divine power. However, Genjuro Kazanari and Yatsuhiro Kazanari activated the keystone, block the Ley Lines and stopped the ritual on time.[5]



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