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Leiur Darāhim
Leah character design

RomajiReia Darāhimu
Character Information
Theme Color Olive Green
AnimeGX Episode 1
GameSenki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited
Voice Actors
JapaneseShizuka Ishigami

Leiur Darāhim (レイア・ダラーヒム Reia Darāhimu?) was one of the four Autoscorers created by Carol Malus Dienheim. She has a younger sister with a well-endowed body. Her formal classification is: XMH_006


Like her fellow Autoscorers, her name is derived from one of the angels of Jewish and Christian religion. In her case, her name is an anagram of Uriel.


Symphogear GX

She first appears in Gx pursuing Elfnien, causing large destruction along the way causing bith Chris and Hibiki to be called into action. Leiur fights againts Chris shortly after and is able to avoid being hit by Chris' arsenal completely. She ends the fight by using the alca-noise to break Chris' gear, however both Kirika and Shirabe rescue Chris and Elfnien. In a flashy manner which Leiur notes durring their rescue.

Leiur is the last Autoscorer to be defeated, when she faces off against Chris, Kirika and Shirabe alone allowing Dr. Ver and Carol to escape the submarine they were in.

Symphogear XV

She makes a breif appearance in XV after Phara saves Elnien. Leiur distracts the enemy so that Micha can get a surprise attack in. She accompanies Elnien until she and Phara stay behind to hold off Millaarc, Elsa, and Vanessa. This is short lived as both Phara and Leiur are killed or at least broken beyond repair, this is shown after Garie is killed.


Leiur is a master at throwing coins, she also uses coins to create tonfa batons which she skillfully uses for close combat, and relies on her wit to bolster both offense and defense.

  • Earth Alchemy (?) -

  • Explosive Coin (エクスプロージョンコイン Ekusupurōjon Koin?) -



  • Leiur is the first autoscorer to be seen and also the last to be killed in GX.
  • She shows a strong care for her team in comparison to the others with Garie fighting with the others, Micha acting childish and not having a care in the world, and Phara being more focused on her goals.
  • Her little sister was only seen in the ocean despite her element being earth.
  • Leiur like all the other Autoscorers is themed off of 4 things: dance, element, a suits in an ancient Turkish tarot deck of cards, and an Archangel:
    • Leiur's dance is break dance.
    • Leiur's element is earth.
    • Leiur's suit in the tarot deck is coins.

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